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Free Parking near the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

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If you’re in California, you must visit the notorious Golden Gate Bridge and marvel at its orange grandeur. But be warned, 10 million people visit each year, and so if you’re assuming you will just find a parking spot, you are very much mistaken.

But that’s where we come in and have sourced for you the best parking spot, lots, and spaces near the Golden Gate Bridge for you to park cheaply, if not for free. So, read on:

What to Know about Free Parking near the Golden Gate Bridge

When parking for free near the Golden Gate Suspension Bridge, San Francisco, California, United States, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful to residents
  • Avoid parking in front of any driveways
  • Avoid parking in front of any doors or entrances
  • Park close to the kerb to avoid being a hazard to traffic
  • Do not double park
  • Check any parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Free Parking near the Golden Gate Bridge

Over 25 thousand people a day visit The Golden Gate Bridge in the hope to find a nice spot for a memorable shot or two. So parking should be on your mind, and I can hear you asking:

Is there free parking near the Golden Gate Bridge? The following roads are the best roads near the Golden Gate Bridge where you can park FREE of charge:

  • McReynolds Road.
  • Off Armistead Road.
  • Battery Wagner Road.
  • Marine Drive.
  • Stilwell Road.
  • Pershing Drive.
  • Bowley Street.
  • Mesa Street.
  • Infantry Terrece.

Read on as there are some other great tips and suggestions that may just save your trip from hunting from parking or from being overcharged in parking fees.

Now, California is known for its horrendous traffic and not being the most travel-friendly, but despite all of these stereotypes, there is quite a bit of free parking near Golden Gate Bridge. To see how far you’d have to walk, check out this graph below:

Road NameWalking time to the
Golden Gate Bridge
McReynolds Road.26 min.
Off Armistead Road.11 min.
Battery Wagner Road.14 min.
Marine Drive.13 min.
Stilwell Road.29 min.
Pershing Drive.31 min.
Bowley Street.35 min.
Mesa Street.35 min.
Infantry Terrace.37 min.

Free Parking at Golden Gate Park

California is known to be more environmentally conscious, so walking is a common mode of transportation. Simply park at the Golden Gate Park and walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, if you’d like to do some touristy sightseeing.

As another option, you can do some shopping and explore the Richmond District or Sunset District, while taking in the sites of, not just the stunning Golden Gate Park, but also ramble the greenery of Labos Valley Overlook, Presidio Wine-bunkers, and Dragonfly Creek.

Is there free parking at Golden Gate Park? The following places are great roads to park on close to Golden Gate Park:

  • Middle Drive. West
  • John F. Kennedy Drive.
  • Martin Luther King Junior Drive.
  • Lincoln Way
  • Transverse Dr. Path
  • Fulton Street.
  • 25th Avenue.
  • 20th Avenue.
  • 19th Avenue.
  • 24th Avenue.

The Golden Gate Park is just on the other side of the Richmond District, south of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s much easier finding free parking here than near the Golden Gate Bridge directly. Since some of the free parking at Golden Gate Park is still a lengthy walk away, it may be advisable to take the bus or have a bike at the ready. On the other hand, if you don’t mind a longer walk, then this may be a perfect solution for you!

Road NameWalking time to the
Golden Gate Bridge
Middle Dr. West1 hr 22 min
John F. Kennedy Dr.1 hr 11 min
Martin Luther King
Junior Dr.
1 hr 28 min
Lincoln Way1 hr 23 min.
Transverse Dr. Path1 hr 13 min.
Fulton Street.1 hr 8 min.
25th Avenue.38 min
20th Avenue.47 min
19th Avenue57 min
24th Avenue.1 hr 36 min

Cheap Parking by the Golden Gate Bridge

For some, the walking time from the Golden Gate Bridge may not be ideal, but you’d be willing to pay some money for parking as long as the price isn’t horrendous. As much as a walk sounds great, it’s less wonderful when you’re tugging along two small children under the age of 7 or if it’s scorching hot outside (which isn’t uncommon in California).

Is there cheap parking by the Golden Gate Bridge? The following garages offer cheap parking by the Golden Gate Bridge:

  • Lot D Lincoln Boulevard
  • Fort Scott Lot
  • Welcome Center Parking Lot
  • Battery East Parking Lot
  • Crissy Field Parking Lot
  • Hamilton Street Parking
  • CNG Parking Lot
  • Log Cabin Parking Lot

There are surprisingly many lots and parking options that are inexpensive (quite untypical of California), that are under $10 per day, AND are close to the Golden Gate Bridge. Think about how romantic it would be to take your significant other there for your anniversary! You could even pack a picnic to enjoy either in your car or outside.

Is there cheap parking by the Golden Gate Bridge? the following parking lots can be found near the Golden Gate Bridge:

Parking Lot NameWalking time to the
Golden Gate Bridge
Price per hour/day
Lot D Lincoln Boulevard37 min$1.20/hr or $7/day
Fort Scott Lot10 min$1.90/hr or $9.50/day
Welcome Center Parking Lot2 min$0.25/25 mins. or $2/hr
Battery East Parking Lot8 min$1.20/hr or $7/day
Crissy Field Parking Lot34 min$1.20/hr or $7/day
Hamilton Street Parking20 minN/A
CNG Parking Lot10 min$1.90/hr or $9.50/day
Log Cabin Parking Lot14 min$1.90/hr or $9.50/day

Parking for the Best Golden Gate Bridge View

Depending on who you ask, you may get a different answer as to which parking offers the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our personal favourites, however, are:

  • The Welcome Center
  • Battery East Parking Lot
  • Marine Dr Street Parking

Other Things to Do Near the Golden Gate Bridge

Now that you are nicely parked up. Remember to make sure your car is locked. Keep in mind these other great attractions you can also visit that are nearby the Golden Gate Bridge. These are the Fort Point National Historical site, Hendrik Point, The coastal trail, Presidio of San Francisco.

Pompously promenade the Golden Gate Promenade, San Francisco Bay, Crissy Field Beach, and Marsh, and if you have time take a boat over to the notorious Alcatraz Island.

Related Questions

Is it Free to drive across the Golden Gate bridge?

It is not free to drive across the Golden Gate bridge. There is a cost involved in form of a small toll fee.

What is there to do for free in Golden Gate park?

At the Golden Gate Park, you gain free admission to the Strybing Arboretum (on select days), a view of the Windmills and Tulips, as well as access to the playgrounds for children.

How much is it to park at the Golden Gate bridge?

Parking at the Golden Gate bridge varies, depending on the parking lot a person goes to. There is free parking, and there is parking that costs up to $9.50/day.

What Happens if I don’t pay the Golden Gate toll?

If you don’t pay the Golden Gate toll, an invoice will be sent to your home for you to pay within 7 days.

Can I pay cash on the Golden Gate Bridge toll?

The Golden Gate Bridge now doesn’t accept any cash payments. They currently only accept electronic payments.

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