Free Parking in Weston-Super-Mare – A Money Saving Guide 2023




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Weston Super Mare, Sand beaches with lots of free parking hidden around the town. We have hunted out these little free gems, so you don’t have to. So

Where is the Free Parking in Weston Super Mare? Here are some streets with free parking in Weston Super Mare:

  • Victoria Quadrant
  • Albert Quadrant
  • Park Place
  • Upper Church Road
  • Trevelyan Road
  • Addicott Road
  • Berkeley Crescent
  • Thornbury Road
  • Ash Grove
  • Folly Lane

Keep reading as the above list is a random selection of the free parking we have found for you.

Below is a comprehensive map of everywhere we have found for you, and if you scroll down, you will see more precise directions.

Free Parking near the Sovereign
Shopping Centre & High street, Weston-super-Mare

The main shopping centre, Sovereign shopping centre is only 200 meters from Weston Grand Pier and so it’s easy to get around… On foot!

Finding free parking near the centre of town is a little more challenging. But we have managed to do it for you.

The chart below shows the nearest free parking roads to Sovereign Shopping centre, Weston

Free Parking
near the

Shopping Centre
Walking Time
to Sovereign

Shopping Centre
Connaught Place 7 mins
Coombe Road 11 mins
Victoria Quadrant7 mins
Southside9 mins
Albert Quadrant9 mins
Glebe Road10 mins
Wooler Road10 mins
Beaufort Road13 mins
Swiss Road14 mins

Free Parking near Weston-super-Mare Railway Station

Even though there are pay car parks on both sides of Weston super mare’s railway station, there are also some nearby locations where you can park for free.

See the list below to discover the roads that have Free Parking near Weston Super mare Train Station

Free Parking near
Railway Station
Walking Time
to Weston-super-Mare
Railway Station
George Street3 mins
Trevelyan Road5 mins
Sunnyside Road 6 mins
Milburn Road6 mins
Jubilee Road6 mins
Swiss Road6 mins
Stafford Road7 mins
Bridge Road10 mins
Addicott Road12 mins
Brighton Road13 mins

Free Parking near the Weston-Super-Mare Hospital

There are some super great opportunities for free parking near Weston General Hospital. Like Grange Road, it is the nearest road to the hospital and you can park on it for free. That’s just amazing! (and I need to get out more)

See the list below for free parking near Weston General Hospital

Free Parking near
General Hospital
Approx Walking Time
to Weston-super-Mare
Grange Road1 min
Grange Close4 mins
Folly Lane5 mins
Little Orchard5 mins
Sandcroft Avenue6 mins
Uphill Way7 mins
Laurel Drive7 mins
Ash Grove7 mins
Willow Close8 mins
Loxton Road9 mins

Free Parking near Weston-super-Mare Pier & Beach

Weston Super Mare has a 2.5 miles strip of beach nearest to its town centre. On this strip is 3 of Weston’s best beaches as well as its famous Grand Pier.

See the chart below for roads with free parking near each of the beaches as well as the Weston Super Mare Grand Pier.

Free Parking near
Pier & Beaches
Time to:
Near to Marine Lake BeachMarine Lake Beach
Raglan Place4 mins
Road with no name (See map)4 mins
Park Place6 mins
Upper Church Road8 mins
Near to Grand PierGrand Pier
Ellenborough Park North13 mins
Ellenborough Park South14 mins
Near to Weston Super Mare BeachWeston Beach
Clarence Road North6 mins
Clarence Road South7 mins
Clifton Road9 mins
Walliscote Road11 mins
Clevedon Road11 mins
Near to Uphill BeachUphill Beach
Berkeley Crescent3 mins
Thornbury Road4 mins
Beach End Road4 mins
Thornbury Drive7 mins

Free Motorcycle Parking in Weston-super-Mare Town centre

Parking your motorcycle in the allocated motorcycle bays in all the council-run car parks is free. (But remember, if you park in a car parking bay, you must pay)

See the chart below for a list of Car parks and the number of motorcycle bays they have for you to park for free in.

Free Motorcycle
Parking in
All Council Restricted Parking bays
Are Free Motorcycles to park in
Motorcycle Only Free Parking
Knightstone Causeway
Hampton Car Park
Melrose Car Park
Grove Park
Union Street
Carlton Street Car Park
Clifton Road & Marine Parade

The above info has been sourced from

Free Disabled Parking in Weston-super-Mare Town Centre

Disable car parking at Weston-super-mare Railway Station

Apart from disabled bays being dotted on the street though out Central Weston-super-Mare. Below are is a list of council-run car parks that also have allocated disabled parking bays. (Remember to display your blue badge)

Free Disabled Disabled
Parking in Weston-super-Mare
Nearest to:
Carlton Street
Car Park
Weston Pier
& Beach
Sovereign Shopping Centre
Car Park
Shopping Centre
Hampton Car ParkMarine Lake
NCP Car Park
High St
High St,
Shopping Centre
& Pier

I hope this little article helps you get parked up quickly and for free in Weston Super Mare. Have a great trip and a safe drive.

Please remember to think of Road Trip Heroes whenever you’re planning a new trip. Keep Safe!

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