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If you’re acquainted with this place, you will know it’s hard to find free parking in Chichester if you don’t know where to look. Especially now vehicles are not permitted in the city centre. But we have researched alternative parking options for you and have put our discoveries in this blog post.

Visiting Chichester? – Park for Free

If you are looking for free car parks in Chichester, this list below is for you!

You can park on the following streets near Chichester town centre for FREE:

  • Flaxman Ave
  • Cedar Drive
  • Oak Ave
  • Grove Road
  • Parklands
  • York Road
  • Grove Road
  • Cherry Orchard Road
free parking at Cedar drive and neqar to Chichester city center

You can park on these roads for free in Chichester city centre after 6 pm (5 pm on Sundays) :

  • Baffins Lane Car Park, PO19 9SB
  • Little London, PO19 1PL
  • Cawley Priory, PO19 1UF
  • East Pallant, PO19 1UF
  • Florence Road, PO19 7PY
  • Market Road, PO19 1JW

What’s in this Guide:

  • What to know about free parking in Chichester
  • Best free parking in Chichester
  • Great overnight car parks
  • Free motorcycle parking
  • Best free disabled parking
  • A cheap and more secure parking option in Chichester
  • A little about Chichester, UK

Tips for Parking in Chichester

There is plenty of parking in and around Chichester; some are free, and some are paid. However, some car parks also are signed up for the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Scheme is a police effort to lower crime and fear of crime in parking lots. Car parks with a Park Mark are considered to be safer to use. There are plenty of these in Chichester. Such as:

What to know about free parking in Chichester

When parking in and around Chichester, please remember the following:

  • When parking, please be considerate of others: don’t block paths or driveways
  • Be sure you park as close to the curb as possible.
  • If you are parking in the centre. Ensure you’re not parked on a bus lane.
  • Look into options to pre-book your parking if possible.

Great Overnight Car Parks

Where is the free overnight parking in Chichester?

If you’re looking for overnight parking in Chichester, then the following car parks are the ones for you! You can park for free in Chichester after 6 pm (5 pm on Sundays) at these public car parks:

  • Northgate, PO19 1BL
  • Cattle Market, PO19 1JW
  • Basin Road, PO19 8PU
  • Avenue De Chartres, PO19 8DJ

Free Motorcycle Parking in Chichester

In addition to car parks, motorcyclists can park for free and without a time restriction in the city centre on-street voucher parking spaces as long as they are positioned at right angles to the curb.

Motorcycles can also be parked in a designated bay in a car park if the appropriate fee has been paid. We prefer that riders purchase parking through MiPermit; however, if obtaining a pay-and-display ticket, the motorbike registration number should be put on the ticket to deter anyone from taking it to show it in their car.

Free Disabled Parking in Chichester

The below car parks are the best disability-friendly car parks in Chichester.

  • Cattle Market, PO19 1JW, (10 disabled spaces)
  • Little London, PO19 1PL, (8 disabled spaces)
  • Northgate, PO19 1BL, (13 disabled spaced)

May sure to display your blue badge before leaving your vehicle

Some car parks in Chichester have been given Disability Parking Accreditation (DPA). So, what is the DPA?

The DPA’s primary goal is to improve disability parking and reduce the exploitation of disabled parking spaces. Car parks that reach the DPA will not only show their customers that they are dedicated to providing high-quality parking for disabled people. But they will also show their consumers that they are committed to delivering high-quality parking for disabled people.

A Cheap and More Secure Parking Option in Chichester

Alternatively, one of the easiest ways to park in Chichester is by using Just Park.

If you are looking for a parking spot in Chichester? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location. JustPark is The Parking App that will help you locate a vacant space anywhere and whenever you need one in seconds.

Just Park has hundreds of parking places to select from in Chichester, from municipal and commercially managed car parks to hotels. Also, offices, and even private driveways, so you can be sure you’re choosing the best-suited location from all the available alternatives.

View information on their Chichester parking spots, including location, price, availability, and limitations – or book one of their 219 reservable spaces to ensure your place in advance, with costs starting at only £3 per day.

It’s super easy to use; just browse the best options via the map, choose the one that suits you, and get easy access instructions and directions straight to your selected space. You can reserve and pay via the JustPark website or app for any with the lightning bolt icon.

Rated five stars with an average satisfaction rating of 96%, JustPark is the UK’s favourite parking service, the bar Road Trip Heroes.

Also – JustPark offers a choice of reservable off-street parking options in Chichester – from public car parks to private driveways. You can browse options and book a guaranteed space via our website or app.

LocationOperatorPriceMax Stay
St Cyriacs
Orchard Street
South Pallant
Chichester District Council £0.50 30 minutes
Little London
Baffins Lane
Chichester District Council £0.70 30 minutes

A Little About Chichester, UK

Chichester is located in West Sussex on the south coast of England. The South Downs National Park is within driving distance, as are Portsmouth Worthing and Brighton. The city itself is charming and rich in culture and history. The current population is over 32,000 people. 

Close by is Chichester Harbour and the A27, which connects the major cities of Portsmouth, and Brighton. Chichester has a long and illustrious history, established by St Wilfrid. The first cathedral was established here in 1075, making it one of the earliest Christian cathedrals in the United Kingdom.

Visitors from all over the Country visit Chichester for its rich history, picturesque walks, stunning countryside, and Canals. See the historical sights, or even go to the Chichester Yacht Club, one of its main attractions.

There are many parks to enjoy, and the remnants of Chichester Castle at Priory Park are a delight if you search for green spots to explore.

I hope you found this a useful article, and I hope it helps you find free parking in and around Chichester. If you’re travelling around the UK, why don’t you check out our other helpful posts on free parking near Chichester, like Portsmouth, Southampton, Worthing, Guildford or Winchester?

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your visit, and happy parking!

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