Best Free Parking in Worthing in 2023 – & a Helpful Map

In this article, we will share with you the best way to get free central car parking as well as the cheapest car parking in town and more, so let’s get started.

The Coastal town of Worthing in West Sussex has 4 million visitors per year, making it not only a popular destination but one where a little car parking research beforehand is a wise move. So,

Nearby Free Parking in Worthing in 2023

Where is there Free Car Parking in Worthing? Here are streets with free parking in Worthing:

  • Zones A, B, C, – 6 pm to 9 am Monday to all day Sunday
  • Zones D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, N – 11 am to 2 pm then 3 pm to 10 am Monday to all day Sunday
  • North Court Road – 24 hour
  • Pembury Road – 24 hour
  • Pavilion Road – 24 hour
  • S Farm Road -24 hour
  • Longfellow Road – 24 hour
  • Browning Road – 24 hour
  • Manor Road – 24 hour
free parking in Worthing

When Can you Park for free in Central Worthing?

There are 14 Restricted parking zones in Worthing and differ slightly as to when you can park there for free.

Zones A, B, and C are the most central paid parking zones in the city, and are free to park from:

  • 6 pm to 9 am Monday to Saturday
  • All-day Sunday

Please Note: that parking in the Pay & Display in zone A is only £1.50 per hour, so not a bad price if you are not planning to stay long during the day, or arrive early for an overnight stay.

Zones D, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, and the (furthest north) Zones K and N will mostly be found on the outskirts of Zones A, B, and C but are still only a maximum of a 10-minute walk from being central.

Here, you can Park for free:

  • 11 am to 2 pm Monday to Saturday
  • 3 pm to 11 am Monday to Saturday
  • All-day Sunday

Zone Z is at no point free to use, as it’s reserved for hotel permits and pay and display only. Saying that there is a free solo motorcycle bay in the middle of The Steyne that can fit 4 or 5 bikes at a squeeze.

Free 24-hour Parking in Worthing

Even though Worthing town centre is rammed with Restricted parking Zones, (14 zones to be precise) but fortunately Worthing is smaller than you might think. So you can actually walk from one of the free parking roads in the North of the town (Congreve Road) to Worthing pier at the seafront in just under 20 minutes.

Below I have created 3 lists of free parking in Worthing for you, organised by North, East and West worthing. This way you can choose depending on which side you are arriving from.

Free Parking on the North Side of Worthing

  • Pavilion Road
  • Woodside Road
  • Henty Road
  • S Farm Road
  • Northcourt Road
  • King Edward Avenue
  • Sackville Road
  • Sackville way
  • Sackville Cresent

Free Parking on the West Side of Worthing

  • West Parade
  • Bath Road
  • Rowlands Road
  • Boundary Road
  • Manor Road
  • Heen Way
  • St Michael’s Court
  • Manor Close
  • St Michael’s Road
  • Highgrove Gardens

Free Parking on the East Side of Worthing

  • Heatherstone Road
  • Newport Mews
  • Malern Close
  • Thalassa Road
  • Brougham Road
  • Brookdean Road
  • Meadow Road
  • Seamill Park Cresent
  • Seamill Way
free parking in Worthing

Best Free Parking in Worthing for Shopping

Best Free Parking for Guildbourne Shopping centre.

Guildbourne shopping centre is Worthing’s only indoor shopping centre and is located within the top right corner of Zone A. Sadly it closes to the public at 5.45 pm every day, just 15 minutes before the free on-street parking starts.

But, they do take great care of you, as just a 2 minutes walk away is the High Street Multi-Storey Car Park that offers 2 hours of Free Parking and is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Is there Free Parking at Lidl in Worthing?

Yes, there is free parking in Lidl, Worthing for a maximum of 1 hour. their opening times are

  • 8 am to 9 pm – Monday to Saturday
  • 10 am to 4 pm – Sunday

Parking at Worthing Hospital?

Is there Free Parking at Worthing Hospital? Yes! The first 15 minutes of car Parking at Worthing hospital is free; then there are charges.

  • Blue badge holders can park in disabled bays for free
  • Up to 1 hour is £1.30
  • Up to 2 hours is £2.30
  • Up to 3 hours is £3.50
  • Up to 4 hours is £4.70
  • Up to 6 hours is £5.90
  • Up to 24 hours is £7.60
  • Additional Charges accrue beyond this stay period
  • Seven-day patients and Visitors tickets are £22.00
  • 10 pm to 7 am (Overnight stay) is £2.00
  • Motorcycles have a flat rate of £1 for any period of time.
  • There is a £10.00 charge for any lost tickets

Is there Free Parking around Worthing Hospital? There are 4 nearby roads with free parking approximately a 15-minute walk from Worthing Hospital. They are:

  • King Edward Ave
  • Sackville Road
  • Sackville Way
  • Warren Road

Is there Free Parking at the Assembly Hall Complex in Worthing?

Worthing Assembly Hall is located in the top middle of Zone A. This does mean that you can park on the street free of charge after 6 pm. But it is often busy here, so finding a space, especially in the evening if you are coming to see a concert, could be a tall order.

The Civic Centre Car Park is located just next door on the west side of Worthing Assembly hall and is open to the public:

  • FREE – After 4 pm – Monday to Friday
  • FREE – After 6 pm – Saturday and Sunday
  • Please note charges will apply from 8 am to 4 pm Mon to Frid and 8 am to 6 pm Sat and Sun.

Nearest Car Parking for Worthing Train Station

Taville Gate Car Park, Worthing. A 1-minute walk from Worthing main Railway Station

There are 3 train Stations in Worthing and car Parks, or free parking near all of them, see below for more details.

Worthing Train Station

West Worthing Train Station

  • Guildford Road – free on-street parking
  • Grand Avenue – free on-street parking
  • Brecket Road – free on-street parking

East Worthing Train Station

  • Dominion Road – free on-street parking
  • Meredith Road – free on-street parking
  • Thackeray Road – free on-street parking
  • There is no nearby car park
free parking in Worthing

Car Parks in Worthing

Beach House East Car Park, Worthing

Cheapest 4 hour Car parking in Worthing

Civic Centre car park£4.00
Beach House East car park£4.30
Beach House West car park£4.30
Teville Gate car park£4.70
Lyndhurst Road East car park£4.70
Lyndhurst Road West car park£4.70
High Street multi-storey car park£4.80
Grafton multi-storey car park£4.80
Buckingham Road multi-storey car park£4.80
NCP Union Place car park£6.00
Montague Quarter car park£7.00
Download our Free Parking Spots of Worthing on a bespoke Google map, Here

Cheapest 24 hour Car parking in Worthing

Teville Gate car park£5.50
Worthing Hospital car park£7.60
Montague Quarter car park£15.00
Grafton multi-storey car park£10.00
Buckingham Road multi-storey car park£10.00
High Street multi-storey car park£10.00
Beach House East car park£13.00
Beach House West car park£13.00
Lyndhurst Road East car park£14.00
Lyndhurst Road west car park£14.00
NCP Union Place car park£15.00

Most Central Worthing Car Parks

Here’s a list of the best and most central car parks in Worthing. Please note charges may apply.

Worthing Central Car ParksOpening Times
Teville Gate car park24-hour – Mon to Sun
Civic Centre8 am to 4 pm – Mon to Fri
8 am to 6 pm – Sat & Sun
NCP Union Place24-hour – Mon to Sun
Lyndhurst Road West6 am to 6 pm – Mon to Sun
Lyndhurst Road East6 am to 6 pm – Mon to Sun
High Street multi-storey6 am to 10 pm – Mon to Sat
6 am to 10 pm – Mon to Sun
Montague Quarter car park24-hour – Mon to Sun
Buckingham Road car park Worthing6 am to 10 pm – Mon to Sun
Grafton car park Worthing6 am to 10 pm – Mon to Sun
Lyndhurst Road west car park6 am to 6 pm – Mon to Sun
Beach House East car park6 am to 6 pm – Mon to Sun
Download our Free Parking Spots of Worthing on a helpful map, Here

Whether you are coming into town, for shopping, a meal, a gig or a concert. Or even a short vacation to enjoy the beach life. We hope this article helps you with your journey and your parking needs in Worthing.

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