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free parking in Exeter by Exeter Cathedral

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A Stunning place, but car parking isn’t free in most parts of Exeter, but still, there are a few options where you can park for free with few restrictions. In this post, I share with you some good free parking options in Exeter. But I have also created a super helpful map of the Best Free parking spots in Exeter for you to download

Free Parking in Exeter, Devon, UK – 2023

There are a few free parking spaces in Exeter, but most are park-and-ride options. You may be required to park for a certain period, mostly not exceeding 2 hours. Most of these spaces are limited to customers or individuals accessing a specific facility.

free parking on Thurlow Road exeter to exeter city centre

Where is the best free parking in Exeter, Devon? The following roads in Exeter are all unrestricted and free to park on:

  • Thurlow Road
  • Shaftesbury Road
  • Duckworth Road
  • Parkhouse Road
  • Coleridge Road
  • Holland Road
  • Larch Road
  • Larch Road
  • Wardrew Road
  • Cowick Lane

What to Know about Parking Free in Exeter City

Exeter is a large and friendly city unlike other cities with the road in the centre having restricted parking. The roads we have found for you to park on for free are mainly residential, and so there are a few things to note, before leaving your vehicles here.

  • Park Close to the kerb
  • Do not block driveways
  • Do not block doorways or entrances
  • Be polite to the residence
  • Check for any parking signs before leaving your vehicle.
nearby free parking in Exeter

Free Parking Near Exeter Hospital

The Royal, Devon & Exeter Hospital (RD&E) is a private hospital located on Wonford Road and Heavitree, Exeter. It offers clinical services and also serves as a teaching hospital offering undergraduate programs for several clinical professions. Exeter Hospital is a high-quality research and development centre in the South West peninsula and the lead partner for Exeter University, College of Medicine and Health.

If you are looking for free parking near Exeter Hospital, you can find one at the Wonford facility, which offers 20 minutes of free parking. The Waitrose garage parking is another option with over 227 spots and is free for 2 hours.

Be directly navigated to the Best free parking spots in Exeter near the hospital with no time restrictions, by downloading our bespoke google map. Click Here

Free Parking Near Exeter Quay

Exeter Quay has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city. There are many fun spots to visit and restaurants, bars, and coffee shops for those who prefer eating out. Most parking spaces are not free because Exeter City Council manages them, but there are a few free options available. The available options for free parking near Exeter Quay include:

  • Matford Park & Ride- With 451 spots, it is restricted to customers only and is free for 2 hours.
  • Sowton Park & Ride- With 620 spots, it is restricted to customers only and free for 2 hours.
  • Honiton Park & Ride- Has over 650 spots, available to the public, and is free for 2 hours.

Free Parking Near Exeter University

It’s hard to find a parking slot around Exeter University. There is also no parking on campus since most of the space is used by staff members. If you are looking for free parking near Exeter University, you have to seek a visitor’s permit given by the university.

For Streatham Campus, use:

  • Car Park A with 15 marked bays
  • Car Park C

For St Lukes Campus, use:

●   Magdalen Road Car Park- for official visitors with a visitor hanging permit from the University.

Free Parking in Exeter after 6 pm

Exeter City Council is offering free parking in Exeter after 6 pm every Thursday throughout the year.

This free parking is available on Thursdays only, in the following car parks:

  • Mary Arches Street- Closes at midnight
  • Guildhall
  • John Lewis
  • Zone 1&2 car parks also offer free parking in Exeter after 6 pm, but beware, some of them are locked after 8 pm. A few are residential.

Cheap Parking Options in Exeter

There are several cheap parking options in Exeter. The cheapest car parks in the city average a daily rate of £3.90. Okehampton Street Car park is one of the most affordable options in Exeter, going for £3.50 a day. Meters away close to the Royal Oak Pub near River Exe is a pay and display parking zone usually open from 8 am to 6 pm every day. It has 81 spaces.

The rates are very reasonable, going for £1 for up to an hour, which rises to £2.50 for 3 to 4 hours. It is listed as a Zone 3 car park by the City Council because it is not in the city centre. But if you can do a 15-minute walk (at most) up Fore Street past the Exe Bridges, then it’s worth it.

The Flowerpot Lane car park is close by and takes you a few minutes to walk, but it is the same fee. Make sure you carry some change, though, and neither takes a bank card.

Another affordable option is the Haven Banks car park. You have to drive on Micheal Browning Way near Exeter Quay beyond Haven Banks (One) to find this hidden gem. There is an 84-bay pay and display at the end of the road that costs £3.50 per day.

Finishing up our list of the most affordable car parks in Exeter is Isca Place. This car park is hidden behind the Exeter Central train station and is managed by Total Car Parks. It costs £5.50 for the day.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Exeter

There are quick, easy places on the street to park your bike in Exeter. There is a free motorcycle park just outside Mary Arches Street car park. It’s tucked in the corner of Synagogue Place and Mary Arches Street. If you prefer a more secure space, you can use the car park under the council buildings. It is more secure with cameras all over. The Pricnesshay 2 car park managed by Exeter County Council has allocated motorcycle parking on deck F. No charges apply if your bike is parked in the given parking area.

Residents Parking in Exeter

This type of parking is widely used in areas where there is more demand than spaces. You have to purchase a residential parking permit, which is usually limited, and not every property qualifies. This type of permit does not guarantee you a parking space but plays a role in managing parking for residents living in the area.

You have to provide proof of residence and other essential details like your vehicle’s insurance. Getting a permit for resident parking in Exeter will cost you £30 a year. A visitor permit, on the other hand, costs £30 for a 30-page book. Each property is permitted to have two per year. The pass is non-refundable after purchase. You can only get a refund if you return the permit book unused.

Be directly navigated to the Best Free Parking Spots in Exeter by downloading our bespoke Google map. Click Here

Free Disabled Parking in Exeter

Disabled drivers with a valid blue badge can enjoy free parking in all city council car parks apart from Mary Arches Street and Guildhall car parks. Princesshay 2 car park has 109 public bays and 325 public bays during the weekend. Most car parks have wide parking bays for disabled motorists.

Motorhome Parking in Exeter

Motorhome parking is available in Exeter on Marsh Barton Quayside. Not far from the city centre, there are also large spaces outside Marsh Barton park and ride. The Triangle car park off Heavitree road is another option to park your motorhome.

Coach Parking in Exeter

Coach parking in Exeter is available at Haven Banks Coach Park, along Michael Browning Way. Exeter Bus and Coach station are closed to coaches at the moment to give room for renovation works. Some buses can operate from Sidwell Street. Visiting coaches can drop off or pick up at South Street and park at the Haven Banks Coach Park.

Park and Ride Sites in Exeter

Stage Coach South West operates the park and ride services to the city centre.


●   RED- From Honiton Rd to the City Centre, EX2 7NL

●   GREEN- From Matford to Exeter Business District, EX2 8FD

●   GREEN- From Sowton to Exeter Business District, EX2 5GL

From Monday to Saturday evenings, you can return to Sowton Park and Honiton Road sites using regular bus services after the park-and-ride service has lapsed. This is on the service 4 bus at Honiton road, leaving the Bus station up to 11:10 pm and 11:35 pm on bus service 9 at Sowton.

The venues remain accessible to create room for these journeys and are shut by midnight. Nightlong parking is prohibited.

During public holidays and on Sundays, Sowton and Matford Park and Ride sites are usually closed. Honiton Road is always open, which ensures RED park and ride services are still operational. The site is then closed after the service 4 journey arrives, leaving the city centre at 6:10 pm.

●   National Bus Pass- Valid from 9:30 am on weekdays and all day on weekends.

●   Hospital Park and Ride- The Exeter Hospital operates a park and ride service from Sowton to Wonford.

●   County Hall Park and Ride- It serves Sowrton Park and provides a ride to the county hall.

●   Exeter Park and Cycle- Work the same as park and ride but strictly for bicycles. It is free, and you don’t have to apply for a permit.

About Exeter

Exeter is an ancient city in devon county with a lot to offer for both residents and tourists. The city is famous for the University of Exeter and a few historical sites. Some of the fascinating history to be explored in the city include a historic quay and canal and the Norman Cathedral. The city’s cathedral has outstanding architecture and is one of the most visited places.

If you plan to settle or buy property in the city, then the city has a lot of potential because of the variety of properties available, quality schools, and good transport network. If you are visiting the city, there are several restaurants and relaxing spots.

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