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If there’s something New York is known for, Manhattan included is that it isn’t car-friendly and that finding parking is nearly impossible. Manhattan is also notoriously expensive so when you combine those two stereotypes together, you get expensive limited parking – and that doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Thankfully, this article goes into detail about where you can find parking, and especially where you can find cheap parking!

Best Free Parking in Manhattan, NY

Finding free parking in Manhattan, NY is like finding a needle in a goldmine. If you are lucky enough to find a great parking spot for free located in Manhattan, NY then be excited! It’s not the norm! Free parking typically comes with a time restriction, and Manhattan is the same. How long you can park for free differs depending on where exactly you park. It can be 7 hours or 10 hours or even a few days.

For the sake of simplicity, each address is measured in walking distance from a central location. In this case that would be Central Park, NY.

Is there free parking in Manhattan, NY? You can park for free in Manhattan, NY at the following locations:

  • 28 E 102nd St.
  • 14 103rd St.
  • 1326 Park Ave.
  • 1599 Lexington Ave.
  • 1542 Madison Ave.
  • 1796 3rd Ave.
  • 162 E. 97th St.
  • 209 E. 102nd St.
  • 214 E. 85th St.
  • 181 East End Ave.
Free Parking on 28 E 102nd St, New York, NY 10029, USA
Free Parking on 28 E 102nd St, NYC, NY 10029, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance from
Central Park in mins.
28 E. 102nd St.5 min.
14 103rd St.2 min.
1326 Park Ave.8 min.
1599 Lexington Ave.11 min.
1542 Madison Ave.4 min.
1796 3rd Ave.13 min.
162 E. 97th St.9 min.
209 E. 102nd St.11 min.
214 E. 85th St.16 min.
181 East End Ave.24 min.

What you need to Know about Parking in Manhattan, NY

When you park for free in Manhattan, NY you’ll want to keep a few things in mind since a good amount of free and cheap parking is in residential areas:

  • Always respect residents and their space – they deserve it especially since your car is parked in their space
  • Don’t park in front of someone’s driveway – it’s against parking etiquette
  • Don’t park in front of entrances and/or doorways
  • Park close to the curb
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your car before leaving it – peace of mind is priceless
  • Look for parking signs before leaving your vehicle (some will explain the details of parking)

Cheap Street Parking in Manhattan, NY

Free parking can still be difficult to find, so it’s always good to have a backup plan. Cheap street parking is a great option to have available when you can’t find a free parking spot. Street parking is there in Manhattan, NY in form of metered parking, and prices are quite inexpensive. Almost anybody can afford the metered parking prices.

The benefit of street parking is that it’s often conveniently closely located to where you want to go. Therefore you often don’t have to do too much walking – which is a miracle in and of itself for New York City, NY!

Is there cheap parking in Manhattan, NY? You can find cheap street parking at the following street addresses:

  • 1062 Madison Ave.
  • 1174 Lexington Ave.
  • 1382 3rd Ave.
  • 1506 2nd Ave.
  • 1445 1st Ave.
  • 1435 York Ave.
  • 145 E. 76th St.
  • 130 E. 75th St.
  • 40 E. 78th St.
  • 18 E. 77th St.
Free Parking on 239 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance from
Central Park in mins.
1062 Madison Ave.4 min.
1174 Lexington Ave.9 min.
1382 3rd Ave.10 min.
1506 2nd Ave.14 min.
1445 1st Ave.17 min.
1435 York Ave.20 min.
145 E. 76th St.8 min.
130 E. 75th St.8 min.
40 E. 78th St.5 min.
18 E. 77th St.3 min.

Cheap Lot Parking in Manhattan, NY

And if all else fails, there’s cheap lot parking to choose from. Keep in mind though that parking prices generally are more expensive in Manhattan than elsewhere. That being said, we will showcase the cheapest and most affordable options here.

A real plus with garage parking is the added benefit of security. Your car is less likely to be stolen when it’s parked in a parking garage or lot than if parked on the street. Additionally, your car won’t get caught up in a hail storm or a tornado when parked underground. Plus, you can often park for longer periods of time in a lot than if you were parking on the street.

Note: Most lot parking in Manhattan is valet parking.

Is there cheap lot parking in Manhattan, NY? You can find cheap lot parking in Manhattan, NY at the following addresses:

  • 10 E. 102nd St.
  • 70 W. 95th St.
  • 14 E. 103rd St.
  • 808 Columbus Ave.
  • 116 E. 98th St.
  • 100 W. 93rd St.
Free Parking on 116 E 98th St, New York, NY 10029, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance from
Central Park in mins.
Price per 2 hrs.
10 E. 102nd St.5 min.$18
70 W. 95th St.5 min.$20.50
14 E. 103rd St.2 min.$18
808 Columbus Ave.6 min.$19
116 E. 98th St.8 min.$17
100 W. 93rd St.6 min.$20

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you! Being prepared is most of the battle, and you will see victory once you decide to move on.

Related Questions:

Is parking in Manhattan easy? Well, parking in NYC, in general, is not easy, Manhattan.

Is street parking free after 7 pm in Manhattan, NY? A little-known fact is that metered parking turns into free parking on Sunday and/or after 7 pm in Manhattan, NY.

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