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Free Parking in Providence, RI


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When people visit Rhode Island, they tend to go to Providence the most populated city in the state. Because it’s such a hot tourist destination and already so populated, finding parking can be challenging. Let alone free parking! Knowing where to find cheap and inexpensive parking (or free) can be extremely beneficial before visiting the city. After reading this article, you’ll know where to find all the free and cheap parking in Providence, RI.

What to Know about Free Parking in Providence, Rhode Island

When parking for free in Providence, RI there are some guidelines to keep in mind since a large percentage of the free and cheap parking is in residential areas:

  • Be respectful of residents and their space – you are leaving your vehicle with them
  • Don’t park in front of someone’s driveway – it’s considered rude!
  • Avoid parking in front of doorways or entrances
  • Park as close as you can to the curb
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your car before leaving it – prevents car theft from happening and gives you peace of mind
  • Check if there are any parking signs before leaving your vehicle (some indicate time and parking restrictions)

Where to Park for Free in Providence, RI

Providence, RI is one of the oldest cities in the U.S and offers a ton of opportunities to enjoy the arts scene, as well as sports. Music fans and fans of athletic pursuits will enjoy this city. And because so many people live in Providence, finding inexpensive parking or even free parking can be practically impossible. Finding free parking in Providence is a total win and you’ll know where to find it at the end of the article.

Most free parking in Providence, RI allows for a maximum of 17 hours. If you need parking longer than that, make sure to find parking that has longer restrictions, or simply ask a friend (if you’re visiting) if you can park in front of their house.

In the table, each street is measured in walking distance from a central location. In this case, the central location is at Burnside Park.

Is there free parking in Providence, RI? You can park for free in Providence, RI at the following locations:

  • 11 Dorrance St.
  • 44 Washington St.
  • 35 Richmond St.
  • 79 Broad St.
  • 388 Pine St.
  • Meadow St.
  • 83 W. Clifford St.
  • 56 Somerset St.
  • 377 Friendship St.
  • 34 Hayward St.
Walking distance away from
the Burnside Park in mins.
11 Dorrance St.3 min.
44 Washington St.4 min.
35 Richmond St.10 min.
79 Broad St.14 min.
388 Pine St.22 min.
Meadow St.23 min.
83 W. Clifford St.27 min.
56 Somerset St.28 min.
377 Friendship St.25 min.
34 Hayward St.24 min.

Where to find cheao lot parking in Providence, RI

Sometimes free street parking can fill up, in which case it’s helpful to be prepared and have other options in mind. If free street parking is unavailable, then you may find cheap lot or garage parking. Some people prefer garage parking over street parking. Lot and/or garage parking offers some advantages that street parking doesn’t have, like longer parking times and more security.

There are quite a few garage parking options for inexpensive prices in Providence, RI so that you don’t break the bank on your next trip. Garage parking is considered sometimes more desirable since the car is protected from weather conditions and there are often security cameras and security personnel protecting the cars.

Most garage parking is restricted to 2 hours. If you want to park somewhere longer than 2 hours, you’ll either have to pay more or find a different location. The table also includes how many parking spaces are available in each garage so you will be able to gauge better where you’re more likely to find parking.

Should you be under time pressure, it makes the most sense to try the garages with the largest amount of parking spaces. That way you’ll be more likely to find something regardless of how busy it gets that day in Providence, RI.

Is there cheap lot parking in Providence, RI? You can find cheap lot parking in Providence, RI at the following locations:

  • 51 Washington St.
  • 100 Westminister St.
  • 122 Mathewson St.
  • 93 Weybosset St.
  • 43 Weybosset St.
  • 110 Dorrance St.
  • 5 Memorial Blvd.
  • 165 Washington St.
  • 36 Pine St.
  • 346 Westminster St.
Free Parking at 122 Mathewson St, Providence, RI 02903, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance in mins
from Burnside Park
Number of
Parking Spots
per 2hrs
51 Washington St.4 min.450$12
100 Westminster St.4 min.115N/A
122 Mathewson St.7 min.72$10
93 Weybosset St.6 min.28$14
43 Weybosset St.5 min.86$15
110 Dorrance St.7 min.40$15
5 Memorial Blvd.4 min.160N/A
165 Washington St.7 min.450N/A
36 Pine St.7 min.300N/A
346 Westminster St.9 min.70$14

Hopefully, this article helps you feel more confident for the next time that you visit Providence, RI in navigating the parking situation. Nobody should have to pay exuberant amounts of money for parking when travelling!

Related Questions:

Where can I park overnight in Providence, RI?

Overnight parking is only allowed with a permit. You can apply for an overnight parking permit in Providence RI by visiting the city’s website and filling out one of the forms. There is a fee associated with getting a permit.

How much does parking cost at the Providence airport?

Parking at the Providence RI airport varies depending on which garage you park in. Parking prices can be anywhere from $17 per day up to $32 per day.

How much is parking at the Rhode Island Convention Center?

Parking at the Rhode Island Convention Center is at the Clifford Street Garage. Parking costs a $12 flat rate there.

Is there parking at the Providence Amtrak Station?

There is parking at the Providence Amtrak Station. Both same-day parking and overnight parking are available for a fee.


In conclusion, Providence, RI offers various options for free parking, providing residents and visitors with accessible and cost-effective solutions. Whether you choose street parking, utilize free parking zones, or take advantage of special offers in parking garages, navigating the city’s parking landscape is made easier with the information provided in this comprehensive guide.

Remember to always check signage, adhere to regulations, and plan ahead to ensure a smooth parking experience. By following the tips and recommendations outlined in this guide, you can explore the vibrant city of Providence without the worry of expensive parking fees.

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