Free Parking in Plymouth, UK in 2023

Free Parking in Plymouth

Plymouth is an excellent location if you like to spend a couple of days off from your hectic schedule. The city has many spots to visit and enjoy the weather, but you should know where to park your car. Due to the high floating population, you might end up spending most of your time looking for car parking, in Plymouth.

Free Parking in Plymouth, UK – 2023

When you plan to visit multiple locations in a day, you’ll have to pay more for car parking alone. Luckily, you got several free car parking roads in Plymouth, UK. Below are some parking spots you can use for free.

  • Lydford Park Road
  • Westbourne Road
  • Trelawny Road
  • West of Plymouth
  • Stuart Road
  • Valletort Road
  • Palmerston Street
  • East of Plymouth
  • South View Terrace
  • Kinross Avenue
  • Kelvin Avenue
  • Marlborough Road
  • Addison Road
  • Blenheim Road
  • Regent Street
  • Hewer’s Row
  • North street

There are many free parking roads in Plymouth that can help you save time and money on parking fees. We will help you find them without sweating. Let’s dive into the info.

If you are specifically looking for Car parks, you can consider those below when visiting Plymouth, UK.

  • Meavy Way car parkMutleyBarracks car park
  • Napier Terrace car park
  • North Hill car park
  • Pavilions car park
  • Plymouth City Market car park
  • Plymstock Broadway car park
  • Regent Street car park
  • St Andrew Street/Whimple Street car park
  • Strand Street car park
  • Theatre Royal car park
  • Western Approach car park
  • Woolworth East car park
  • Woolworth West car park

Free Disabled Parking in Plymouth, UK

On-street yellow lines allow you to park for a maximum of 3 hours per clock without any charges when you have a blue badge. Remember to display your blue badge on the dashboard to be eligible for blue badge parking, Plymouth.

Pay and display bays are better than off-street car parks if you plan to leave your car there for a long time. Pay and display bays allow you to park for an unlimited time without any fees. If you have a blue badge, make sure you use it well.

Plymouth Parks and Ride Sites

Plymouth is one of the most attractive locations for nature lovers. It has parks, woods, hoe parks, stunning rock formations, water bodies, aquariums, hiking trails, and cycling trails. People looking to spend time closer to nature will love Plymouth, UK. Below are some tourist attractions in Plymouth, UK.

  • Plymbridge Woods
  • Hot air balloon flight, south Devon
  • Plymouth Sound
  • Burgh Island
  • National Marine Aquarium
  • Royal William Yard
  • West Hoe Park
  • Saltram Gardens (National Trust)
  • Plym Valley Cycle Trail

Cycling trails and hiking trails have attractive slopes and breathtaking views. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will never want to leave Plymouth, as it has one of the most fantastic trails to slide and glide through.

Cheap Parking in Plymouth, UK

More than two dozen parking spaces and car parks are there in Plymouth, but only a select few parking cost you less. If you are keen on cutting costs on car parking, consider the below spots that charge considerably lower prices than other parking, Plymouth.

  • Colin Campbell Court.
  • Guildhall.
  • Mayflower House Court.
  • Exchange Street.
  • Courtenay Street (Blue Badge holders only)
  • Derrys Cross.
  • Elphinstone.
  • Mayflower Street East.

Experts suggest that riding a motorcycle is best during peak hours and peak seasons if you are single or a couple. That way, you won’t have to pay so much for car parking, Plymouth. Also, navigation and sailing through traffic can be a breeze when you ride a motorbike.

Overnight Parking, Plymouth

People staying overnight or travelling to nearby tourist spots may need to park their vehicles overnight. Likewise, overnight parking could be expensive in some lots. Below parking spots in Plymouth allow you to park your cars overnight for free. However, some of these parking spaces are time-restricted, so check the timings before parking your ride.

  • Elphinstone Road Car Park
  • Exchange Street Car Park
  • Courtenay Street Car Park
  • Woolworth West Car Park
  • Plymouth City Market Car Park
  • Mayflower Street West Car Park
  • Guildhall Square Car Park
  • St Andrew Street/Whimple Street Car Park
  • Colin Campbell Court Car Park
  • Western Approach Car Park

Things to know about Resident Parking and Car Parking, Plymouth, UK

If you are moving to Plymouth, UK, you should know the rules and regulations for parking your vehicle near your house. It requires a permit to park your cars near your home. And, you need to pay an annual fee of £30 for that.

  • Resident car parking permit – £30 per annum
  • Visitor car parking permit – £2 per day & £15 per annum

If you are a visitor and you have a relative in Plymouth, you need to get a visitor parking permit which will cost you £15 per annum. However, you can avail of only a limited number of these permits, so check the recent regulations before finalizing your plans.

Other Parking Options in Plymouth?

There are many car parks and parking spaces that charge you as low as £4. Parking at paid car parking, in Plymouth, comes with its advantages. Paid car parking is well-protected and has tight surveillance when compared with free parking spaces. Not to mention, all time-restricted free parking, Plymouth, also has better security. If you are driving an expensive car, it is better to spend that extra bucks on car parking for added security.

Free-spot availability may be less likely in free car parking, Plymouth during peak hours and busy seasons. Contrarily, the chances of getting a spot in paid parking spaces are higher than in free car parks. So, you spend less time searching for a parking spot when you choose to pay for parking your car.

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