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Free Parking in Garden Grove, CA


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If you’ve ever been to Koreatown or are going there, you most likely have been through Garden Grove. Since many people love Koreatown, it’s not unusual for people to park in Garden Grove and then walk over, which can make finding free parking a challenge. This post will go over all of the different parking options, especially free and cheap parking options in Garden Grove. Read on to become the parking expert for when you visit Garden Grove, CA!

What to know about Free Parking in Garden Grove, CA

When parking for free in Garden Grove, California, United States, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful of residents’ spaces – you’re using a part of their environment
  • Please don’t park in front of someone’s driveway or block their car
  • Don’t park in front of entrances and doorways
  • Park close to the curb whenever you can
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your vehicle before leaving it – safety matters
  • Check parking signs before leaving your vehicle alone

Where to Park for Free in Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove, CA, is known for its Strawberry Festival and Shakespeare Festival. Due to these special events and other great entertainment options. 

When parking for free in Garden Grove, CA, consider that many free parking spaces have limits in terms of how long you can park for free. You have different options to consider. Either you plan your visit to only last the allotted time, or you can simply re-park it to another free parking spot. A third option would be to simply park at a parking garage, which often offers more extended periods for parking. 

Most street parking that is free lasts for 2-3 hours. Though Garden Grove, CA also has many 72-hour free parking options available. 

Walking distances measured are from the Garden Grove City Hall, which lies in Garden Grove’s middle and makes a good place as a reference. 

Is there free parking in Garden Grove, CA? Yes, you can find free parking in Garden Grove, CA, on the following streets:

  • 13251 Deanann Pl.
  • 10211 Imperial Ave.
  • 13222 Flower St.
  • 9751 Crosby Ave.
  • 13272 Fletcher St.
  • 13061 Galway St.
  • 12946 Brookhurst Way
  • 10202 Emerson Ave.
  • 13291 Verde St.
  • 9732 Dakota Ave.
Street Name/AddressWalking distance from Garden Grove City Hall in min.
13251 Deanann Pl.26 min.
10211 Imperial Ave28 min.
13222 Flower St.30 min.
9751 Crosby Ave.36 min.
13272 Fletcher St.34 min.
13061 Galway St.38 min.
12946 Brookhurst Way28 min.
10202 Emerson Ave.23 min.
13291 Verde St.37 min.
9732 Dakota Ave.41 min.

Where to find Cheap Lot Parking in Garden Grove, CA

So, unfortunately, there aren’t limitless amounts of free parking spaces, and therefore it’s always good to have a plan B. Plan B is, in this case, cheap lot parking or garage parking. Garage parking has the benefit that it’s often safer and more convenient in the sense that you can leave your car there for more extended periods. 

There are two types of lot parking – self-parking and valet parking. Some people have preferences. Valet parking means someone else does the parking for you, and valet parking is occasionally done to ensure that the cars are parked correctly and that the maximum amount of space is used in the parking lot. 

Unfortunately, many of the parking lots mentioned below are for customers only. Now how can you use this to your advantage? Easy! Simply purchase a water bottle or something small that you would use anyway, and voila! You’re a customer and have every right to use the parking spot. You can then walk to wherever you want to go. 

Others may require visitors only to get access. If you’ve never been to the place, this is a great time to explore Garden Grove, CA! Simply step in for 5-10 minutes and look around. This also counts as being a visitor. 

Should your location be further away from the parking lot than 30 minutes, getting an Uber, Lyft, or cab from the parking spot to your final destination may be wise. It will likely still be cheaper than having to park it at an expensive lot.

Is there cheap lot parking in Garden Grove, CA? Yes, there’s cheap lot parking in Garden Grove, CA at the following locations:

  • Garden Grove Shopping Plaza
  • SteelCraft Garden Grove
  • Garden Grove City Hall Visitor Lot
  • H Mart Garden Grove
  • Plaza on the Boulevard
  • Harbor Town and Country Shopping Center
Free Parking at Deanann Place CA, near to Garden Grove City Hall CA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance in min to Garden Grove City HallPrice per 2 hoursAvailable to visitors and/or customers
Garden Grove Shopping Plaza43 min.FreeFor customers
SteelCraft Garden Grove3 min.FreeFor customers
Garden Grove City Hall Visitor Lot1 min.FreeFor visitors
H Mart Garden Grove54 min.FreeFor customers
Plaza on the Boulevard60+ min.FreeFor customers
Harbor Town and Country Shopping Center60+ min.FreeFor customers

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in helping you feel empowered and confident for your next trip to Garden Grove, CA! 

Related Questions

  • What is the Garden Grove parking enforcement phone number? The Garden Grove parking enforcement phone number is (714) 741-5704
  • Where can I find more information on the city of Garden Grove, CA? You can find more information on Garden Grove at the city’s website at

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