Best Free Parking In Bath – A 2022 Money Saving Guide

It may come as a surprise to you to hear that parking in Bath for free isn’t that easy to do. But it isn’t impossible. I have been to Bath and researched this subject to find the best places to park for free in Somerset’s largest city, Bath.

Free Parking in Bath, UK – 2022

Where is there Free Parking in Bath, Somerset? Here are roads with free parking in Bath:

  • Beechen Cliff Road
  • Edward Street
  • Saint Ann’s Way
  • Church Street
  • Beechen Cliff Road
  • Shaftesbury Road
  • Gainsborough Gardens
  • Lucklands Road
  • Ayr Street
  • Widcombe Hill

Keep reading, don’t stop there, as we have also organised all of our findings and allocated them to the most popular amenities in Bath, Making it quicker and easier for you to find your spot.


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Best Free Parking Spots in Bath

Bath is a shopping haven with many flourishing shopping areas. The main ones and the ones we are focusing on in this post are Southgate Bath Shopping Centre, Milsom Place Shopping Centre, The Corridor Bath & of course, the High Street.

These locations are all within 900 meters of each other and so have been grouped on our map in Orange just below the chart of the nearest roads, and the estimated walking time it takes to get to the High street.

These roads are free to park on and between a 7 and 20-minute walk to Bath city centre:

  • Edward Street
  • Saint John’s Road
  • Beechen Cliff Road
  • Hayesfield Park
  • Chaucer Road
  • Milton Avenue
  • Saint Stephen’s Close
  • Richmond Hill
  • Mount Beacon

The above free parking roads are also the nearest opportunity to park for free near Southgate Bath Shopping Centre, Milsom Place Shopping Centre, The Corridor Bath & High Street.

Free Parking on Hayesfield Park, Bath, UK

Free Parking near Bath Spa Railway Station & Bath Bus Station

The main Train station in the city is Bath Spa railway station, and just 100 meters to the west is the very popular Bath bus station. So we have grouped these two in the below Chart of its closest roads with free parking.

Free Parking near
Bath Spa
Railway Station
Walking Time
to Bath Spa

Walking Time
to Bath Bus

Church Street10 mins12 mins
Greenway Lane14 mins17 mins
Beechen Cliff Road12 mins11 mins
Hayesfield Park13 mins11 mins
Chaucer Road15 mins13 mins
Milton Avenue16 mins14 mins
Edward Street17 mins15 mins
Bathwick Hill15 mins17 mins
Saint Ann’s Way17 mins19 mins
Cleveland Walk19 mins21 mins

Free Parking near Oldfield Park Railway Station, Bath

Bath’s second most popular train station is Oldfield Park Railway Station. Located approximately 1 mile southwest of the city centre and Royal Victoria Park. There are many much closer options for free parking here.

See the list below of roads that are free to park on near Oldfield Park station and the map above (to the left), with its location and nearest free roads.

Free Parking
Oldfield Park

Railway Station
Walking Time
to Oldfield Park

Railway Station
Dorset Street3 mins
Stuart Place2 mins
Ayr Street3 mins
Caledonian Road3 mins
West Avenue3 mins
Maybrick Road4 mins
South Avenue3 mins
Herbert Road5 mins
Shaftesbury Road6 mins
Shaftesbury Mews6 mins

Free Parking near the Royal United Hospital, Bath

Honestly, you are spoilt for choice here. There is free parking as close as 2 minutes walk from the hospital and yet the hospital car park is also one of the cheapest I have seen in the south of England.

But below we give you a list of free roads as requested as well as the car park prices for the Royal United Hospital (R.U.H.). Plus, above that is a map linking to google directions.

Free Parking
near the

Royal United
Hospital, Bath
Approx Walking
Time to the
Royal United
Combe Park5 mins
Weston Lane7 mins
Kennington Road13 mins
Foxcombe Road14 mins
Warwick Road14 mins
Gainsborough Gardens10 mins
Lucklands Road10 mins
Church Road 9 mins
Purlewent Drive11 mins
Penn Lea Road17 mins
Car Park Prices
Royal United Hospital, Bath
First 20 minutesFREE
Up to 1 hour£1.00
Up to 2 hours£1.50
Up to 4 hours£3.00
Up to 24 hours£7.50
A 7 Day Stay£1.00
Disabled Bays
(If Registered with R.U.H or
Have a Blue Badge on Display)
Motorcycle Bays
(The R.U.H. ask Please Do not
Park under the Undercroft)

Free Parking around Bath University

Well, at £1 an hour, with a maximum stay of only 6 hours, I can understand why you would need free on-street parking near Bath University. I have found you some, but not many, as the campus is in a rural area, and there are not that many roads to start with.

But here’s what we found, along with some little tips on when you can park on the Claverton Down campus car park for free that you might not have known about.

Free Parking near
Bath University
Approx Walking
Time to
Bath Uni
Bath Uni Car Park
Claverton Down campus

Monday to Sunday after 5 pm
Public Holidays

Widcombe Hill11 mins
Macaulay Buildings23 mins
Bathwick Hill16 mins
Cleveland Walk17 mins
Church Street21 mins
Saint Ann’s Way21 mins
Sham Castle Lane19 mins
Flatwoods Rd19 mins
Hazleton Gardens20 mins

Free Parking near the Royal Victoria Park, Bath

By far the most beautiful and attraction-filled park in Bath is the Royal Victoria Park. So crammed full of fun and beauty, car parking is somewhat neglected here, but free parking is on hand, and we’re here to tell you where.

The chart below shares with you some nearby roads that are free to park on

Free Parking
near the
Royal Victoria
Park, Bath
Time to

Victoria Pk:
Midland Road9 mins
Stothert Avenue8 mins
Victoria Bridge Road7 mins
Saint Michael’s Road10 mins
Audley Avenue11 mins
Hungerford Road14 mins
Audley Park Road11 mins
The Linleys13 mins
Badminton Gardens14 mins
Cranwell’s Park12 mins
Free Parking at Victoria Bridge Road, Bath, UK

Free Motorcycle Parking in Bath City Centre, Somerset

Parking a motorcycle is just an added pleasure as you can often park them for free in most places. Bath is just as accommodating, and below is a list of some of the best places to park a motorbike in Bath’s city centre.

Free Motorcycle
Parking in
Bath, Somerset
Near to:
5 Saracen St,
Bath BA1 5BR
Milson Place,
Rossitors of Bath
& River Avon
14A Westgate BuildingsBath College &
The Roman Baths,
1 Trim Bridge,
Bath BA1 1HD
Milson Place &
The Corridor
Shopping Centre
Charlotte StreetGeorgian Garden,
Royal Pavilion &
Victoria Falls
Southgate Shopping
Centre Car Park
Bath Spa &
Bus Station
Manvers Street
Car Park
Theatre Royal, &
Southgate Bath
Shopping Centre
Avon Street
Car Park
Bath College &
the River Avon
Bath Uni Car Park
Claverton Down campus
Bath University

Free Disabled Parking in Bath City Centre, Somerset

There is an abundance of disabled bays dotted all around Bath, so don’t forget your blue badge, or you won’t be able to use them.

See the list and map below to where the best-disabled bays in Bath are in relation to the nearest amenities.

Free Disabled Disabled
Parking in Bath
Nearest to:
Southgate – GeneralSouthgate Bath,
Bath Spa Station
& the River Avon
Alexandra ParkAlexandra Park
New Bond StMilsom Place,
The Corridor &
High Street
High Street
Milsom Place &
The Corridor
Saw CloseKomedia,
Theatre Royal &
Sainsbury’s Local
Bath SpaBath Spa &
Southgate Bath
Tesco ExpressTesco
Charlotte StreetRoyal Victoria Park, Bath
Kingsmead Square
Car Park
Odeon & Premier Inn
Bath City Centre
Avon StreetTherma Bath Spa & the
Hospital of St Hon the
Royal United HospitalRoyal United Hospital

Free Parking in Bath City Centre after 6 pm, 10 pm & on Weekends

Can You Park for Free in Central Bath after 6 pm? The restricted parking zones in central Bath apply from 8 am to 7 pm – Monday to Saturday. So you can not park in these zones until 7 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, but you can all day Sunday.

Can You Park for Free in Bath after 10 pm? The restricted parking zones in central Bath apply from 8 am to 7 pm – Monday to Saturday. So you can park in these zones free of charge from 10 pm seven days a week. You can park here, from 7 pm and all day on Sunday.

Can You Park for Free in Bath on Saturday? You can park in the restricted Parking zones in central Bath on Saturdays for free, without a Pay and display ticket or permit after 7 pm only. Before 7 pm you will need to show a valid ticket.

Can You Park for Free in Bath on Sunday? The restricted parking zones in Bath only run from Monday to Saturday, so you can park for free in any of these zones on Sunday and Bank holidays.

Bath is a historic and yet buzzing city in the county of Somerset with lots of things for you to do. But, if you do fancy a day trip away to a nearby town and cities, may we suggest Bristol, Wells, Swindon or even the beautiful coastal town of Weston Super Mare because we have also visited and found the best free parking in these spots too.

I’m jealous and didn’t want to leave Bath when I was there. Have a safe drive and a great trip. I hope this article gets you parked up nicely for free.

Have Fun and be Safe!


I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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