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Free Parking near Luton airport UK

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So you have been saving for months for your well-deserved holiday, and want to make one more saving before relaxing and that being on your car parking by Luton airport. Well, we have looked into this for you and have some great answers to your question.

Best Free Parking near London Luton Airport, UK

Where is there free car parking near Luton Airport? Here are roads near London Luton airport that are free to park on:

  • Strathmore Avenue
  • Saint Paul’s Road
  • Mossbank Ave
  • Brendon Avenue
  • Fermor Crescent
  • Cowper Street
  • West Hill Road
  • Seymour Avenue
  • Overfield Road

Read on, as although the above roads do directly answer your question, there are some details you need to know. One includes a short walk to a shuttle ride into the airport, and the other a longer walk but completely free. Take a look at both options below and see which may be best for you.

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Nearest Free Parking in Walking Distance to Luton Airport

This article is about free parking so we will start with this completely free option first. North of Luton Airport is a residential area called Tin Town, where there are many streets you can park on without needing to pay.

The downside of this option is the walk to Luton Airport arrivals is between a 25 and a 35-minute walk. For this reason, I have given you a second option below where for as little as £2.40, you can avoid needing to do this walk and still make a massive saving on your parking.

But, for option 1, please see below the ten nearest roads within walking distance to Luton Airport, and use the map to get google directions.

Free Parking at
Tin Town for
Luton Airport
Mossbank Ave27 mins
Lalleford Road27 mins
Hollybush Road29 mins
Rowelfield28 mins
Hornsby Close29 mins
Brendon Avenue29 mins
Falconers Road30 mins
Porlock Drive29 mins
Lyneham Road31 mins
Carteret Road32 mins

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Luton Airport with Free Parking & Only a Small Walk

I know you are looking for ‘free parking’, and the main part of that is ‘free’ parking. But bear with me and hear me out as I explain why I suggest you pay for a shuttle ticket.

I have found you completely free parking where you can walk into the airport on foot, BUT it’s up to a 35-minute walk, most of which is along a dual carriageway. Now, do you really want to start your holiday this way?

By spending £3.80 on an open-ended return shuttle ticket, you can A. make the big saving on parking, as you were hoping to do, and B. Not have a long walk to the airport.

Hopefully, you agree with me. See below

  • The list of free parking near the shuttle stop at Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station
  • These same roads mapped out, with Google directions
  • The shuttle ticket prices
Free Parking nearby
Luton Airport Parkway
Railway Station
Time to the Shuttle
at Parkway Station
Alton Road4 mins
Seymour Avenue5 mins
Cutenhoe Road6 mins
Strathmore Avenue6 mins
Cambridge Street7 mins
May Street7 mins
Baker Street9 mins
Cowper Street9 mins
Harcourt Street9 mins
West Hill Road11 mins

If you want a Map of the Best Free Parking in Cheltenham, Click Here

How Do I Know Which Car Park Has The Best Price?

Well, we have laid all the nearby car parks to Luton Airport and compared the prices

Still not convinced free parking exists by Luton Airport? And you want a well-priced car park instead. Ok, we have researched for you the cheapest parking for an average 3-day trip (72 hours).

Cheapest Car Parking nearest to Luton Airport

Here are the cheapest paid car parks Luton has to offer. Where we have tried to put the nearest closer to the top of the list, the priority remained the Cheapest.

Cheapest 3 Day
Long Stay Car Parking
by Luton Airport
PriceApprox Walk
to Town
Luton Station Car Park£28.3015 mins
train ride
Luton Airport Parkway£39.8050 mins
ibis London Luton Airport£45.0026 mins
Luton Old Court House
£46.5021 min
train ride
Luton Airport – Long Stay£76.0017 mins
Luton Airport – Mid Stay£96.0014 mins
Luton Airport Priority Parking£165.006 mins
Luton Airport – Terminal
Car Park 2
£174.005 mins
Luton Airport – Terminal
Car Park 1
£186.006 mins
The above info has been sourced from Parkopedia

No matter which option you choose, we hope you have a safe drive-in and a relaxing holiday or trip.

Keep Safe!

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