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free parking in chester


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The beauty and quaintness of Chester come at a cost, and that cost is to anyone driving into this charming medieval city, trying to park their vehicles. But all is not lost as, I have researched, visited, and investigated just where in Chester you can park in Chester for absolutely free.

Nearby Free Parking in Chester, UK

Where can I park for free in Chester? The following roads in Chester are all unrestricted and free to park on:

  • Dee Lane
  • Hoole Lane
  • Canadian Avenue
  • Beech Grove
  • Panton Road
  • Hamilton Street
  • Kilmorey Park
  • West Street
  • Ermine Road

What to Know about Parking for Free in Chester

We have found some great suggestions for where to park for free when in Chester. A lot of these suggestions are public roads on residential streets, so there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Park close to the curb
  • Do not block any driveways
  • Do not block any entrances or doorways
  • Be polite to the residents, they share the public road with you.
  • Check for parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Free Car Parks in Chester

You certainly don’t have to struggle with paid parking and note every minute of the time when you are out there having the time of your life. Council car parks now offer both paid and Free parking at different time intervals to ensure you keep driving under your budget. When we specifically talk about Chester, you will get to find free parking after 6 pm or 5 pm on Sundays.

● Chester Racecourse Car Park – CH1 2LY

● Christleton Road – Car Park

● Sealand Road Park and Ride Car Park – CH1 5RH

● Cuppin Street Car Park – CH1 1AD

● Hamilton Place Car Park – CH1 2BG

● Boughton Heath Park and Ride Car Park – CH3 5QD

Parking in Rural or Coastal Areas:

● Crossfield, East Street, Fernhurst, GU27 3JL

● Midhurst, GU28 0DX – only Sundays

● Petworth, GU28 0ET

Selsey, GU29 9DS – only Sundays

Midhurst, GU29 9LT – only Sundays

Petworth, North Street, – PO20 0BH – only Sundays

Cattle Market Car Park – PO19 1JW

Sainsbury’s Chester Car Park – PO19 8UL

Overnight Parking in Chester

Luckily, the ban imposed for overnight parking on city streets has been lifted until November 1, 2021, except for specific streets with identified signs. In addition, they have specifically eased the restriction between 3 am to 5 am for a personal vehicles where commercial motor vehicles and trailers are still not allowed to park on City Streets.

Other areas that you need to pay close attention to are specific locations like fire hydrants, front lawns, and on boulevards where overnight parking is prohibited. Besides that, Here are the long-stay car parks that are absolutely free after 6 pm or 5 pm on Sunday.

  • Bishop Street Car Park – CV1 1JN
  • Linenhall Car Park – CH1 2NX
  • Frodsham St Car Park – CH1 3JJ
  • Little Roodee Car Park – CH1 1SL
  • Chester Station Car Park – CH1 3NS
  • Watergate Street Car Park – CH1 4JH
  • YourParkingSpace Hallmark The Queen Chester Car Park – CH1 3AH

If you are specifically looking for coach parking, you can never go wrong with Little Roodee Car Park CH1 1SL, which does have a charge of around £5 for the day. However, it can be a wise decision if you need to park the car for longer stays.

As for the people with disabilities, Chester is filled with opportunities to help you gain access to the City using specific allocated car parking for the disabled. These spaces will usually be free of charge except for Avenue de Chartres, requiring the vehicle to display a value blue badge or foreign disabled badge for disabled driving passengers.

For on-street parking, you will be indicated for allocated spaces adjacent to the pedestrian area that can be used for free for up to 3 hours. Remember, your parking clock must be displayed with a blue badge to help you adhere to the rules. Nowadays, you can also find special changing facilities for the disabled in the Northgate car park toilets.

Another thing to bear in mind is the suspended bay signs across the streets. These parking suspension signs apply 24/7 parking. In addition, you can find a mounted notice on the wall that you will receive a parking ticket even if you have paid for the parking.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Chester

If you have parked at the right ankle to the curb, you can rest assured to pay not a single dime for the parking. However, if you are parking at a car parking lot, you may need to pay accordingly. Therefore, we recommended motorcyclists get their hands on MiPermit to purchase parking. However, you can also find designated motorcycle parking in Grange Road, Post Office parking, and North Street, as well as East Wittering for added convenience.

Residential Parking in Chester

Residential parking in Chester has a slightly different approach than your regular parking lots. Here, you can request a sector-specific residential Mawaqif parking permit instead of going for a parking ticket as they are more practical and easier than struggling with different parking tickets on specific destinations.

The best part, permits don’t have an expiration date; you have to make a one-time payment and get your permit renewed only if you change your vehicle. However, there may be a few additional things that you require to apply for a residential permit. The documents include:

● Insurance document

● Vehicle registration


You can also count on specific forms with everything you need to get your residential permit with ease. For sure, you need to prove that you are a resident of Chester with proof of your house and vehicle. They may also ask for your current balance to see the rent account. However, if you live far away from Chester, you must pay your rent in advance to offer credibility and avoid getting into an arrears letter.

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