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Doncaster is a very popular place to visit. Free parking can be hard to find if you’re visiting – we’ve all been there! But we’ve done the work for you and put together this list of Free Parking spots in Doncaster. We also included some cheap parking spots nearby, so you don’t have to spend too much money on your visit!

Free Parking in Doncaster City Centre

Is there free parking in Doncaster city? The following residential roads are near Doncaster city centre, and all have FREE unrestricted parking available:

  • Childers Street
  • Palmer Street
  • Cooper Street
  • Clark Avenue
  • Hamilton Road

What to Know about Parking for Free in Doncaster

Especially when parking for free on a residential street in Doncaster, there are certain things to keep in mind. These are:

  • Park close to the curbside
  • Do not park in front of driveways.
  • Do not block doorways or entrances.
  • Be polite to the locals

Free Car Parks in Doncaster

Below we mention many car parks that have free parking, but please keep in mind the majority of these suggestions are free only for a limited period, mostly for 2 hours. Also, they are for visitors only and so buy a quick bottle of water, and you’re good to go.

Tired of paying for parking? Stop by one of these great car parks in Doncaster and get rid of your ticket worries. You can find a spot all day long, every single holiday, Monday to Friday! All these car parks are available for free parking after 6 pm:

1) Chappell Drive East and West offer large car parks with fantastic customer reviews.

2) The Churchway car park is perfect for those who want to avoid all the hustle and bustles in town while still being in the centre of Doncaster.

3) St Georges car park in a fantastic location surrounded by all the major shops in Doncaster just off the A19, this is defiantly one of the most popular options for free car parks in Doncaster.

3) College Road has its advantages and is located near Lakeside Village Outlet Shopping, perfect if you are going for a shopping trip.

4) Wood Street car park is fairly small but in a great central location.

5) Marshgate provides free rates and plenty of space, this is a relatively unknown car park so you should not have a problem finding free space.

Free parking near Doncaster City Centre

If you want to find an alternative that is not right in the chaos of the city centre we recommend the following car parks.

  • There is a large Asda superstore with its own Free parking area on Gliwice Way (just near the Lakeside) this has a total of 730 spaces, and you can stay there for up to 11 hours.
  • The York Road Morrisons is another excellent option with plenty of space.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Doncaster

Using bikes instead of cars is a great way to get around! All you have to do is find an available parking space, and this is where we can help you!

The Doncaster Council promotes sustainable green transport modes like Motorcycles, walking or taking public transit so that people can live a healthier lifestyle without harming our planet’s resources, therefore motorcycle parking is free even in the city centre for both on-street and off-street parking bays.

Free Disabled Parking in Doncaster

There are many free or cheap parking spots available for disabled drivers.

Chappell Drive East and West Car Parks have designated parking spaces close to the entrances for blue badge holders in the city centre. You can also park in the Churchway Car Park, which is located right in the town centre. If you are visiting Doncaster Racecourse, we would recommend the Free Car Park at Tickhill Road Hospital, which is easily accessible by car and has plenty of parking spaces.

If you are planning to go shopping, we recommend that you park in Asda’s Free Parking we mentioned earlier, because it has an abundance of available bays for blue badge holders.

Hotels with Free Parking in Doncaster

A hotel with free parking can be difficult to find, but we have you covered in Doncaster! We found two central Hotels in Doncaster that offer free parking.

  • The first Hotel is B/W Premier Doncaster Mount Pleasant Hotel, which is in a brilliant location.
  • The beautiful Earl Of Doncaster Hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to be close enough to Doncaster’s town centre and racecourse. There are plenty of free secure parking spaces available as well!

Cheapest Car Parks in Parking in Doncaster

The great thing about Doncaster is that there is a car park for everyone’s budget. We have got you covered if you are looking for the cheapest parking rates in Doncaster.

The following are some great options:

  • Firas Gate car park has a total of 450 spaces, and you can stay there for 11 hours for only £2.50, what a great bargain!
  • The markets car park offers a great central location with 247 spaces This car park is slightly more expensive with a cost of £5.20 for 11 hours however if you plan on staying late this car park is also free after 6 pm!
  • Cavendish Court is an excellent option for cheap parking located near the beautiful town fields. This car park only charges you £3.80 for 11 hours.

Doncaster Park and Ride

Doncaster Park and Ride is a great way to avoid parking charges and the hassle of finding a space. All you need is £0.50 per ride, which is really cheap in comparison to other places. 

This service is every 20 minutes! There are nine Park & Ride facilities in Doncaster, so the service is very convenient with no shortage of parking.

You can park at any one of the following locations:

Overnight parking in Doncaster

You may not overnight park in any of the council car parks. There are on-street options available, but they will cost you! If your Campervan or Motorhome needs to stop for more than two hours at a time and doesn’t have enough room with all its equipment inside, try York Road (Scawthorpe) Park and Ride.

You can get this permit between 7 pm -5 am, which means that if you’re planning on staying until early morning, then look no further: just make arrangements ahead before heading down there…

About Doncaster

Doncaster is a bustling city in the North of England, with plenty to offer visitors. Connecting to London and reaching destinations across Europe by rail or air makes for a leisurely getaway from this busy metropolis – just one hour on average via train (depending on where you’re travelling).

For those looking for more relaxation than sightseeing opportunities, there are many shopping centres like Frenchgate Centre that feature high street chains, including Debenhams & Next and local boutique stores such as H&M- picking up necessities before exploring other parts of town becomes much easier here!


So there you have it! You have your best free parking in Doncaster – and the cheapest! No more circling around for hours trying to find a space. We hope this blog was helpful. Let us know if there are any other locations that we haven’t covered on our website which might interest you too! Have a great time in Doncaster, and enjoy the free parking!

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