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Free Parking in Santa Ana, CA


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Santa Ana is a large and popular city located in Orange County, CA. Since it is so popular, it’s helpful to know where free parking is located to minimize the expenses as California isn’t cheap. Sometimes, free parking can be challenging to find and with this article, we hope you’ll be prepared the next time you visit Santa Ana.

Santa Ana has a population of 332,318. This qualifies it to be the 57th most populated city in the entire U.S. Santa Ana is also considered a part of the Los Angeles area, which means many people are travelling to, from, and through the city. It’s also considered an incredibly safe place to visit and live in, making it a perfect fit for young families and single women.

As it’s such a popular and safe place, free parking is available but also can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Read on for more information on how to find free parking in Santa Ana, CA!

What to know about free parking in Santa Ana, CA

When parking for free in Santa Ana, California, United States, you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

  • Be respectful to residents – you are after all leaving your vehicle with them
  • Do not park in front of resident’s driveways
  • Avoid parking in front of entrances or doorways
  • Park as closely as you can to the curb
  • Do not double park
  • Make sure your car is locked
  • Check the parking signs before parking to avoid any fees or towing
  • Be aware of time restrictions and limitations

Where to park for free in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana is a largely Hispanic-populated area and is close to the John Wayne Airport. Santa Ana is also home to many businesses headquarters, like Behr Paint, T-Mobile, and Rickenbacker to name just a few. This means that there are many people who are looking to move to Santa Ana and regularly travel to the city for work.

Because there has been an economic boom in a nearby city closer to John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana has responded by increasing commercial projects around the city. It also houses some of the main tourist attractions in California like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, which are both amusement parks.

Due to the high amount of traffic from amusement parks and workers, it’s crucial to know where free parking is. When parking, keep in mind that many parking spots have some sort of time restriction, whether it’s 2 or 3 hours.

Walking distances are calculated to and from the Santa Ana Civic Center which lies in the heart of Santa Ana.

Is there free parking near Santa Ana, CA? You can park for free in Santa Ana, CA at the following streets:

  • 520 West Lime St.
  • 1322 North Patron St.
  • 410 West 15th St.
  • 1314 North Durant St.
  • 1105 North Spurgeon St.
  • 303 East 9th St.
  • 912 North Lacy St.
  • 625 French St.
  • 822 North Garfield St.
Street Address/NameWalking distance from Santa Ana Civic Center in min
520 West Lime St.11 min.
1322 North Parton St.15 min.
410 West 15th St.16 min.
1314 North Durant St.14 min.
1105 North Spurgeon St.20 min.
303 East 9th St.17 min.
912 North Lacy St.21 min.
625 N. French St.15 min.
822 North Garfield St.22 min.

Cheap Street Parking in Santa Ana, CA

Because free parking is limited, it can fill up quickly. It’s helpful to know where cheap street parking is located in Santa Ana. Cheap street parking can be found in the form of metered parking. There is quite a bit of metered parking in downtown Santa Ana. Metered parking typically has a time limit and is often restricted to 2 hours. However, the price is very cheap. Metered parking in Santa Ana often runs at $1/hr for up to 2 hours.

Is there cheap street parking in Santa Ana, CA? Yes, you can find cheap street parking in Santa Ana at the following locations:

  • 100 North Ross St.
  • 314 North Bush St.
  • 313 North Birch St.
  • 406 West Halesworth St.
  • 618 West 10th St.
  • 1075 Main St.
  • East 11th St.
  • 1308 North Sycamore St.
  • 1520 North Main St.
Free Parking at 618 W 10th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA near to Santa Ana Civic Center
Street Address/NameWalking Distance in min. From Santa Ana Civic Center
100 North Ross St.8 min.
314 North Bush St.15 min.
313 North Birch St.8 min.
406 West Halesworth St.10 min.
618 West 10th St.11 min.
1075 N. Main St.16 min.
East 11th St.19 min.
1308 North Sycamore St.17 min.
1520 North Main St.22 min.

Cheap Lot Parking in Santa Ana, CA

Some people may prefer to park in a garage or parking lot. If you are looking to go shop or explore the city for a longer period of time, then parking garages may be the best fit for you, since street and metered parking have time restrictions. Lot parking is typically more expensive than metered parking, but as mentioned does provide extra time freedom, and safety.

With lot parking, there are often two types of parking garages or parking lots – valet parking and self-parking. Valet parking requires giving your keys to another person for them to park and drive your car, while self-parking allows you to search for the best parking spot for yourself.

Is there cheap lot parking in Santa Ana, CA? Yes, you can find cheap lot parking on the following streets:

  • 846 North Van Ness Ave.
  • 301 W Civic Center Dr.
  • 416 North Sycamore St.
  • 1104 Civic Center Dr.
  • 1030 Santa Ana Blvd.
  • 315 W. 3rd St.
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance in min from Santa Ana Civic CenterPrice per 2 hours (unless noted otherwise)
846 North Van Ness Ave.7 min.$5
301 W. Civic Center Dr.8 min.$10
416 North Sycamore St.10 min.$5 $8 for 4 hours 24-hour option available
1104 W. Civic Center Dr.14 min.$4 24 hour option available
1030 W. Santa Ana Blvd.9 min.$8
315 W. 3rd St.10 min.Free Pay after 2 hours

Hopefully, this article was helpful in guiding you to free or inexpensive parking options! Please let us know if you find any other great parking options in Santa Ana, CA.

Related questions

How can I get a Santa Ana parking permit? Santa Ana parking permits are only given to residents. If you are not a resident, you will not be able to get one.

How do I pay for a parking ticket in Santa Ana? You can pay for any parking tickets online at or you can simply mail the city a check with the amount enclosed.

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