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Free Parking near Heathrow Airport UK

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Heading to Heathrow for a holiday of happiness, heat and hummus? Wanting to make that last saving by finding a pay-free parking space. We have found the best opportunities, so, let’s get started.

Free Parking Near London Heathrow Airport

Where is there Free Parking nearest to Heathrow Airport? Here are some streets with free parking nearest to Heathrow Airport:

  • Orchard Avenue
  • Bedford Close
  • Myrtle Avenue
  • Mill Way
  • Lela Avenue
  • Basildene Road
  • Bell Lane Bedfont
  • Peacock Avenue
  • Francis Road
  • Ambassador Close

Read on, as although the above roads are free to park on and are the nearest to Heathrow airport as you asked. Other variables need to be taken into consideration.

Why not let our bespoke Google map of The Best Free Parking Spots Near Heathrow Airport navigate you directly to the above roads, as well as all our other discovered free parking locations?

That being, it’s hard to walk into Heathrow Airport, and access is more easily made by train or the Piccadilly underground line. Though they are not free to use, considerable savings will be made by using this alternative method.

The most used terminals at Heathrow are Terminal 5 with a whopping 32.8 million annual passengers, then 3, 2, and finally Terminal 4 with the lowest number of passengers, at 9.4 million per year. For this reason, we will talk about the best free parking opportunities for Heathrow terminals in this order.

Free Parking for Terminals 5, 3 & 2 at Heathrow Airport

Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is on the far west side of the airport, near the area of Poyle. However, there is free on-street parking there. Due to the dual carriageways not having pedestrian pathways, It isn’t possible to reach Terminal 5 on foot.

So the only solution for free car parking is to use the free on-street parking we have found for you nearest to the nearest tube stations to the airport. This being 1. Hatton Cross & 2. Hounslow West, then jump on the Piccadilly line underground train to all the terminals of Heathrow Airport.

The Piccadilly line follows the set route with the following stops, it enters the airport and loops around to all of the terminals, before exiting the way it came. See below

  • Hounslow West – Inbound
  • Hatton Cross – Inbound
  • Terminals 2 & 3 – Inbound
  • Terminal 4 – Inbound
  • Terminal 5 – Inbound
  • Loops back round to Terminals 2 & 3, – Outbound
  • Hatton Cross, Hounslow West etc

Terminals 2 & 3

As you can see in the graphic above, all the terminals are most easily accessed via the Piccadilly line. For this reason, we recommend the 2 options below as the best way to find free parking and make a big saving on long-stay car parking.

Terminal 4

To a degree terminal, 4 is the same as 5, 2 & 3. How it differs is there are opportunities to park nearby and walk into terminal 4, but the minimum walk would be 24 minutes long.

This may not be a good option for you as the odds are you will have luggage and besides a £1.70 tube fare saving, V’s a 24-minute walk along a dual carriageway… I know which I would choose. But if you insist on saving £1.70, we have put the details further down this article for you.

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking by Hounslow? Click Here

Option 1. Free Park by Hounslow West Station

The above image was sourced from Google Map data 2020

Even though Hounslow West is the second closest Underground station to Heathrow Airport, it is our first choice, simply because the free parking we have found is closer to Hounslow West as it is to Hatton cross station, and yet the fare is the same. (See lower down for more details on fares.)

The chart below lists the best, free and closest roads to Hounslow West station, along with the walking time.

Free Parking nearby
Hounslow West
Underground Station
Ambassador Close4 mins
Renfrew Road5 mins
Francis Road6 mins
Ferndale Avenue6 mins
Manor Avenue7 mins
Ravensdale Road7 mins
Basildene Road9 mins
Legrace Avenue9 mins
Heathdale Avenue9 mins
Lela Avenue11 mins
The above times are estimations only

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking by Hounslow? Click Here

Option 2. Park for Free by Hatton Cross Station

The above image was sourced from Google Map data 2020

Yes! It is closer to the airport than Hounslow west, so you do save 5 minutes on tube time but lose it again on the walking time from your car. The nearest zero-pay road is a 21-minute walk to Hatton Cross station, and the fare is the same as that from Hounslow West.

We have listed the best roads for this second option, along with a google map that will give you google directions.

Free Parking for Gatwick Airport
via Hatton Cross Underground Station

Click here to buy your ticket
Orchard Avenue21 mins
Montrose Road22 mins
Bishops Drive22 mins
Lansbury Avenue24 mins
Field Road25 mins
Mill Way26 mins
Baber Drive27 mins
Byward Avenue28 mins
Beeston Way28 mins
Viola Avenue31 mins
Why not let our bespoke Google map of The Best Free Parking spots Near Heathrow Airport navigate you directly to the above roads, as well as all our other discovered free parking locations?

Tube Fare Prices & Journey Times

Tube Ticket Prices & DurationHounslow WestHatton Cross
Terminals 2 & 3£1.50 – £1.70
9 mins
£1.50 – £1.70
3 mins
Terminal 4£1.50 – £1.70
8 mins
£1.50 – £1.70
3 mins
Terminal 5 £1.50 – £1.70
13 mins
£1.50 – £1.70
7 mins
Check for the latest prices

No matter which terminal you are going to, the fare remains the same from both Hounslow West & Hatton Cross stations and the duration of your journey differed slightly. See the chart above.

Bonus Option 3. Hayes & Harlington offer Zero Pay Parking too.

Here’s a third option for any claustrophobics out there that do not wish to be crammed into a train travelling on average 22 meters below sea level.

Hayes & Harlington station offers not only nearby free parking options but also a bus stop. That’s right ‘Stop E’ where you can get the X140 bus for the 12-minute journey to Central Heathrow bus station, then walk 2 minutes to terminals 2 &3 in the heart of the airport.

Or, also from Stop ‘Stop E’ you can take the 90 bus a 16-minute journey to Bus Stop H on the Great West Road, just a 2-minute walk from Hatton Cross station, and an 8-minute Overground train to Terminal 5.

We have listed the best roads below along with the walking times it takes to get to Bus Stop E

Hayes & Harlington has
Zero Pay Parking also
Walking Time
to Bus Stop E
Glebe Road6 mins
Sandow Crescent6 mins
Silverdale Road7 mins
Northfield Park8 mins
Fairey Avenue9 mins
Hyde Way10 mins
Holmbury Gardens11 mins
Millington Road12 mins
Crowland Avenue13 mins
Central Avenue16 mins
The above times are estimations only

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking by Hounslow? Click Here

Terminal 4 Heathrow & the nearest Places to Park for Free

Spinney Drive to Terminal 4

If you are up for a walk to save yourself £1.70, this section is for you. But I really would recommend options 1 & 2 as stated above over this method.

The majority of this walk will be along a dual carriageway. Then you have the option to shuttle into terminal 4 or keep walking in. The below chart lists the available roads and an estimate of how long it will take you to walk to the perimeter of Heathrow airport, then the walk of the shuttle to T4 is time to be added on. Below that is a map with google navigation.

Free Parking nearby Terminal 4
of Heathrow Airport
Spinney Drive24 mins
Bell Lane Bedfont26 mins
Saint Mary’s Drive27 mins
Bedford Close28 mins
Benedict Drive29 mins
Horsham Road30 mins
Bishops Drive33 mins
Montrose Road30 mins
West Road31 mins
Elm Road33 mins
The above times are estimations only

Cheapest Car Parking at Heathrow Airport

If free parking isn’t your thing, how about the cheapest long-stay car parks near Heathrow Airport? We hope the chart below helps you

Cheapest 3-Day (36 hr)
Car Parking
by Heathrow Airport
PriceApprox time
Hayes & Harlington Station£24.0052 min walk
32 min by bus
Hounslow West Station NCP£31.2037 min walk
30 min by train
NCP Heathrow Terminals 4-5
£48.0058 mins
NCP Heathrow Terminals 2-3
£60.0034 mins
NCP Hatton Cross Station£62.4053 mins
Heathrow Airport –
Terminal 4 Long Stay
£79.5047 mins
Heathrow Airport –
Terminal 2 & Terminal 3 Long Stay
£79.5059 mins
Purple Parking Park & Ride
Terminal 2
£7.0022 mins
Heathrow Airport –
Terminal 5 Long Stay
£82.7040 mins
Heathrow Long Stay –
Terminal 5 Pod Parking
£129.0053 mins
The above info has been sourced from Parkopedia

I do hope this article has saved you the headache of researching free parking by Heathrow Airport and saved you some money as well. So, that only leaves me to wish you a safe trip, not only to the choice of free parking but also to your holiday destination.

Keep Safe!

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