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Free Parking in Miami

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Miami, Florida, is one of the top most visited cities and areas in the entire state. It’s one of the most popular places to visit, especially during the Spring Break season. With its multiple beaches, deep sports history, and amazing shopping districts, Miami is filled with attractions that need a lot of parking space!

This article will help you find the best free and cheap parking locations throughout Miami, FL!

Nearby Free Parking in Miami, FL

While Miami, FL is a large city, there is not an overabundance of free parking. However, here are some available free parking locations.

  • 156 NW 10th St
  • 1000 NW 1st Ave
  • 800 NE 2nd Ave
  • 801-899 NE 2nd Ave
  • 1022 NW 1st Ave
  • 200 NE 9th St
  • 155 NW 10th St
  • 100 NW 11th St
Free Parking in Miami, FL, in 2022Walking Distance to Wynwood Walls
156 NW 10th St26 mins.
1000 NW 1st Ave27 mins.
800 NE 2nd Ave37 mins.
801-899 NE 2nd Ave37 mins.
1022 NW 1st Ave26 mins.
200 NE 9th St35 mins.
155 NW 10th St26 mins.
100 NW 11th St26 mins.

Cheap Parking in Miami

Is there cheap parking in Miami, FL? Yes, there are plenty of parking meters for on-street parking across the entire city. Most of the metered parking cost $3 per 2 hours.

The rest of cheap paid parking in Miami is reserve-only. Here are a few cheap parking locations:

  • 114 SE 4th St, $5 for 2 hours
  • 99 SW 2nd St, $5 for 2 hours
  • 100 SE 2nd St, $10 for 2 hours
  • 35 SW 1st St, $10 for 2 hours
  • 56 W Flagler St, $10 for 2 hours
  • 90 SW 1st St, $10 for 2 hours
  • 190 NE 3rd St, $10 for 2 hours
Cheap Parking in Miami, FLWalking Distance to Bayfront Park
114 SE 4th St15 mins.
99 SW 2nd St17 mins.
100 SE 2nd St12 mins.
35 SW 1st St14 mins
56 W Flagler St16 mins.
90 SW 1st St15 mins.
190 NE 3rd St9 mins.

Free Parking in Downtown Miami

Free Parking in Downtown Miami, Florida
Free Parking in Downtown Miami, Florida

Is there free parking in downtown Miami, FL? Yes, there are a few free parking options available within walking distance of downtown Miami.

  • 1250 NW 7th St
  • 1016 NW 3rd Ave
  • 262 NW 10th St
  • 745 NW 2nd Ave
Free Parking in Downtown MiamiWalking Distance to Gibson Park
1250 NW 7th St30 mins.
1016 NW 3rd Ave5 mins.
262 NW 10th St6 mins.
745 NW 2nd Ave11 mins.

Cheap Parking in Downtown Miami

Is there cheap parking in downtown Miami, FL? Yes, there are multiple cheap parking options, most of which are on-street parking options.

  • 302 NW 3rd St, $5 for 2 hours
  • 300 NW 2nd St, $5 for 2 hours
  • 264 W Flagler St, $5 for 2 hours
  • 161 NW 6th St, $8 for 2 hours
  • 1402 NW 7th St, $1 per 2 hours
Cheap Parking in Downtown MiamiWalking Distance to Bay Front Park
302 NW 3rd St20 mins.
300 NW 2nd St22 mins.
264 W Flagler St26 mins.
161 NW 6th St21 mins.
1402 NW 7th St52 mins.

Parking Options Near Miami Airport

Parking near any airport can be a true hassle, especially when fighting for the only free parking options available. However, free and cheap parking options are available near the Miami Airport!

Free Parking Near Miami Airport

Is there free parking near the Miami airport? Yes, but you would have to stay at one hotel near the airport.

The only free parking available near the Miami Airport is parking lots of nearby hotels, which you can find here.

  • Holiday Inn Express Miami Airport
  • Fairfield Inn by Marriott Doral Miami Airport
  • Hilton Miami Airport
  • Clarion Inn and Suites Miami Airport
Free Parking Near Miami AirportDriving Distance from Miami Airport
Holiday Inn Express Miami Airport18 mins.
Fairfield Inn by Marriott Doral Miami Airport18 mins.
Hilton Miami Airport9 mins.
Clarion Inn and Suites Miami Airport6 mins.

Cheap Parking at Miami Airport, Florida

Cheap Parking at Miami Airport, Florida
Cheap Parking at Miami Airport, Florida

Is there cheap parking at the Miami Airport? Yes, you can pay for cheap parking at the Miami Airport or for spots near the airport.

Garage parking at the Miami Airport costs $2 per 20-minute increment or $17 per day. However, there are other parking options near the airport.

  • Park to Travel, starting at $5.95
  • Sheraton Miami Airport Parking, starting at $8
  • Deal Airport Parking, starting at $5.90
  • Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon, starting at $8.95
  • Sonesta Miami Airport, starting at $9
Cheap Parking at Miami AirportWalking Distance to Miami Airport
Park to Travel33 mins.
Sheraton Miami Airport Parking26 mins.
Deal Airport Parking38 mins.
Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon1 hr, 21 mins.
Sonesta Miami Airport46 mins.

How Do You Pay for Street Parking in Miami?

Is there parking on the streets in Miami, FL? Yes, but these parking spaces often cost money due to parking meters.

On-street parking is rented daily, vis the parking meters are often paid for via electronic devices, such as your phone. The exact cost of these meters varies depending on how you use them.

Free Motorcycle Parking at Miami Airport

Is there free motorcycle parking at the Miami Airport? No, there is no free parking specifically for motorcycles at or near the Miami Airport.

Miami Airport Long-term Parking

Does the Miami Airport offer long-term parking? -term parking? Yes, there is long-term parking available at the Miami Airport. However, the maximum stay per vehicle is 45 days.

Depending on the airline you are flying with, you will have to park in a designated garage, either the Dolphin Garage or the Flamingo Garage.

Free Overnight Parking in Miami

Is there free overnight parking in Miami, FL? No, there is no free overnight parking available in Miami, FL.

However, parking garages allow you to pay for overnight parking.

Free Parking Near Miami Dolphins Stadium

Is there free parking near the Miami Dolphins Stadium? Yes, but the parking locations are not close to the stadium.

Here are the free parking locations near the stadium:

  • 6827 Miramar Parkway, customers only
  • 17161 NW 27th Avenue
  • 4500 NW 183rd Street
Free Parking Near Miami Dolphins StadiumWalking Distance to Dolphins Stadium
6827 Miramar Parkway1 hr and 43 mins.
17161 NW 27th Avenue1 hr and 13 mins.
4500 NW 183rd Street1 hr and 20 mins.

Cheap Parking Near Hard Rock Stadium

Is there cheap parking near the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL? Yes, there are a few cheap parking spots near the Hard Rock Stadium. However, most of these locations are not easily within walking distance.

  • Westland Mall City Parking, $2-$10 per day
  • Miami Lakes Main Street City Parking, $2-$10 per day
  • Aventura Marina City Parking, $2-$6 per day
  • Eden House City Parking, $2-$1 per day
  • Galloway Business Center City Parking, $2-$10 per day
  • 1111 Parrot Jungle Parking, $2-$10 per day
Cheap Parking Near Hard Rock StadiumDriving Distance to Hard Rock Stadium
Westland Mall City Parking21 mins.
Miami Lakes Main Street City Parking22 mins.
Aventura Marina City Parking32 mins.
Eden House City Parking37 mins.
Galloway Business Center City Parking35 mins.
1111 Parrot Jungle Parking38 mins.

Is Handicap Parking Free in Miami?

The cost of handicap parking depends on where you park. Handicap parking in Miami is free at on-street parking meters.

While not all hotels make guests pay for parking, not all hotels have free parking, including handicap parking spots. Contact the hotel you are staying at ahead of time to see what they’re parking policies are.

However, you should receive free parking if you have a Florida Toll Exemption Permit, or your vehicle has special equipment for mobility needs, such as foot or hand controls and lifts or ramps.

Free Parking Near Miami University

Depending on the time and day, there are a few free parking spaces near Miami University. These locations are designated for visitors only, however, and its important to be mindful of the many students that will need parking access as well!

So, is there free parking available near Miami University? Yes, there are a few spots with free parking.

  • 1300 Memorial Dr
  • 5100 Brunson Drive
  • 1115 Levante Avenue
  • Stanford Dr
  • 5000 University Dr
  • 1241 Theo Dickinson Dr
Locations with Free Parking Near Miami UniversityWalking Distance to Miami University
1300 Memorial Dr3 mins.
5100 Brunson Drive11 mins.
1115 Levante Avenue11 mins.
Stanford Dr11 mins.
5000 University Dr14 mins.
1241 Theo Dickinson Dr14 mins.

Miami University Parking Pass

The University of Miami does offer parking passes. However, they are reserved and designated for faculty, staff, students and visitors only. Contractors and vendors are also permitted to park on university grounds.

If you fit into any of these roles, here’s what you need to know about parking passes. For students, there are several different parking permits you can choose from, including remote lot, commuter lot, surface lot, and unlimited garage access. Each vary in cost and length of validity and access.

For faculty and staff, the above-mentioned information also applies. There are three different permits available to staff, including the Red, Blue, and White parking permits. The White remote lot permit and the Red surface lot permit are both free to you.

Parking for representatives of departments costs $5 for the parking garage and $2 per day for e-parking permits.

Contract workers do not need to pay for parking, but there are temporary parking passes that cost $10 per week or $3 per month. Vendors may need to purchase an annual pass for $125.

For visitors, parking passes are required for all University surface lots and from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday on certain streets. You do not need a permit for any parking meter, after 6 pm on certain streets, in the Campus Avenue and North Campus garages, and between 12pm Friday to 10 pm Sunday for home football games.

Free Parking Near Port of Miami

Is there free parking near the Port of Miami? No, there is no free parking close to the Port of Miami, unless you are staying at a hotel nearby.

Hotels Near Miami Cruise Port with Free Parking

Are there hotels near the Port of Miami with free parking? No, there are no hotels near the Port of Miami with free parking.

Hotels often include parking with their booking fees, and there are hotels within two hours of the Port of Miami, but none are within walking distance to the port itself.

How Much is Cruise Parking at the Port of Miami?

Cruise Parking at the Port of Miami

Because of the frequency of vacation cruise lines that enter and leave the Port of Miami, the city does offer pair parking near the port!

Paid parking provided by the city is $10 per day, with a minimum of 3 days required. This paid parking is located indoors at the College Station garage. You can even reserve a cab service for easy traveling to and from your cruise line boarding destination!

However, remember that you need to reserve this parking ahead of time online.

Is Handicap Parking Free at the Port of Miami?

Paid parking is only full exempt for persons with specialized vehicles and vehicles with a State of Florida license plate for disabled veterans.

All guests in need of parking need to have a disabled parking permit or license tag, but you will need to still pay for parking. But you will also receive two hours of parking for free as long as the vehicle is showing the disabled parking permit or tag.

If you are driving in from another state, I recommend you make more of a road trip and visit some of Florida’s other great cities. If you are driving down from Georgia, you can take the East Coast and explore some of Miami’s stunning beach cities and towns. Stopping off on route in locations like St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Florida’s very own, Hollywood.

Likewise, if you are coming from Louisiana, Alabama, or Georgia, you can also take the West Coast of Florida and stop off at Panama City Beach, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Naples.

We hope this article has helped you with your Parking related questions for Miami, Florida. have a safe drive and keep safe.

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