Best Free Parking near Glastonbury Tor and the Cheapest in 2022

Free Parking near Glastonbury Tor

Free Parking near Glastonbury Tor – 2022

Is there free parking near Glastonbury Tor? There are residential streets with FREE un-restricted parking within, approximately a 20-minute walk from Glastonbury Tor. We recommend the following streets:

  • Dod Ln
  • Actis Rd
  • Chalice Way
  • Higher Actis
  • Read Mead
  • South Fields
  • Bilbury Ln
  • Tor View Ave
  • Hill Head

Read on as we have many more little tips and tricks to improve your visit.

Free Parking at Actis Road near Glastonbury Tor

Many visitors to Glastonbury Tor are looking for parking. This blog post is about the best parking near Glastonbury Tor and information on what you can expect when visiting this historic site. Read on for information on free parking, paid parking, and a little hack for extra parking options we found near Glastonbury Tor!

What to Know about Free Parking near Glastonbury Tor

Free Parking at Dod Lane near Glastonbury Tor

Before leaving your vehicle anywhere near Glastonbury Tor, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, there are a few things you must remember to do and cause not do. These are:

  • DO Park near to the curb, so not to cause obstruction to passing vehicles
  • DO NOT Park infront of any driveways
  • DO NOT Block road ways or entrances
  • DO Check for road signage before leaving your vehicle

Along with being polite to residents, this will put you in good stead for a good free and safe parking secession

Parking For Glastonbury Tor

Free Parking in Glastonbury Tor is available around the area if you know where to look. The paid parking near Glastonbury Tor is also affordable, with many visitors surprised at how inexpensive it can be to park here. The pay & display car parks can be hit and miss with reviews of machines being out of order and fines being given. Read on for more details.

There are a few other free options for parking, but as always, it’s essential to pay attention to local traffic on the day, be considerate to residents and take care on single-track roads which can be narrow.

The free places we recommend for Glastonbury Tor are

  • Disabled parking for blue badge holders on Stone Down Lane
  • Cinnamon Lane (this is often full and very narrow)
  • Oriel Drive next to Morrisons Car Park
  • Morrisons Car Park (customers only, buy a drink for the walk and keep your receipt)

The disabled parking is right next to the start of the walk on Stone Down Lane. Cinnamon Lane is very close to the start of the walk on the opposite side of the hill to Stone Down Lane. The other options we recommend are Oriel Drive and Morrisons car park, Oriel Drive next to Morrisons car park is a short 1-mile walk from the start of the hike up to Glastonbury Tor. Still, we like it as it allows you to visit Glastonbury Abbey, which is a beautiful location of historical interest, and well worth a visit either on your way up to Glastonbury Tor or back down. Glastonbury Tor is a very popular attraction, so read on for some more options which are not free.

Cheap Parking near Glastonbury Tor

One of the closest paid for parking spots is a business car park called RJ Draper and Co Car Park, this is affordable parking close to the site, but this can quickly fill up on busy days. Another option very close to the start of the walk-up Glastonbury Tor can be found within the Just Park App! 

This app is excellent as it can find very affordable parking very close to the start of this walk. 

This is a bit of a hack as the app can even offer parking on private driveways and roads very close to the walk; if the usual spots are busy, we highly recommend giving the Just Park app a try. It usually has excellent private parking spots in this area. 

The other paid-for sites are a little further away. These are St Dunstan Car Park, St Johns Car Park, Silver Street Car Park, and Butt Close Care Park.

Just Park App £2 to £10
St Johns £2 to £6
St Dunstans £2 to £10
Silver Street £2 to £6
Butt Close £2 to £6

About Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor is a large hill in Somerset, near the town of Glastonbury. At its summit stands an early 14th-century tower that was named after St Michael’s church at the top. Glastonbury Tor is believed to have been built by monks and visitors can still walk up there today to catch some impressive views over the surrounding countryside and the town below.

Glastonbury Tor is one of the most famous sites in Somerset, having been mentioned in many books and stories over time. These include The Lord of The Rings, King Arthur’s legend, and even Harry Potter. This site has long captured the imagination of people who are interested in history or spirituality and even the occult. 

But it also holds importance to the local community. Glastonbury Tor is said to be one of the oldest sites in Somerset, with many claiming that it dates back thousands of years and was a place of worship for ancient peoples who came before us.


Glastonbury Tor is a beautiful site to visit and well worth the short trek for the fantastic views on offer and a look at the ancient tower. Free parking can be found around Glastonbury Tor and pay and display and parking on the Just Park app. 

We found some reviews reporting pay & display parking out of order and fines being received, so we’d recommend checking out the free locations we have listed or using the Just Park app to be on the safe side. Many of the parking sites listed offer toilet facilities and free parking for motorcycles. Have you visited Glastonbury Tor? 

Happy Parking, and rambling

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I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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