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Orange is a small city in Orange County, CA. Because it’s relatively small, parking options are limited, and knowing where to park for free is more important than ever. With this guide, you’ll be the expert in parking in Orange, CA, and will find a parking spot no matter what!

While the city Orange does reside in Orange County, CA, the two should never be confused for one another. Orange is a smaller city and only holds 139,111 people, who live there. Part of its unique charm is the older houses. Many cities in California don’t keep any homes that are older than the 1960s, but Orange made an exception and kept their 1920s (and earlier) houses, preserved them, and made them part of their Old Town District.

Due to the smaller size of Orange city and the that it has many tourist attractions, like Thursby House, Blue Spring State Park, Orange zoo, and Orange Wildlife sanctuary, parking can be difficult to find. That’s what this guide is here for – to help you find free and inexpensive parking!

What to Know about Free Parking in Orange, CA

When parking for free in Orange, California, United States, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful of residents’ spaces – you are leaving your vehicle with them
  • Please don’t park in front of someone’s driveway
  • Don’t park in front of entrances and doorways
  • Park close to the curb whenever possible
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your car before leaving it
  • Check parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Where to Park for Free in Orange, CA

Sine Orange, CA has quite a few reasons to visit like the wildlife preserve and university, there are quite a few people traveling to visit. Because it’s a smaller city as well, it’s important to know where the tree parking is otherwise it fills up quickly.

When parking for free in Orange, CA keep in mind that free parking often comes with a time limit. Most cities allow people to park for 2-3 hours without much interference. After that, any car can receive a fine, which of course would be avoidable if moved around after the initial few hours. For fewer limitations, consider parking in a parking garage or lot (more on that later)!

Walking distances are calculated to and from Plaza Square Park, which lies in the center of Orange.

Is there free parking in Orange, CA? You can find free parking spots near the following streets:

  • 107 N. Atchison St.
  • 115 N. Pixley St.
  • 152 N. Parker St.
  • 611 W. Palm Ave.
  • 341 N. Batavia St.
  • 344 N. Lime St.
  • 945 W. Acacia Ave.
  • 144 N. Jewell Pl.
  • 443 N. Citrus St.
  • 466 N. Crescent Dr.
Free Parking at 107 N. Atchison St. near to Plaza Square Park, Orange CA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance away from Plaza Square Park in min.
107 N. Atchison St.6 min.
115 N. Pixley St.9 min.
152 N. Parker St.12 min.
611 W. Palm Ave.14 min.
341 N. Batavia St.19 min.
344 N. Lime St.21 min.
945 W. Acacia Ave.17 min.
144 N. Jewell Pl.18 min.
443 N. Citrus St.23 min.
466 N. Crescent Dr.28 min.

Where to Find Cheap lot Parking in Orange, CA

Sometimes free parking can fill up, or simply you need a longer time period than 2-3 hours. This is where lot parking is the solution to your problems. For a smaller fee, you can park your car in either a garage or parking lot and receive added security. This is especially great in areas where crime rates may be a little higher.

When looking at lot parking, there are valet and self-parking options. Self-parking requires you to park your own car, while valet parking means you’re handing over your car keys to someone else to fill the garage in a way that makes sense. Usually, this includes you giving a tip to the person who parked your car when you pick it up.

So if you need to spend a longer time in Orange, CA, or simply want peace of mind, spending a few dollars will be well worth it. According to the chart below, there’s no need to pay exuberant amounts of money for that peace of mind either!

Is there cheap lot parking in Orange, CA? You can find cheap lot parking in the following locations:

  • 1231 W. La Veta Ave.
  • St. Joseph Hospital
  • St. Joseph Pavilion
  • SJH Cancer Center
Free Parking at SJH Cancer Center. near to Plaza Square Park, Orange CA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance from Plaza Square Park in mins.Price for 2 hrs parking unless otherwise noted
1231 W. La Veta Ave.28 min.$4
St. Joseph Hospital24 min.$6 for 4 hrs
St. Joseph Pavilion26 min.$6
SJH Cancer Center23 min.$5

Hopefully, this guide will give you the confidence you need to feel at ease when looking for parking or planning your upcoming trip to Orange, CA! Parking should never be a source of stress or add to the financial burden. As you can see, free and cheap parking options are readily available within walking distance from your specific location in Orange, CA.

Related Questions:

Where can I pay for my parking ticket in Orange, CA? Those with a standing parking ticket are able to easily pay for their ticket online via the City of Orange website.

Where can I park at Orange County Airport? The John Wayne Airport in Orange County offers its own parking, which is affordable depending on how long you intend to park your car. There are many other parking options available nearby.

Where can I park cheaply at Orange County Airport? There are plenty of cheap parking options near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. There are quite a few inexpensive parking lot garage options close to the airport, but there are also free parking options available from which you could take an Uber, Lyft, or cab.

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