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Free Parking in Worcester UK

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If you are looking for free parking in Worchester, I have great news for you. I have visited Worcester, researched and compiled a list of great free spots in and around the city for you to use. So let’s get started.

Worcester is a beautiful medieval city, located in the West Midland just east of Hereford. Although the city does accommodate visitors and their cars, it comes at an expense that can be avoided with a little bit of foresight. You have the foresight, as you did a Google search and found yourself here, So let’s get started

Free Parking in Worcester, UK

Where is the best free parking in Worcester City? You can park on the following roads in Worcester free of charge:

  • Shrubbery Avenue
  • St Georges Lane North
  • Shrubbery Road
  • Mersey Road
  • Medway Road
  • Battenhall Road
  • Timberdine Avenue
  • The Hill Avenue
  • Athelstan Road

Read on as we have lots more locations, maps and Google directions, So let’s get started!!!

What to Know about Parking for Free in Worchester

Worchester is a beautiful place with friendly locals, let’s keep it that way! A lot of the public roads we recommend you park on for free are also residential roads. For this reason, it is good to keep a few things in mind when parking so near other people’s homes:

  1. Park close to the kerb
  2. Don’t block anyone’s driveway
  3. Dont park in front of any entrances
  4. Check for parking signs before leaving your vehicle
  5. And finally, check your car is properly locked

Where are the Free spots in Worcester, UK – Where to park?

If you’re looking for a place to park in Worcester, there are free spots to be found. These can be found by either checking online or with the help of locals (or both). You’ll find that many of these places have limited hours and availability, so make sure to look before you go.

Our list of the best free parking spot in Worcester

1. Free Parking in Laugharne Road, near Worcester city centre

Free Parking in Laugharne Road, near Worcester city centre

Stanley Road is a great parking spot if you’re in Worcester. It’s just 26 minutes away from the town centre, and it offers free parking during your visit!

2. Stanley Road, Worcester.

Stanley Road has many great restaurants and pubs for you to explore when visiting Worchester. It’s just about fifteen minutes walk from the heart of town, making this location perfect if you’re out walking around or exploring the city on foot. There are plenty of places nearby to visit, such as The Malayali Asian Store, and the Horizon Community Hub, which offers dance classes, dance clubs, etc.; it’s also great for children’s parties.

3. Free Parking on Knight Street, near Worcester city centre

3. Free Parking in Knight Street, near Worcester city Centre

Knight Street in Worcester, UK, offers free parking 24/7! So, it is a great free parking opportunity if you’re visiting for the day or overnight. This Worcester free parking spot is around 1 mile or 25 minutes walk from Worcester centre. You can also access this free parking spot in less than 10 minutes if you are at the GW boiler care.

Free Parking near Worcester Cathedral

This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the UK; it was built in the 11th century and continued to be rebuilt until the early 16th century.

Worcester Cathedral is an important centre of worship for the Catholic community in England. If you’re planning a visit to this marvel. We recommend one of the following free parking spots, which are all within a 25-minute walk from Worcester Cathedral:

  • Carden Street
  • Woolhope Road
  • Hamilton Road
  • Knight Street
  • Stanley Road

Parking for Free in Worchester Council Car Parks – (after 9 pm)

You can park in the following council car parks in Worcester free of charge after 9 pm to 7 am the following day:

  • Pinchcroft Car Park
  • King Street Car Park
  • Clare Street Car Park
  • Cattle Market Car Park
  • Croft Road Council Car Park
  • Cornmarket Council Car Park

NHS Workers, Social Services Staff and NHS Volunteers Free Parking

During the COVID-19 emergency response period, local councils in Worcester would voluntarily offer free parking to all NHS workers, social services staff and NHS volunteers. This includes all council car parks, on-street parking and single yellow lines. They can park there for as long as they need.

So, if you are an NHS worker, social services staff and NHS volunteer, please display on your car’s windscreen the pass you have received from your NHS Trust, local authority or the Royal Voluntary Service. The parking pass must be filled in with details of the car’s registration number and the name of the driver’s employer.

The Cheapest Car Parks in Worcester UK

If for any reason you feel happier paying for Parking in a car park instead of our public on-street free parking suggestions. We have researched the cheapest car parks for you, so we can at least save you some money.

The cheapest Car Parks in Worcester depend on How long you plan to stay.

DurationCheapest Car Parks in WorcesterPriceDistance to
the city centre
4 HoursCroft Road and Pitchcroft car parks£2.4013 mins
8 HoursSaint Martin’s Gate car park£3.509 mins
24 HoursSansome Street car park£6.003 mins
Cheapest 8 hour Car Park in Worcester
Cheapest 8 hour parking in Worcester
Cheapest 4 hour
Car Parks in Worcester
PriceDistance to
the city centre
Croft Road car park£2.4013 mins
Pitchcroft car park£2.4013 mins
Tybridge Street car park£2.4017 mins
Tallow Hill car park£2.4017 mins
Saint Martin’s Gate car park£2.809 mins
St Martins Gate car park£3.6011 mins
Newport Street car park£3.6011 mins
Clare Street car park£3.6016 mins
Souced from Parkopedia
Cheapest 8-hour Car Parks in WorcesterPriceDistance to
the city centre
Saint Martin’s Gate car park£3.509 mins
Charles Street car park£3.5012 mins
Croft Road car park£3.5013 mins
Pitchcroft car park£3.5013 mins
Tybridge Street car park£3.5017 mins
Tallow Hill car park£3.5017 mins
St Martins Gate car park£3.5011 mins
Sansome Walk car park£4.006 mins
Souced from Parkopedia
Cheapest 24 hour
Car Parks in Worcester
PriceDistance to
the city centre
Saint Martin’s Gate car park£3.509 mins
Charles Street car park£3.5013 mins
Croft Road car park£3.5013 mins
Pitchcroft car park£3.5013 mins
Tybridge Street car park£3.5017 mins
Tallow Hill car park£3.5017 mins
St Martins Gate car park£3.6011 mins
Sansome Street car park£6.003 mins
Souced from Parkopedia

Residential Parking in Worcester and Parking Permits

Parking in the UK is a struggle for everyone – but it’s especially tough for people who live in urban areas such as Worcester. Fortunately, the Worcestershire County Council has introduced residents’ parking permits in selected on-street locations-residential parking.

These Permits are issued by Worcester City Council. The criteria for the scheme, including the rules, are set by Worcestershire County Council. So, if you live in an area where these permits are required (available), you can apply in order to save a lot of money.

Important note: only residents of premises whose address is part of the streets listed by the Worcester City Council can apply for a resident’s parking permit- you will need to justify that you are a resident in those areas. Since these permits are not free of charge, you will pay around £30 each year for a residents’ parking permit. More details are here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to Pay for Parking in Worcester? Car owners are able to pay for their parking in Worcester’s Council Car Parks by using the RingGo app on their mobile phones. You can also extend your stay through this app and make payments using your credit or debit card.

How Long can you Park in the Asda car Park in Worcester, UK? To park for free in the Asda car park in Worchester, you need to be a customer. The minimum spend to be a customer is £5 and then you can be here for free for 3 hours

Can you get Fined for Parking in a Disabled Space In Worcester, UK? Yes. Car owners who park their vehicles in disabled or parent and child bays will face fines of up to £70.

Is there Parking at Worcester Foregate Street Train Station? The nearest car park to Worcester Foregate Street Train Station is the:

Sansome Walk Car Park
13-15 Sansome Walk

This is just a 3-minute walk away.

I hope you have found this article helpful and are all set for where you’re going to park in Worchester. Have a great visit and a safe drive. Till next time, be safe

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