Free Parking at the San Antonio River Walk, Texas




Enjoy the San Antonio River Walk in Texas without worrying about parking fees.

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Many people love coming to San Antonio in the heart of Texas for many reasons, but none is more important than coming to the River Walk! The River Walk is a lovely place—it is a public park and free to enter and explore. Open 24 hours a day. 

You can walk for a couple of miles and explore the Pearl District, the Mission Reach, and tons of fantastic restaurants and bars with ease. Because the River Walk is so popular, parking can be challenging and expensive. This post has the solution to those worries, so you won’t be walking too far or paying too much to park! 

Best Free Parking near the River Walk, San Antonio, TX

Where Can I park for free near the River Walk, San Antonio, Texas? There are 2,000 meters along the San Antonio River Walk for people to enjoy. As someone who’s been plenty of times, I would recommend the following downtown streets for Free parking from 6 pm to 8 am:

  • East Market Street
  • South Market Street
  • Dwyer Street
  • Navarro Street
  • Easy Commerce Street
  • East Houston Street
  • Dolorosa

If you’re going to the River Walk, you’ll notice that there are metered spots from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday; outside of those hours, the meters are free! If you’re coming in for a night out, chances are you’ll be parking after 6 pm, and the only worry you’ll have is finding a spot within walking distance.

 If you’re coming during the day or can’t find a metered spot, you can park at the Pearl, which is a brewery and marketplace about 2 miles from the heart of the River Walk restaurants and bars. If you want to walk and see more than just the typical tourist locations on the River Walk, parking at the Pearl and walking is a fantastic option. 

Hotels with Free Parking near the River Walk

If you’re staying in San Antonio for a couple of days and want to find a hotel with free parking near the River Walk, you have a handful of options. One of the better-rated hotels with free parking is the La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham San Antonio Downtown. 

La Quinta Inn also has a complimentary free breakfast, fitness room and is pet friendly. Another close by La Quinta, San Antonio Market Square, has similar amenities and a pool. And finally, there is the Motel 6 San Antonio Downtown-Market Square has free parking and a pool and is pet friendly. 

About the River Walk 

The River Walk is a popular destination for Texans and tourists alike and is a little more than 15 miles long. You can go on a boat tour in the heart of the river and learn more about the River Walk, how it became a park and a brief history of the city of San Antonio. 

You can also get to the Spanish Missions and see where San Antonio was born. Or, you can just bar hop at the various popular spots along the water—and you can bring your drinks with you! 

The River Walk in San Antonio is a great day or weekend trip and is perfect for families who want to go exploring or those who want to party at night. It is a safe and fun park that takes you through the best parts of San Antonio. Parking here will not cost you too much and can even be free depending on the time of day you go! 

Happy driving and happy parking!

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  • Free Parking at the San Antonio River Walk, Texas

    Free Parking at the San Antonio River Walk, Texas

    Enjoy the San Antonio River Walk in Texas without worrying about parking fees. Discover free parking options near the River Walk, including nearby streets and public parking lots. Plan your visit with ease and make the most of your time exploring this iconic attraction without the hassle of parking expenses.

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