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Free Parking in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK


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Ely is a sweet little medieval city in Cambridgeshire with a small population, quaint narrow roads and a large cathedral dating back to 1083. So, it isn’t surprising that this charming place gets a lot of visitors who mainly drive in to visit.

So, to say that finding free parking in Ely is easy is a slight understatement. But, not to say it isn’t possible. We have visited Ely and spent the time (So you don’t have to) hunting down the best free parking spots in Ely. So read on to discover more.

What to Know about Parking Free in Ely, Cambridgeshire

A lot of the suggestions for free parking in Ely are on residential roads, and so there are a few extra things to keep in mind when not parking in car park bays. These are:

  • Try not to block anyones driveway
  • Don’t park infront of entrances or doorways
  • Be polight to residents,
  • Make sure your vehicle is locked
  • Check the signs before leaving your vehicle

Is there Free Parking in Ely?

This is the question I can hear you all asking and this is why I visited Ely to find the answer to this very question first hand. So,

Is there free parking in Ely? The following roads in Ely in Cambridgeshire are Free to park on for an unlimited time:

  • Prickwillow Road
  • Mulberry Way
  • New Barns Avenue
  • Upherd’s Lane
  • W Fen Road
  • St John’s Road
  • St.Ovins Garden
  • Hills Lane
  • Cromwell Road

Is there Free Parking near Ely Cathedral?

Ely cathedral is one of the UK’s oldest Norman Cathedrals and attracts over a quarter of a million visitors each year while still maintaining Anglican services twice a day. There is a lot of restricted parking roads around the cathedral, as you can imagine, but read on to see what we found as far as free parking spots go.

Free Parking at new barns avenue ely near to ely cathedral

Is there free parking near Ely Cathedral? The following streets all have free unrestricted parking and are within a 20-minute walk of Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire:

  • Hills Lane
  • Cromwell Road
  • St John’s Road
  • St.Ovins Garden
  • Mulberry Way
  • New Barns Avenue
  • Prickwillow Road
  • Upherd’s Lane
  • W Fen Road

Is there Free Parking near Ely Railway Station?

Free Parking at victoria street, ely near to Ely railway station

Is there Free Parking near Ely Railway Station? The roads listed below are within a 20-minute walk to Ely Railway station, and are free to park on for an unrestricted time:

  • Annesdale
  • Victoria St
  • Potter’s Ln
  • Dovehouse Cl
  • Cromwell Road
  • New Barns Avenue
  • Upherd’s Lane
  • W Fen Road
  • Hills Lane

Read on for more great tips on Free parking spots in Ely, both by the cathedral and the train station.

I hope this little post has answered your question about free parking in Ely? and has also shared with you some roads that you are using to get parked up for free. Have a great visit and a safe drive.

Related Questions

Does Ely have a Park and ride? There is not as yet a park and ride aimed solely at serving the city of Ely. There are however 2 Cambridge Park and rides within 15 miles of Ely. These are:

  • Cambridge Park and Ride – Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB1 9 AT
  • Madingley Road Park and Ride – Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EX
  • Or consider using the free parking spots in Ely, suggested in this article

How much does it cost to park at Ely train station?

Ely Railway Station Car Park PricesPrices
In after 4 pm Out by 4 am
Flat Rate
In by 10 am to 4 pm Out by 4 am
Flat Rate
In by 4 am to 10 am Out by 4 am
Monday to Sunday
Bank Holiday£5.00
Saturday & Sunday All-day£5.00

A cheaper alternative to the car park at Ely Station is the Dock car park just a 5-minute walk along the road also called ‘The Dock’ located at The Dock, Ely, CB7 4EA where you can park for 24 hours, seven days a week for just £3.00

Is Ely Cathedral FREE to visit? Ely cathedral does charge an admission fee to help support the upkeep and maintenance. But there is Free Catherdral Entry at Ely for the following exceptions:

When is it Free to get into Ely Cathedral?
Children Under 16 
When accompanied by parent/carer.
Students in full-time education in Cambridgeshire.
When accompanying an adult with additional needs, pay a standard fee.
Local Residents* 
Anyone resident in CB6 or CB7 postcode is entitled to free entry. Please bring valid proof of address (household bill/driving licence).
Parish Pass Holders** 
Entry with membership card. (Issued through local parishes within the Diocese of Ely).
Members of The Order of St. Etheldreda 
Entry with membership card.
Friends of Ely Cathedral 
Entry with membership card.

Please note:

  • There is no need to pre-book if you are coming to the Cathedral within the Free Entry criteria (above). Please bring proof of ID or membership cards with you.
  • Free Entry criteria or passes are not valid for concerts, events, our Monastic Tour & Tea or Specialist Tour & Lunch. These all require advanced booking and full payment.
    If pass holders wish book a Tower Tour or Ground Floor Tour, we recommend that you contact our team at Box Office about booking options, as you will need to book ahead. Thank you.

If you already hold a residents pass and it expires, there’s no longer a need to renew it – proof of address on arrival is all that is required.

** Your Parish pass no longer has an expiry date so remains valid indefinitely. New applications should be made through your local churchwardens.

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