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Here is the Best Free Parking in Pomona, CA


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Pomona, a city located in Los Angeles County, is home to Cal Poly Pomona University and unfortunately terribly overloaded with traffic. Since there are quite a number of students and other visitors coming into the city, it can be difficult to find parking. That’s why it will be essential to read up and do your research before making the trip – and this article will help you become the cheap and free parking expert for Pomona, CA. 

What to Know About Free Parking in Pomona, CA

When parking for free in Pomona, CA, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind (especially since some of the free parking can be in residential areas):

  • Be mindful and show respect to residents and their space – you are leaving your vehicle with them
  • Make sure you don’t park in front of someone’s driveway
  • Also, don’t park in front of entrances and/or doorways
  • Park as close as you can to the curb
  • Make sure not to double park
  • Lock your car before leaving it – safety is important!
  • Check if there are any parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Where to Park for Free in Pomona, CA

While the city itself doesn’t boast many residents, it certainly attracts quite large crowds with its impressive lineup of events and festivals. Pomona, CA has its own Fairground, which hosts classic car shows, the County Fair, and many other beloved and notorious events every year. This of course makes parking a HUGE challenge. 

That is why it’ll be helpful for you to be aware not only of free parking but cheap parking as well. Having this knowledge may prove to be useful either in the short or long run. When you park, be mindful that most parking is restricted to a time limit. Some parking allows for you to leave your car for up to 10 hours, while others may let you leave it there for up to 7 days. There’s a big difference between the two, so make sure you know which one it is! Receiving a fine or getting your car towed is not ideal under any circumstances!

Each location will be measured in reference to the middle point of the city. The reference point for distance measuring will be the Pomona Civic Center for Pomona. 

Is there free parking in Pomona, CA? You can park for free in Pomona, CA at the following locations: 

  • 248 W. 7th St.
  • 661 S. Parcels St.
  • 330 W. 8th St.
  • 855 S. Park Ave.
  • 1062 S. Main St.
  • 883 S. Rebecca St.
  • 818 W. 9th St.
  • 444 E. 8th St.
  • 689 E. 7th St.
  • 560 S. Elm St.
Free parking at 330 W. 8th St.Pomona ca near to Pomona Civic Center


Street Address/NameWalking distance from Pomona Civic Center in min.
248 W. 7th St.5 min.
661 S. Parcels St.6 min.
330 W. 8th St.4 min.
855 S. Park Ave.6 min.
1062 S. Main St.7 min.
883 S. Rebecca St.9 min.
818 W. 9th St.11 min.
444 E. 8th St.9 min.
689 E. 7th St.10 min.
560 S. Elm St.9 min.

Where to find free lot parking in Pomona, CA

Let’s say for whatever reason, you’d prefer lot parking over street parking. Maybe you like the added security lot parking has over street parking, or you simply don’t want to worry about time restrictions. Either way, you’re in safe hands. We will go over the various cheap lot parking options available to you in Pomona, CA. 

Lot parking typically refers to garages or open parking lots that have some sort of security built-in, whether that is in form of a person manning a booth at the front or an entirely different method. Typically lot parking comes in form of self-parking or valet parking. Valet parking requires you to trust another person to drive your vehicle as you are not allowed to park your own car. However, in self-parking garages, you do get to park your own car. 

Typically lot parking comes at a higher price tag, however, the city of Pomona has many parking lots that offer free parking for the first 2-3 hours. After the initial free parking, it usually costs $1-2 per hour with a max of $3 per day. 

Is there free lot parking in Pomona, CA? You can find cheap lot parking at the following locations in Pomona, CA:

  • 202 W. 1st St. 
  • 132 E. 1st St.
  • 101 S. Eleanor St.
  • 201 S. Main St.
  • 249 S. Gordon St.
  • 398 W. 3rd St.
  • 100 W. Commercial St.
  • 318 S. Gibbs St.
Free Parking at 201 S. Main St.Pomona ca near to Pomona Civic Center CA

Street Name/AddressWalking distance from Pomona Civic Center in min.
202 W. 1st St.1 min.
132 E. 1st St.12 min.
101 S. Eleanor St.19 min.
201 S. Main St.9 min.
249 S. Gordon St.9 min.
398 W. 3rd St.8 min.
100 W. Commercial St.12 min.
318 S. Gibbs St.11 min.

Hopefully, this guide has filled you with confidence and joy at the thought of finding ample free parking opportunities when visiting Pomona, CA!

Related Questions:

How can I pay for a parking ticket online in Pomona? Paying for parking tickets is easy. Simply pay for them online at 

How do I get a City of Pomona parking permit? To get a permit for the city of Pomona, it is required to contact the Public works counter either by phone at (909) 620-2281. With some permits, a charge may be required. Go to to find out

Is there parking for Cal Poly Pomona University? Yes, there is parking available at Cal Poly Pomona University. In order to park at the University, you will need a permit. A permit can be obtained online through the University website. However, there is permit-free parking available after 5 pm and on weekends at the Extended University. 

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