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Free Parking in San Diego, CA

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San Diego has so much to offer in unique places to visit, like Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego State University, and more. With a population of over 1.3 million, it’s no surprise that parking can fill up fast, and a trip full of excitement quickly turns into one of dread as you’re circling the park to find a free parking spot. That’s why we’ve written this guide for you, so you can spend money on what truly matters – experiences, not parking.

Free Parking in Downtown San Diego, CA

Since San Diego is such a loved city to visit in California, it’s extremely helpful to have a plan for parking before braving the trip. Having several free parking spots already pre-planned will save you time AND money and stress, and frustration. Thankfully, we’ve found quite a few free parking options for Downtown San Diego.

Is there free parking in Downtown San Diego, CA? You can find free parking in Downtown San Diego, CA, at the following locations:

  • 333 Fir St.
  • 2015 Albatross St.
  • 2126 Front St.
  • 130 West Ivy St.
  • 1985 5th Ave.
  • 102 West Grape St.
  • 212 West Hawthorn St.
  • 134 Juniper St.
Street Address/NameWalking distance
from Nate’s Dog Park
1985 5th Ave.11 mins.
134 Juniper St.12 mins.
130 W. Ivy St.13 mins.
333 Fir St.14 mins.
2126 Front St.15 mins.
102 W. Grape St.16 mins.
212 W. Hawthorn St.16 mins.
2015 Albatross St.18 mins.

What you need to know about parking free in San Diego, CA

When you park for free in San Diego, CA, you’ll want to consider the following due to a lot of the free and cheap parking being in residential areas:

  1. Don’t park in front of or block anyone’s driveway
  2. Don’t block anyone’s doorways or entrances
  3. Respect the residents – you are leaving your vehicle with them
  4. Park close to the curb
  5. Don’t double park
  6. Make sure your vehicle is locked before leaving it
  7. Check for/the parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Free Parking in Gaslamp San Diego, CA

Historic Gaslamp Quarters in San Diego are full of beautiful old-timey buildings and galore nightlife and tourist attractions. You could easily spend the morning to a night full of activities and never get bored! It can get super busy and crowded since there is so much to see and do, making free parking challenging to find. With the free parking options we list, it’s easy to be intentional about where to look for parking so you can focus on enjoying your time there.

Is there free Parking in Gaslamp, San Diego, CA? You can find free street parking in Gaslamp Convention Centre, San Diego, CA, at the following locations:

  • 527 Fifth Ave.
  • 344 Seventh Ave.
  • 404 Third Ave.
  • 100 Harbor Dr.
  • 627 K St.
  • 291 Sixth Ave.
  • 227 Tony Gwynn Dr.
  • 815 J St.
Free Parking in Gaslamp Convention Centre, San Diego, CA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance
from the Convention Center
404 Third Ave.7 mins.
227 Tony Gwynn Dr.10 mins.
291 Sixth Ave.10 mins.
627 K St.10 mins.
527 Fifth Ave.11 mins.
344 Seventh Ave.12 mins.
815 J St.14 mins.
100 Harbor Dr.21 mins.

Free RV Parking in San Diego, CA

Since RV parking is so popular, it’s common to be on the lookout for parking to accommodate larger-than-standard-sized vehicles. RV park pricing can add up and get expensive, but you’re in luck if looking for RV parking in San Diego!

Is there free RV parking in San Diego, CA? You won’t be able to find free RV parking. However, you can purchase an overnight 24-hour RV parking permit from the city for $1 (aka practically free).

Free Parking in San Diego Airport, CA

If you’re dropping someone off at the airport, saying a heartfelt goodbye, or going away for a few days and want to have your car, wait somewhere until your family member can pick it up – we got you! Thankfully, there is free parking nearby the San Diego International Airport, CA. The last thing you want is to worry about additional parking expenses when it’s simply not necessary.

Is there free parking near San Diego International Airport, CA? You can find free parking near San Diego International Airport, CA, at the following locations:

  • 3111 2nd Ave.
  • 2530 Albatross Ave.
  • 2330 Pacific Hwy
  • 1901 N. Harbor Dr.
  • 1002 W. Juniper St.
  • 939 W. Kalmia St.
  • 2448 Kettner Blvd.
Street Name/AddressWalking distance in
from San Diego Airport
1901 N. Harbor Dr.5 mins.
1002 W. Juniper St.7 mins.
2448 Kettner Blvd.8 mins.
939 W. Kalmia St.9 mins.
2330 Pacific Hwy9 mins.
2530 Albatross Ave.18 mins.
3111 2nd Ave.35 mins.

Free Parking near San Diego Bayfront, CA

San Diego has a pretty well-known park called Bayfront Park. Many enjoy sitting in front of the water, and people watch. When looking forward to the peace of being by the water, the last thing you want is to stress out before that when finding parking. We’ve listed some free parking options for you to have an overall peaceful experience from start to finish.

Is there free parking near San Diego Bayfront, CA? You can find free parking near San Diego Bayfront at the following locations:

  • 185 Tony Gwynn Dr.
  • 835 Park Blvd.
  • 220 Sixth Ave.
  • 234 Fifth Ave.
  • 779 J St.
  • 343 Fourth Ave.
  • 410 Island Ave.
  • 424 Market St.
Street Name/AddressWalking distance
from San Diego Bayfront
424 Market St.23 mins.
410 Island Ave.24 mins.
343 Fourth Ave.24 mins.
234 Fifth Ave.25 mins.
220 Sixth Ave.27 mins.
185 Tony Gwynn Dr.28 mins.
779 J St.28 mins.
835 Park Blvd.29 mins.

Free Parking near San Diego State University, CA

San Diego State University was founded in 1987 and is known for being one of few federally-designated Hispanic-serving institutions. Since the student population is about 35,587, the need for free parking is clear (especially when having to work with student loans). If you have a student to visit or a student with friends or family coming to visit, we’ve listed some options for you to direct them to.

Is there free parking near San Diego State University? You can find free parking at the following locations:

  • 5765 Mary Lane Dr.
  • 5508 Dorothy Dr.
  • 5083 Debby Dr.
  • 5652 Dorothy Way
  • 5076 Chaparral Way
  • 5001 Rockford Dr.
  • 5436 Maisel Way
  • 5341 Prosperity Ln.
Free Parking near San Diego State University, CA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance
from San Diego
State University
5508 Dorothy Dr.8 mins.
5083 Debby Dr.8 mins.
5765 Mary Lane Dr.11 mins.
5652 Dorothy Way13 mins.
5341 Prosperity Ln.13 mins.
5001 Rockford Dr.16 mins.
5076 Chaparral Way17 mins.
5436 Maisel Way18 mins.

Free Parking near San Diego Safari Park, CA

The San Diego Safari Park is the perfect place to take your family or go on a date. It’s so popular that parking can be pretty full, and having a plan to park is extremely helpful. Nobody wants to pay for parking when you could instead buy the food to feed at the petting zoo!

Is there free parking near San Diego Safari Park, CA? You can find free parking near the San Diego Safari Park at the following locations:

  • Zoo Dr.
  • Park Blvd.
  • 1770 Village Pl.
  • Space Theatre Way
  • 1400 El Prado
  • Morley Field Dr.
Free Parking near San Diego Zoo& Safari Park, CA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance
from San Diego
Safari Park
Zoo Dr.3 mins.
Morley Field Dr.7 mins.
1770 Village Pl.8 mins.
Space Theatre Way15 mins.
Park Blvd.15 mins.
1400 El Prado16 mins.

Free Parking near San Diego Seaworld, CA

San Diego Seaworld is still a popular place to go if you have small children, but minimal parking options exist. If you’re looking for free parking, you can give up the search now because there isn’t any within a 30-minute walking radius. However, there still are other options available.

Is there free parking near San Diego Seaworld, CA? While there is no free parking near San Diego Seaworld within walking distance, you can park there directly at a somewhat reasonable price. Here are the parking prices directly at San Diego Seaworld, CA:

Type of ParkingPrice per day per vehicle
General Parking$35
Up-close Parking$35
VIP Parking$45

San Diego has so much to offer, and it’s easy to spend a week or longer there with all of the attractions, enticing restaurants, and different quarters to explore. What makes that kind of travel so much easier and more pleasant is being able to save on parking fees and save that time from circling around the block and investing it into exploring the city instead. Now that you are an expert in finding free Parking in San Diego, CA, we know you’ll enjoy your time there much more!

Related Questions

How much does street parking in San Diego cost? Street parking pricing can vary greatly, depending on the exact street you park on. Street parking is enforced Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on average, prices can range between $1-3 per hour. 

Can you park overnight in San Diego, CA? There are several free overnight parking options in San Diego, CA, but it’s essential to watch for the time limit. There are no long-term overnight parking options in downtown San Diego, but you could find limited street overnight parking on Second Ave., Broadway, E, or F streets.

What does a white curb mean in San Diego? White curbs are often seen at hotels or other areas. White curbs mean that you are only allowed to stop there for 3 minutes (10 minutes at a hotel) and unload luggage or have people enter or leave the vehicle. This is also important to know for cabs or Uber.

How long can a car be parked on a residential street in San Diego? Knowing how long you can park on a residential street is crucial not to be charged with a parking ticket. In San Diego, the longest time you can park is 72 hours. However, some areas offer parking permits, so check out if that’s the case in the area you’d like to park in.

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