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Free Parking in Raleigh, NC


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Raleigh, NC is one of the most popular destinations in North Carolina. Raleigh is known for its southern charm and culturally-rich tourist attractions, it makes for a wonderful travel destination or stops along the way. But, parking in Raleigh can be surprisingly expensive at times, so we are here to share with you where you can Park in Raleigh, NC absolutely free and also very cheaply.

Raleigh offers so many different options for entertainment and education that finding free or cheap parking can be quite beneficial. In the following post, you will find a guide to finding free and cheap parking in Raleigh, NC.

What to Know about Free Parking in Raleigh, NC

When parking for free in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Be polite to residents -you are after all leaving your vehicle with them
  • Do not park in front of anyone’s driveway
  • Avoid parking in front of entrances or doorways
  • Park close to the curb at all times
  • Do not double park
  • Make sure your car is locked before leaving it
  • Check the parking signage before leaving your vehicle

Note: Where you can park for free will also heavily depend on what day of the week you’re driving into Raleigh, and what time of day. There is more free parking available on weekends and at night during the week.

Since Nash Square is at the center of Raleigh, it’s the reference point for all parking.

Where to Park for Free in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

ven though Raleigh isn’t necessarily known for being cheap, there are plenty of opportunities to find free parking!

There are so many hot spots to go to in Raleigh, so finding free parking all across the city is quite important. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to plan a few minutes in advance to find free parking nearby.

Is there free parking in Raleigh, NC? You can park for free on the following streets in Raleigh, NC:

  • E. Jones St.
  • N. Wilmington St.
  • N. Blount St.
  • N. Person St.
  • E. Lane St.
  • E. Edenton St.
  • E. Hargrett St.
  • E. Martin St.
  • S. Wilmington St.
StreetWalking Distance from Nash Square In min.
E. Jones St.35 min.
N. Wilmington St.14 min.
N. Blount St.17 min.
N. Person St.18 min.
E. Lane St.37 min.
E. Edenton St.15 min.
E. Hargrett St.10 min.
E. Martin St.30 min.
S. Wilmington St.14 min.

Cheap Parking in Downtown Raleigh NC

If free street parking is taken, there are still plenty of cheap street parking options, using Raleigh’s newest metered system. We explain the system below, as well, so keep reading on for step-by-step instructions.

Is there cheap street parking in Raleigh, NC? You can find cheap street parking in Raleigh, NC at the following streets:

  • Fayetteville St.
  • E. Martin St.
  • S. Blount St.
  • E. Hargrett St.
  • W. Hargrett St.
  • S. McDowell St.
  • W. Martin St.
  • S. Dawson St.
  • S. Wilmington St.
Street NameWalking Distance in min. from Nash Square
Fayetteville St.6 min.
E. Martin St.30 min.
S. Blount St.20 min.
E. Hargrett St.10 min.
W. Hargrett St.2 min.
S. McDowell St.11 min.
W. Martin St.2 min.
S. Dawson St.10 min.
S. Wilmington St.14 min.

Note: Metered parking DOES have time limits associated with it. So if you decide to park on the street using a meter, make sure to get back to your car before the time limit is up!

Cheapest Lots in Raleigh NC

Since parking can generally be quite expensive if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and free parking can fill up quite quickly; here are some cheap parking options.

Is there cheap parking in Raleigh NC? Yes, there are a few cheap parking lots you can park in Raleigh NC and you can find them here:

  • 314 East Davie Street ($5/2hr)
  • 137 East Hargrett Street ($3/hr)
  • 317 East Jones Street ($7 for 12 hrs)
  • 125 East Hargrett Street ($5 flat rate)
  • 307 North West Street ($3/hr)
Lot AddressWalking Distance in min. From Nash Square
314 E. Davie St.4 min.
137 E. Hargrett St.3 min.
317 E. Jones St.3 min.
125 E. Hargrett St.3 min.
307 N. West St.3 min.

How to Use the New Pay by Plate Machines in Raleigh

Raleigh has implemented a new metered parking system, so we want to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use them. They may seem intimidating with the many buttons, but after reading this you’ll feel confident.

After you park, do the following things:

  1. Find the nearest parking station.
  2. Enter your license plate number.
  3. Pay for the amount of time you want to park. (You can’t go over the time limit.)
  4. Deposit coins until you reach the amount of time you wish to park. (Or use the credit card.)

Leave and enjoy your time in the city – it’s that simple

The Pay by Plate machines are a new

How much is Parking at RDU, NC

The Raleigh / Durham International Airport, NC (Airport code RDU) is the main airport close to Raleigh. Parking prices depend on exactly where you park.

Here are your parking options for RDU, NC:

  • Economy 4 ($3/2hrs)
  • Parking Facility at Quality Inn ($12.18)
  • Parking Facility at Microtel Inn & Suites ($27.84)
  • Parking Facility at 5219 Page Rd.
Related Questions
  • Where can I park for free at NCSU? While there is no free parking directly on campus, there are many free parking spots available at nearby shopping centers. Simply grab a bottle of water there and go wherever you need to. Two shopping centers closest to NCSU are Ridgewood Shopping Center and Cameron Village Shopping Center.
  • Is parking free on weekends in downtown Raleigh? Downtown Raleigh has a ton of free parking on weekends. It depends on if you’re looking for street or garage parking. Street parking is free, but there are garages where you do have to pay a certain fee.
  • Can you park overnight at NC State? Unfortunately, no overnight parking is available or allowed.
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