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This article is the first step to getting you parked in Reading without paying a penny. Even though you are not short of car parks in Reading, or streets with free parking for 2 hours only, that are helpful at times.

Free Parking In Reading, UK

But one of the big questions is, Are there no restrictions on free parking in Reading? You will be happy to know that we have hunted up and down Reading town and found it for you. So the other question is,

Where is there Free Parking in Reading? Here are roads in Reading town where you can park for free:

  • Heron Island
  • Holybrook Road
  • Blenheim Road
  • Blenheim Road
  • Drake Way
  • Saint Saviours Road
  • Washington Road
  • Auckland Road
  • Benson Close
  • Wensley Road

Keep reading, as this article offers even more free parking on roads closest to Reading’s most popular amenities. see the Table of Contents below.

Handy Free Parking for 2 hours in Reading Town Centre

If you need to make a quick trip to Reading town centre, you need not pay for parking. Here are roads in Reading town centre where you can park for free for up to 2 hours

  • Saint Giles Close
  • Sidmouth Street
  • South Street
  • Zinzan Street
  • Waylen Street
  • Russell Street
  • Western Elms Avenue
  • King’s Road
free nearby parking in Reading

Free Parking near the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading

What initially appeared to be an impossible task with the Oracle shopping centre being surrounded by restricted parking signs on roads. Once we looked harder, cracks started to appear, and roads that are free to park on showed themselves.

The nearest is just a 13-minute walk away from the Oracle, according to google maps. The rest of our finds are listed below. See further for a clickable map with Google directions.

Free Parking near
the Oracle
Shopping Centre
Walking Time
the Oracle
Boston Avenue13 mins
Holybrook Road14 mins
Shaw Road15 mins
Epsom Court16 mins
Saint Saviours Road18 mins
Tintern Crescent20 mins
Trelleck Road19 mins
Tyberton Place21 mins
Wensley Road23 mins
Heron Way26 mins
Approximate walking times have been sourced from Google Maps

The Oracle shopping centre and its nearest free parking are marked on the map promoted above.

Free Parking near Reading Railway Station, Berkshire

Only 15 minutes walk from Reading Railway station are roads you can park on free of charge, saving you the expense of paying for the car parks at Reading railway station.

We have listed these roads below and, for easy use, we have also added them to a google map. Just click on the road you want, marked in brown with a train on it, and let google maps take you directly there.

Free Parking near
Railway Station
Walking Time
to Reading
Train Station
Gosbrook Road15 mins
Heron Island16 mins
Champion Road17 mins
Washington Road17 mins
Ardler Road18 mins
Montague Street18 mins
Piggott’s Road18 mins
Montague Street18 mins
Nelson Road20 mins
Marsack Street21 mins
Star Road22 mins

Free Parking near the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

Reading hospital is only 0.8 miles from the centre of Reading town (located at the Oracle), so parking restrictions apply very nearby, on the Northwest side.

The East side of the hospital is a different story. See the list below that I created of roads as near as an 8-minute walk from the Royal Berkshire hospital that is available for you to park on for free. Also, take a look at the map below, which can direct you straight.

Free Parking
near the Royal

Berkshire Hospital
Approx Walking
Time to the
Reading Hospital
Lower Mount8 mins
Donnington Gardens8 mins
Hatherley Road9 mins
Donnington Road10 mins
New Road10 mins
Blenheim Road11 mins
Wellswood Gardens11 mins
Blenheim Gardens11 mins
Foxhill Road12 mins
Cardigan Road12 mins
Eastern Ave13 mins

Free Parking around the University of Reading Campus, Berkshire

Beyond the city centre, there are many more opportunities to park for free near the university. Please note that google maps have calculated an additional 5 minutes on the average walking times from outside of the university campus to the centre.

So you could take 5 minutes on all the below ‘approximate walking times to the University, making the distance to the uni from Waybrook Cresent, for example, a 7-minute walk and not 12 minutes.

You get what I mean. See the list below and use the map for google directions.

Free Parking around
Reading University
Approx Walking
Time to
the University
Waybrook Cresent12 mins
Green Road13 mins
Talfourd Avenue14 mins
Melrose Avenue15 mins
Belle Avenue15 mins
Culver Road15 mins
Holmes Road16 mins
Holmes Road16 mins
Regis Park Road16 mins
Grange Ave17 mins

Free Parking near Madejski Stadium, Home to Reading Football Club

See the list below of free on-street parking nearest Madejski stadium and the map below for Google directions.

Free Parking near
Madejski Stadium

– Reading F.C.
Approx Walking
Time to the

Darwin Close16 mins
Drake Way17 mins
Fair Isle Way17 mins
Longships Way19 mins
Heroes Walk24 mins
Vernon Cresent24 mins
Spencer Road24 mins
Kingsley Close26 mins
Dovecote Road25 mins
Wrenswood Close30 mins

Parking at Madejski Stadium on Reading F.C. Matchday

The above image was sourced from

The Madejski Stadium holds over 24 thousand fans, and so as you could imagine, match days can be logistically challenging for drivers and organisers alike. As you can see in the image above, the stadium has different on-site car parks, each for different wings and disabled parking, although they come at a price.

If you are a season ticket holder or are thinking of becoming one, it will be very well worth taking a look at the Reading F.C. website at all the pricing options they have for parking with the different tariffs of season tickets.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Reading Town Centre

Parking your motorcycle in the allocated motorcycle bays in all the council-run car parks is free. (But remember, if you park in a car parking bay, you must pay)

See the chart below for a list of car parks and the number of motorcycle bays they have for you to park for free.

Free Motorcycle
Parking in
Reading, Berkshire
Near to:
The ForburyBroad Street Mall
Blagrave StreetTrain Station &
Oracle Centre
Railway Station
Saint Mary’s
The Oracle &
Broad Street
Oxford RoadOxford Rd &
Station &
Malward Lion
Forbury Gardens

Free Disabled Parking in Reading Town Centre

There is an adequate amount of disabled bays evenly dotted around central Reading town. I have listed them below, along with the amenities they are nearest to. Remember to display your blue badge and to have it clearly displayed.

Free Disabled Disabled
Parking in Reading
Nearest to:
Blagrave StreetStation and Oracle
Blagrave StreetStation and Oracle
Reading Station Car Park
Under Ground
Reading Station
Car Park Reading Station Reading Station 
Queen’s Road Car ParkOracle & High St
Green ParkingOracle
Broad Street MallBroad Street Mall
St Marys ButtsBroad Street mall
Green ParkingHospital
Castle StreetMagistrates Court
& Police Station
Reading Football ClubReading F.C.

About Reading

I hope you have found what you are looking for in this article, and that only leaves me to wish you a safe journey and an enjoyable time in Reading, Berkshire. On a final note, if you fancy a day trip to nearby locations. We have also visited and found the best free parking spots in Oxford, Windsor, Swindon and Alton. These are all great places to visit within a couple of hours’ drive from Reading.

Keep safe.

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