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Free parking near Edinburgh Castle

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Situated in the city centre, Edinburgh Castle is probably one of Edinburgh’s most iconic heritage sites. It is considered the oldest fortified place in Western Europe and has been a royal residency, a military garrison, a fortress, and even a prison. Owing to its historical importance and immaculate architecture, it is one of the most visited places in the city.

Free Parking near Edinburgh Castle

Free parking comes at a cost, be prepared for a little walk. There are numerous unrestricted parking spots near Edinburgh Castle that are free and are within a 10-15 minute walk radius. Some of these include Spring Gardens, which is only 1.4 miles away, Stanley Place which is 1.5 miles, and Buchanan Street with also the same distance.

The farthest of all is Dickson Street, with a distance of 1.8 miles, but who minds a casual stroll in the charming city streets of Edinburgh? Moreover, you can always take a local bus, tram, or train to avoid any footslog.

Where can I find free parking nearest to Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh? The streets with FREE un-restricted parking that we found near Edinburgh Castle are:

  • Spring Gardens
  • Stanley Place
  • Regent Place
  • Sauchiebank
  • Maryfield
  • Lyne Street
  • Murano Place
  • St Alban’s Road
  • Buchanan Street
  • Dickson Street

Hence, finding parking can get tricky. Usually, parking in Edinburgh comes at a premium, and you rarely see a spot open. But not to worry, the following are some of the best parking spots near Edinburgh that are not only free and inexpensive but are also safe so that you can enjoy your day out carefree.

Cheapest Parking near Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh’s daily parking prices range from as low as £8 to as high as £40. Paying a hefty price for parking is not an ideal way to go about it. Hence you can book relatively cheaper spots that are not heavy on the pocket.  

Some of these include a car park on Distillery Lane, Hermits Croft Car Park, and London Road parking which is only five pounds for all day.

Parking at Edinburgh Castle

Unfortunately, Edinburgh Castle does not offer any public parking. The closest on-street parking zones are close to Castle Terrace and Johnston Terrace. But before you jump onto a street spot, it is important to remember that you should always be considerate of the local environment. You should not block any driveways and exit routes.

Cheapest Car Park nearby Edinburgh CastlePriceDistance
Edinburgh Quay£6.0023 mins
Scottish Widows£7.0015 mins
Travelodge£8.0028 mins
27A Nicolson Square£8.0026 mins
Calton Road£10.0026 mins
Quartermile£11.6020 mins

Just Park – A great alternative to public parking.

A great alternative to public parking is Just Park. It is a UK-based parking app and website that allows you to find local parking in your area. Just Park includes car parks, driveways, and street parking spots. You can choose what suits you the best and pay via your credit card to reserve your spot.

Some Examples of Just Park Parking near Edinburgh CastlePriceDistance
Hermits Croft Car Park£5.6024 mins
Q-Park Quatermile Car Park£9.0014 mins
Fountain Bridge Car Park£12.0016 mins
Driveway on Gilmore Place£13.6022 mins

Overall, finding parking in medieval towns that were essentially not designed for a high influx of traffic, such as Edinburgh, is a little hectic and can also get overwhelming at times. A pro tip for finding a spot in a case as such is to follow the three be’s. Be alert, Be vigilant and Be aware. Last but not the least, booking a spot in advance can save you from all the hustle, so Happy Parking to you!

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