10 Scenic Drives in the UK to Enjoy in 2023

Road trips in the united kingdom

The United Kingdom is a stunning country filled with hidden vast landscapes, winding roads, and breathtaking scenery just waiting to be explored. There’s no more liberating feeling than stopping everything and just hitting the road to seek new sights. For this reason, the views of the UK around some of its corners make for an unforgettable experience. Read on and let me share with you where

Scenic Drives, As you Explore the UK Landscapes by Car

From the rugged coastline of Cornwall to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands, the UK has no shortage of beautiful routes to explore by car. So buckle up, roll down the windows, and get ready to discover some of the most scenic drives the UK has to offer! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 10 of our top picks for scenic drives that are sure to leave you in awe.

In This Article:

  1. The North Coast 500: Scotland’s Ultimate Road Trip
  2. The Lake District: Winding Roads and Stunning Landscapes
  3. The Jurassic Coast: A Journey Through Time
  4. The Cotswolds: Quaint Villages and Rolling Hills
  5. The Peak District: Picturesque Landscapes and Charming Towns
  6. The Causeway Coastal Route: Northern Ireland’s Spectacular Drive
  7. Snowdonia National Park: Mountains, Valleys, and Welsh Scenery
  8. The Norfolk Coast: A Serene Drive Along the Sea
  9. Conclusion: Exploring the UK’s Best Scenic Drives

I. The North Coast 500 in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s Ultimate Road Trip Explore the rugged beauty of Scotland’s North Coast 500, a 516-mile route from start to finish. Filled with remote roads and epic views, taking you on a journey through Scotland’s remote Highlands, a region of stunning natural beauty that is home to some of the UK’s most dramatic landscapes.

With winding roads that take you through rugged mountains, deep valleys, and shimmering lochs, this drive is an adventure like no other. and at a 563-mile drive to NC500 starting point from London, it is well worth it, as this drive is an unforgettable experience like no other.

II. The Lake District

Winding roads and stunning landscapes reveal the beauty of the Lake District, one of England’s most picturesque regions. With winding roads that take you past sparkling lakes, lush forests, and rolling hills, this drive is a must for any nature lover.

III. The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast, Dorset

A Journey Through Time Travel back in time with a drive along the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site that stretches for 95 miles along the south coast of England. From the towering cliffs to the hidden coves and beaches, this drive is a true adventure.

IV. The Cotswolds

One of the nearest road trip escapes from London is to the Cotswolds, a charming place filled with quaint villages and rolling hills that are a pleasure to ride through. Experience the charm of this sweet part of England, It really is an area of outstanding natural beauty in south-central England. With picturesque views and historic landmarks, this drive is perfect for those who want to explore the UK’s rural countryside only 2 hours from the capital

V. The Peak District

Picturesque Landscapes and Charming Towns Discover the beauty of the Peak District and its national park in central England, just over a 3-hour drive from London. Drive through stunning vast landscapes, charming small towns, and picturesque villages, this drive is a great way to experience the UK’s natural beauty and rich history.

VI. The Causeway Coastal Route

Northern Ireland’s Spectacular Drive Take a journey along Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route, a 120-mile drive that takes you past some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. From rugged cliffs and ancient castles to quaint towns and picturesque harbours, this drive is a feast for the eyes and a quench for the thirst with Original Guinness at every stop.

Cause you will need to get the ferry with your car over to Northern Island. You can take the Cairnyan to Larne Ferry from Cainyan in southwest Scottland to Larne harbour N Irland. This ferry departs several times a day. But do book in advance.

VII. Snowdonia National Park

Mountains, valleys, and Welsh scenery Explore the beauty of Snowdonia National Park, a stunning region in northwest Wales that is home to some of the UK’s most spectacular scenery. With mountains, valleys, and lush greenery, this drive is perfect for nature lovers.

VIII. The Norfolk Coast

This is a serene drive along a small part of the east coast of England. Discover in your car, the tranquil beauty of the Norfolk Coast, a 90-mile cruise full of stunning beaches, quaint villages, and picturesque landscapes, This drive is a great way to experience the UK’s coastal scenery, with many things to do on the way to keep the little kids entertained.

Distance & Driving Time From London

Distance and Driving Time From LondonMilesDriving Time
The Scottish Highlands – The North Coast 500 (NC500)
Starts and ends at Inverness Castle
5639 hr 46 min
The Lake District2644 hr 43 min
The Jurassic Coast
Starting at Man O’War Beach
1292 hr 39 min
The Cotswolds1032 hr 4 min
The Peak District1523 hr 5 min
The Causeway Coastal Route
Need to take the Ferry over to N Irland
50710 hr 53 min
Snowdonia National Park2074 hr 11 min
The Norfolk Coast1192 hr 32 min


Exploring the UK’s Best Scenic Drives Wrap up the post by summarising the top 10 scenic drives in the UK and why they are worth exploring. Encourage readers to take a road trip and experience the beauty of the UK’s natural landscapes and diverse cultures.

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