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Whether you intend to hit the shopping spaces during the day or in the evening, parking is one thing that may remain an issue. While you may enjoy the idea of shopping and the fun it brings, not getting a proper parking space may ruin your mood. Hence, it is always better to know about the parking spaces in the place you are planning to visit.

Free On-Street Parking in Aberdeen

This may relieve you of the stress that it may bring. Parking in Aberdeen has become quite easy with a number of easy options in place. Here is a guide to your parking in Aberdeen.

Where is there Free Parking in Aberdeen? The following streets in Aberdeen are unrestricted and free to park on:

  • Urquhart Road
  • Colville Place
  • Seaforth Road
  • Erroll Street
  • Glenbervie Road
  • Sinclair Road
  • Crombie Road
  • Froghall Terrace
  • Linksfield Road
  • Hayfield Place
  • Hayfield Cresent

If you want a Map of the Best Free Parking in Aberdeen, Click Here

Things You Should Know about Parking in Aberdeen for Free

Yes, you certainly need a place to park. So does everyone! People are in a rush to park their vehicles and head fast to finish their work. Everyone is busy, everyone is in a hurry. This thought of constant rush and hurry makes us forget the basic rules many a time.

  • So, here are a few things you should consider if you are to find a parking space in Aberdeen.
  • The first and foremost thing to notice is that you do not block the driveways. It is a common driveway and it is something to be kept in mind.
  • Park your car closer to the kerb. This will allow space for other cars.
  • See that you don’t double park. If you do so, chances are that you may end up parking on a bus route.

See our article on how to park like a pro for more helpful tips and tricks

List of Free Parking Spots in Aberdeen

Finding a free parking space is no less than a luxury, especially when you are keen on saving some extra pounds for your shopping. Parking and the amount spent on it is quite considerable. So, finding a free parking space will seem a viable option for all those who like to save some extra pounds.

So, one thing you need to know is that there are no free parking spaces in Aberdeen until you walk down the street to actually find one. You may else look and literally hunt for streets that do not impose any parking restrictions. The Aberdeen city council has recently introduced a hike in charges. Now, the increased charges say that a full charge is in place till 8 PM at the night. You also have night charges imposed for the car which usually is free.

You may find free parking in Aberdeen in a multi-story. This is the easiest way to find yourself in a parking lot. Free parking services are available in limited places. So, if you are looking for easy access and to know about these places, here is a list. You may go through the list and keep the names of the places handy.

  • Pittodrie Place
  • Chestnut Row
  • Elmbank Terrace
  • Elmfield Avenue

Elmfield Avenue is a place that offers plenty of parking spaces within a walking distance. You just have to walk 20 minutes from this place to the Aberdeen centre. So, if you are looking for a shopping experience in this area, Elmfield Avenue could be one of the best options to park your vehicle.

A simple walk of 0.8 miles from the city centre will take you to Pittodrie place. This place has a lot of parking spaces and is given for free. This offers you convenience and easy access to everything that you need to do in Aberdeen.

Chestnut and Aberdeen centre is quite accessible and this area is home to a number of residential properties. A parking space in this area is much safer. You may always feel the comfort and warmth of a residential place and this certainly makes a difference.

Elmfield Avenue is rightly located within the limits of Aberdeen city centre control. This place offers a lot of free parking spaces. You can park your vehicle here and go off to finish the work you are supposed to do. Yes, sometimes it may take longer, but you can do it without a fear in your mind. After all, parking should not be a cause of worry.

Free from Parking Charges During Certain Months of the Year

The Aberdeen city council centre comes up with plans to manage the crowd and also to make appropriate arrangements to make shopping easy for everyone. The administration has removed all the parking charges during the Christmas months of the year. Most of the city centre car parks go cashless during these occasions. This would enable crowds to purchase freely, enjoy their shopping and get back home safely.

With parking being a hassle and online shopping gaining momentum, this move of offering free parking spaces can bring the crowds to street shopping. This is one better way to revive the economy. The Denburn multistorey, Frederick Street, West North Street, Marischal college, and chapel street, are some of the parking spaces that take part in the scheme.

Aberdeen is a place that has national retailers and businesses. It also houses various cafés and outlets. The local shops, restaurants, and cafés are sure to gain profit during the festive season. The administration is sure to ease it by providing free parking and other amenities for fellow shoppers. Managing businesses and the profits obtained from them is important to running the economy. The council car parks also offer free parking services during the festive season and also during the pandemic. This came as a big relief to the customers and businesses.

If you want a Map of the Best Free Parking in Aberdeen, Click Here

Cheap Parking in Aberdeen, Scotland

Sometimes it is not possible to get a free parking space. So, the next thing that shoppers can opt for is a cheap parking service. There are a number of cheap car parks in Aberdeen, these are:

  • The Denburn car park
  • Chapel Street car park
  • Gallowgate car park
  • NCP Aberdeen ship row
  • College Street car park
  • Virginia Street car park
  • Golden Square car park
  • Regent Mews car parking

The Decision of the Aberdeen Council on Parking Spaces

The Aberdeenshire Council has collectively decided to reintroduce parking fares. This is going to be in effect from the month of January 2021. However, the ongoing pandemic has encouraged the council to go for cashless service. There are a number of advantages when it comes to offering cashless services. Here are a few of them for you to read.

  • You don’t have to worry about carrying change.
  • You don’t have to carry a heavy wallet all around.
  • Unless for free parking, you may avoid using the parking machine.
  • You actually don’t have to return to your vehicle just for the sake of producing a parking ticket.
  • You can top up your parking fee and it’s just easy.
  • You can use this service to park anywhere in Aberdeenshire.
  • You can use any smartphone paying app to pay the bill
  • You may also extend the time of parking using this app.

If you want a Map of the Best Free Parking in Aberdeen, Click Here

elmfield avenue aberdeen to aberdeen art gallery

Not everyone is interested in shopping. Some, are more interested in the arts, and some may even decide to enjoy some art along with shopping. Either way, these are good nearby parking spots near the main Aberdeen art gallery

  • Pittodrie place
  • Elmfield Avenue
  • Elmfield Terrace

These are the car parks you can use that have free parking all day in Aberdeen:

  • Viewfield Road – AB15, 7XL
  • Saint Machar Drive – AB24, 5SP
  • Duthie Park – AB11 7SL
  • Crombie Road – AB11 9LY
  • Tanfield Walk – AB24 7AQ

You may also opt to use a bus service to the Aberdeen art gallery if you intend to use any of these car parks. All these car parks are one or two miles away from the art gallery. So, if you have a problem walking quite a few steps, opt for public transportation.

Parking-on the Go

Sometimes, you may like to park your vehicles on the go and it is not so easy to get a parking space like that. So, if you are a person who likes to do that, then here is a list of places where you can park your vehicle for free.

You can park your vehicle in the inner central from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm. You can also use the same place to park between 8 PM and 8 AM on a Saturday. On Sundays, applicable only after 5 PM.

You can also park your vehicle in outer central throughout the week from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 8 PM. The same is followed on Saturdays. The parking space is free from Monday to Sunday. Overnight parking and Motorhome parking is also quite familiar in Aberdeen. Try places like Viewfield road, Crombie Road, Duthie Park for Motorhome, and overnight parking. Ease the tension of parking with handy details.

Other Free Parking Tips in Scotland

Aberdeen is a beautiful and buzzing place but let’s not forget the Capital of Scotland. If you are in Scotland from down south, it is well worth visiting the historical cold city of Edinburgh, as well as just Aberdeen. We have also visited and researched the best places to find free parking in Edinburgh as well as writing a post giving good tips about using Edinburgh’s Park and Ride and which one is best for your needs,

Whatever you choose, drive safely.

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