Free Parking in Windsor in 2022 – Plus Super Helpful Map

Updated: 23rd January 2022

So you’re going to Windsor, and you’re looking for free parking. Windsor is a medieval town very popular with tourists and visitors alike. parking your car here can be very challenging. But I have spent time in Winsdor and searched out all the best free parking spots for you, and share most of them below.

Free Parking in Windsor, UK – 2022

Where is there Free Parking in Windsor? Here are the roads with free parking in Windsor, UK:

  • Bolton Crescent
  • Queen’s Close
  • Woodland Avenue
  • Broken Furlong
  • Buckland Crescent
  • Ilex Close
  • Lyndwood Drive
  • Longmead
  • Linchfield Road
  • York Avenue

Keep reading, as the list above is just a sample and In this article, we have allocated more of the best free on-street parking nearest to the town’s most popular amenities, with clickable google maps and directions.

We give you lots of recommendations in this article. But we also make it even easier for you, as we have added all these great tips to a Google Map of Free Parking in WindsorDownload it Now and let Google take you straight there.


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Best Free Parking Spots in Windsor

Free Parking near Windsor Town Centre & Main Shopping Centres

As well as being a royally historical town, Windsor town centre also has a flourishing shopping centre with Windsor yards and Windsor Royal Station being the main shopping centres, along with the high street shops.

See the list below for roads that are free to park on in Windsor and estimated walking times to the above 3 shopping centres.

near :
Windsor Royal
Town Centre
& High
York Road14 mins17 mins17 mins
York Avenue15 mins18 mins19 mins
Green Lane16 mins20 mins19 mins
Springfield Road16 mins19 mins20 mins
College Crescent17 mins19 mins20 mins
Clewer New Town19 mins22 mins22 mins
Saint Johns Road20 mins22 mins23 mins
Bulkeley Avenue21 mins23 mins24 mins
Carter Close21 mins23 mins28 mins
Saint Johns Drive23 mins25 mins26 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor

Free Parking near Windsor & Eton Central & Riverside & Datchet Railway Stations

There are 2 main train stations in Windsor, although in our research for free parking near to them we have chosen to as Datchet Railway Station in a well, as it is so close.

See a list below with estimated walking times to each of these train stations. Below this list is a google map that when clicked on, will lead you to your destination.

near :
Windsor & Eton
Windsor & Eton
York Rd17 mins22 minsN/A
York Avenue18 mins24 minsN/A
College Crescent18 mins25 minsN/A
Springfield Road19 mins24 minsN/A
Balmoral Gardens20 mins22 minsN/A
Green Lane20 mins25 minsN/A
Elm Road20 mins26 minsN/A
Bulkeley Avenue23 mins29 minsN/A
Linchfield RoadN/AN/A11 mins
Fairfield AvenueN/AN/A12 mins
Montrose AvenueN/AN/A13 mins
Beaulieu CloseN/AN/A14 mins
Montrose WayN/AN/A15 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor


Let my Bespoke Google Map Navigate You Directly to

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Windsor’s Best Free Parking Spots

Free Parking near Bachelors Acre & the Long Walk, Windsor

This has been an interesting one to research, simply because the long walk is a whopping 2.65 miles long thin plane from Windsor castles George IV gate, south to the statue of his father George III sitting on a horse.

Below is a list of a selection of our findings, with estimated walking times. Please see the map below this, for geographical reference and Google directions.

Free Parking
Roads near :
Balmoral Gardens14 mins16 mins
Saint Leonards Road14 mins25 mins
Bolton Crescent16 mins18 mins
Wood Close20 mins10 mins
York Rd17 mins20 mins
College Crescent19 mins21 mins
York Avenue18 mins22 mins
Springfield Road19 mins22 mins
Elm Road20 mins22 mins
Cavalry Crescent20 mins15 mins
Albany RoadN/A19 mins
Saint Peter’s CloseN/A23 mins
Saint Luke’s RoadN/A22 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor

Free Parking near King Edward VII & IBM Princess Margaret Hospital

Located just a couple of roads apart on the west side of the long walk are Windor’s two main hospitals. These are King Edward VII General hospital & the IBM Princess Margaret private Hospital.

We have found some great opportunities for free parking near these hospitals and have listed them below along with estimated walking times.

Do use the map below this list, for google direction.

Free Parking
Roads near :
King Edward
VII Hospital,
IBM Princess

Balmoral Gardens7 mins3 mins
Bolton Crescent8 mins6 mins
Wood Close11 mins10 mins
Cavalry Crescent5 mins10 mins
Springfield Road7 mins10 mins
Elm Road7 mins10 mins
College Crescent6 mins9 mins
York Avenue7 mins10 mins
Bulkeley Avenue10 mins14 mins
Green Lane12 mins17 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor

Free Parking near Windsor Racecourse, Berkshire

Free Parking at Clewer Park, Windsor UK

With the racecourse being 1.3 miles out of town, I feared I might let you down with regards to finding free on-street parking. But it ends up free parking is in abundance around here. Not to mention that on Race days the Course itself has a car park that is free to use to the public, as well as a free coach park as well.

But I’ve started, so I’ll finish. Below is the best free parking options at and near Windsor racecourse. See the map below this for google directions.

Free Parking
near Windsor
Approx Walking
Time to the
Public Car Park – FREE1 min
Buckland Crescent4 mins
Sawyer’s Close9 mins
Clewer Park8 mins
Smiths Lane12 mins
Hanover Way (One Side Only)9 mins
Loring Road9 mins
Mill Lane9 mins
Whiteley10 mins
Aston Mead11 mins
Jacob Close10 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor

Car Parking at Windsor Racecourse

You can park on the racecourse grounds free of charge on race days in the public car park. There is also a coach parking area for larger vehicles. See the chart below for all the allocated tariffs.

The Royal Windsor Racecourse website kindly provides a downloadable sitemap that will help you find your way around, and clearly shows two available car parks as well as all the other amenities the racecourse has to offer.

Car Park Prices at the
Royal Windsor Racecourse
M Car Park
On Day Purchases Only
Silver Ring Car Park£10
Public Car ParkFREE
Public Car Park
Public Car Park
Disabled Bays
Coaching ParkingFREE

Free Parking near Legoland Windsor, Berkshire

Legoland is a 10-minute drive outside of Windsor town, and they have large parking areas on site, but do they choose to let you park for free? No! Knowing that you are a little stranded in lego paradise, they choose to charge you.

Parking Prices at
Legoland, Windsor
OnlineOn the Day
Standard Parking£7£8
Priority Parking£13£16
Annual Passholder
Discounted Parking
Disabled Parking£7£8

But, Great news, as I have found free parking as near as just 13 minutes walk away. Please save your money and spend it on ice cream once your inside.

See the chart below for a list of nearby roads you can park on for free and use the map below that for google directions.

Free Parking
near Legoland
Approx Walking
Time to

Woodland Avenue13 mins
Sherbourne Drive14 mins
Harrington Close14 mins
Kimber Close16 mins
Addington Close20 mins
Ellison Close23 mins
Clewer Hill Road25 mins
Longbourn25 mins
Hatch Lane27 mins
Perrycroft28 mins
Download the Google map showing all the Free parking opportunities in Windsor

Is Disable Parking at Legoland, Windsor Free? Even with a clearly displayed blue badge, disabled parking at Legoland in Windsor is charged at the standard £8 price on the day, or £7 when pre-paying online in advance.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Windsor Town Centre, Berkshire

Parking your motorcycle in the allocated motorcycle bays in all the council-run car parks is free. (But remember, if you park in a normal car parking bay in Windsor, you must pay)

See the chart below for the 3 Car parks in Windsor with allocated Motorcycle parking bays

Free Motorcycle Parking
in Windsor Town Centre,
Alexandra Gardens Car ParkAlexandra Gardens,
Coach Station
& River Thames
Victoria Street Car ParkBachelors Acre
River Street Car ParkRiver Thames,
Riverside Station
The above info has been sourced from

Free Disabled Parking in Windsor Town Centre

Apart from disabled bays being dotted on the streets throughout central Windsor. below are is a list of council-run car parks that also have allocated disabled parking bays. (Remember to display your blue badge)

Free Disabled Disabled
Parking in Windsor
Nearest to:
River StreetRiver Thames,
Riverside Station
King Edward Court
Shopping Centre
King Edward
Court Shopping
Windsor DialsWindsor Yards &
Windsor Royal Station
Shopping Centre
& Central Station
Windsor LibraryLibrary
Alma RoadOxford Street &
Windsor Yards
Shopping Centre
Victoria StreetBachelors Acre 
Windsor YardsWindsor Yards
Windsor & Eton
Riverside Station
Windsor & Eton
Riverside Station
Meadow LaneSouth Meadow,
The Brocas
& Eton Court
Alexandra GardensAlexandra Gardens,
Coach Station
& River Thames
East Berks CollegeEast Berks College
Windsor Leisure CentreLeisure Centre
Windsor Rugby
Football Club
Datchet StationDatchet Station
Tescos Super Store
Customers Only
Tescos Super Store
King Edward VII
King Edward VII
Legoland, WindsorLegoland, Windsor
Royal Windsor
Race Course
Royal Windsor
Race Course
Download the Google map showing these disabled bays as well as all the other free parking opportunities in Windsor

I hope this article has set you on the right path to saving you some time and money and starting your trip off on a good step. Drive safely and have a fun time in Windsor.

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I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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