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Are you tired of driving around Maidstone, searching for an elusive parking spot that won’t cost you a fortune? Look no further! We’ve gathered all the insider tips and tricks to help you find free parking in Maidstone.

Say goodbye to the stress and expense of parking fees and hello to hassle-free commuting. From hidden spots to parking hacks, we’ve got everything you need to know to park like a pro. So, let’s dive in and discover the best free parking options in Maidstone together.

Free Parking in Maidstone, UK – 2023

So, Where is there Free Parking in Maidstone? Here are roads in Maidstone with free parking:

  • Roseholme
  • Sterling Avenue
  • Kenwood Road
  • Granville Road
  • Lenfield Avenue
  • Foster Street
  • Franklin Drive
  • Oxford Road
  • Southwood
  • Gelwood Close

Read on, so we can now show you the best free parking nearest to the location in Maidstone that you are going to.

If you want a map of the Best Free Parking in Maidstone, CLICK HERE to download

What to Know about Parking for Free in Maidstone, UK

Most of the suggestions I have made for parking free in Maidstone are on residential public roads. Where the road taxpayer does have just as much right to park on these roads as a resident, please be polite to the locals, and here are a few simple tips to keep in mind so as to park legally and safely:

  • Park near the kerb
  • Do not block entrances or driveways
  • Check the signage before leaving your car
  • Make sure you feel safe to leave your vehicle, if not, move!
  • Make sure your vehicle is locked before leaving it

Free Parking near Maidstone Crown Court & the Town Centre

Maidstone town centre is made up of a pretty solid 1-mile square of roads with parking restrictions. It is within this square mile that Maidstone Crown Court and Maidstone West, East, and Maidstone Barracks railway stations are all located.

So there isn’t, I’m sorry to say any free parking 2 minutes away from any of these locations, BUT! There is free parking to be found if you are happy to walk for 15 minutes or more to save a buck or two.

See below a list of 10 great roads with free parking that are the nearest to Maidstone Crown Court and Town Centre.

Free Parking near
Maidstone Crown Court
& Town Centre
Approx walk
to the
Coombe Road15 Mins
Quarry Road16 mins
Morton Way16 mins
Church Road15 mins
Beaconsfield Road14 mins
Higham Close17 mins
Roseholme19 mins
Whitmore Street18 mins
Sterling Avenue26 mins
Lenfield Avenue21 mins

Nearby Free Parking for Maidstone Train East & West Railway Stations

The same roads around the town centre (above) are also nearest Maidstone East Railway Station and Maidstone West Train Station.

Maidstone West is the town’s main train station of the three (Maidstone Barracks being the third and least popular)

See below where I have measured the approximate walking time from each nearby road with free parking to both West & East train station.

Free Best Parking
Near Maidstone
Train Stations
Approx walk
to Maidstone
West Station
Approx walk
to the
East Station
Coombe Road18 Mins24 Mins
Quarry Road19 Mins25 mins
Morton Way19 Mins25 mins
Church Road17 Mins27 mins
Beaconsfield Road16 Mins27 mins
Higham Close17 Mins30 mins
Roseholme20 Mins31 mins
Whitmore Street17 Mins29 mins
Sterling Avenue25 Mins26 mins
Lenfield Avenue23 Mins18 mins

If you want a map of the Best Free Parking in Maidstone, CLICK HERE to download

Free Parking near Maidstone Hospital, Kent

Now, this is more like it. located just over a mile west of the town centre, where there are lots of great opportunities for

Free Parking near Maidstone Hospital, Kent

Free Parking near
Approx walk
to the
Fullingpits Avenue3 mins
Covert Way4 Mins
Parsley Way6 mins
Marigold Way7 mins
Tarragon Road7 mins
Springwood Road9 mins
Fennel Close10 mins
Greenway11 mins
West Walk12 mins
Cherry Orchard Way13 mins

Free Parking near Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent

Free Parking near Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent

Now, this is more like the results we like to find for you. Here are ten great roads, all with free parking and all under a 10-minute walk to Mote Park. Do be sure to check the map below and park on the correct side of the park. Or walking from one side to the other can add an extra 30 minutes to your walk.

Here are ten roads near Mote Park, Maidstone, where you can park for free

  • Grovewood Drive South
  • Franklin Drive
  • Weavering Street
  • Bramley Crescent
  • Lambourne Road
  • Willington Street
  • Durham Close
  • Oxford Road
  • York Road
  • West Park Road
Free Parking near
Mote Park
Approx walk
Mote Park
Grovewood Drive South4 mins
Franklin Drive6 Mins
Weavering Street9 mins
Bramley Crescent6 mins
Lambourne Road4 mins
Willington Street4 mins
Durham Close5 mins
Oxford Road6 mins
York Road3 mins
West Park Road5 mins

There are 3 Pay Car Parks within Mote Park that are reasonably priced also.

Car Parking In Mote Park, Maidstone
Open: Mon to Sun 8 am to midnight
Mote Park Car Park
North West Corner
ME15 7SU
up to 6 hours
Max Stay
Mote Park Burning Ground Car Park
Willington Street
ME15 8JW
North East side
up to 6 hours
Max Stay
Mote Park Burning
School Lane
ME15 8DX
South East side
up to 6 hours
Max Stay

Free Disabled Parking in Maidstone

Before we start looking for free disabled parking bays in Maidstone, do know that with your blue badge, you can park in any of the

This is where Blue Badge Holders can Find Free Disabled Parking in Maidstone.

  • All parking bays in Maidstone are free for up to 3 hours
  • All long-stay car parks are free for an unlimited time
  • Blue badge holders can also park on single and double yellow lines for up to 3 hours
  • Free Disabled Bays in all three Mote Park Car Parks

Free Motorcycle Parking in Maidstone

There are few on-street solo motorcycle bays in Maidstone town centre, as there are few parking bays. But there are some Car Parks.

This is where there are free motorcycle bays in Maidstone town centre

  • Union Street West Car Park
  • Union Street East Car Park
  • Brunswick Street Car Park
  • Lockmeadow Car Park
  • Well Road Car Park

Cheapest Car Parking in Maidstone

Because we love you, we have also found and listed below the cheapest 4, 8 & 24-hour Car Parking in Maidstone and used google maps to estimate the walking distance from Maidstone High Street.

Maidstone East – Just an 8-minutes walk from the High Street
Cheapest 4 hour
Car Parks in
Maidstone Town Centre
PriceApprox Walking
Distance to

Hight St
Jeffrey Street£3.3011 Mins
The Mall Maidstone – Chequers£3.508 Mins
Lockmeadow£3.508 Mins
Mill Street£4.003 Mins
Romney Place£4.007 Mins
College Road£4.0010 Mins
Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre£4.302 Mins
Brooks Place£4.407 Mins
Union Street West£4.409 Mins
Union Street East£4.4010 Mins
Cheapest 8 hour
Car Parks in
Maidstone Town Centre
PriceApprox Walking
Distance to

Hight St
The Mall Maidstone – Chequers£6.00Mins
Sandling Road£6.00Mins
Maidstone East Station£6.108 Mins
Maidstone West Station£6.20Mins
Jeffrey Street£6.6011 Mins
Barker Road£7.00Mins
Lockmeadow£7.008 Mins
College Road£7.0010 Mins
Brooks Place£7.007 Mins
Union Street West£7.009 Mins
Union Street East£7.0010 Mins

Download our map of the Best Free Parking in Maidstone, by CLICKING HERE

Cheapest 24 hour
Car Parks in
Maidstone Town Centre
PriceApprox Walking
Distance to

Hight St
College Road£7.0010 Mins
Lockmeadow£8.008 Mins
Romney Place£8.007 Mins
The Mall Maidstone – Chequers£9.008 Mins
Brooks Place£10.007 Mins
Barker Road£10.10Mins
Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre£10.502 Mins
Maidstone East Station
Station Road
£129 Mins
Maidstone East Station
Week Street
£128 Mins
Maidstone West Station£147 Mins
Union Street West£149 Mins
Union Street East£1410 Mins

Electric Car Charging Points in Maidstone – Where to Go

There are many Electric Car Charging Points in Maidstone for your electric vehicle, with more points to follow. The Maidstone Borough Council is well on there a way to achieving the Carbon neutral future they have scheduled for the town.

Where are there electric car charging points in Maidstone? See the list below of Electric charging points all over Maidstone.

  • Maidstone Borough Council
  • The Mall Maidstone
  • Barker Road Car Park
  • Mote Road Car Park
  • Medway Street Car Park
  • King Street
  • Wheeler Street Car Park
  • Union Street Car Park
  • Sessions House
  • Sessions House Car Club
  • Invicta House
  • Miller & Carter Maidstone
  • Tesco Superstore Maidstone Tovil
  • Eclipse Park Supercharger
  • M&S Maidstone
  • Maidstone Hospital Rear Staff Car Park
  • Morrisons Maidstone
  • South East Water
  • Poppy Fields Pub & Restaurant
  • Aylesford Highway Depot

Maidstone is a great town in the county of Kent with lots of things to keep you entertained. But, if you do fancy a day trip away to a nearby place, may we suggest Ashford, Canterbury, Hastings, Dover or Margate as we have also visited and found the best free parking in these spots.

I hope this article sees you parked safely and for free near your destination. That only leaves me to wish you a safe journey and to think of Road Trip heroes in the future when you are visiting a new town or city.

Keep Safe

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