Here is the Best Free Parking near London Stansted Airport – Helpful Tips for 2022

Updated: 28th March 2022

Cheap Flights are all very good and I, as I’m sure you are also glad that the airports are opening again. But we all know airport car parks ain’t cheap and a London to Stansted taxi will cost you well over £100. So we have searched all around the Stansted airport to find you free parking spots where you can leave your vehicle for a few days.

The results may not be what you first expect but they will be the cheapest option, and that’s what you are looking for. So, read on as we share with you our tips for parking for free near the Stansted airport.

Free Parking Near London Stansted Airport – 2022

Where is there Free Parking nearest to London Stansted airport? Here are some streets with free parking nearest to London Stansted airport:

  • Spencer Close
  • New Road
  • Elm Close
  • De Mandeville Road
  • Alsa Gardens

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What to Know about Parking for Free Near London Stansted Airport

The first thing to know about the Stansted airport is that you can’t just walk into it. There are 3 roads that lead to the Arrivals at Stansted, these are Thremhall Avenue, Parsonage Road, and Hall road from the northwest. Only Parsonage road has pavement alongside it and it would be a 40-minute walk along a dual carriageway. That’s not how anyone wants to start their trip. So we have taken a different approach.

Stansted airport may not be pedestrian-friendly, but it is training-friendly. And looking just 1 or 2 stops away from Stansted Airport (SSD) station, we have found some quiet public roads that are unrestricted and free to park on.

Please keep these things in mind when parking

  • Give yourself enough time to park and catch your flight
  • Do not block anyone’s driveway
  • Park near to the curb
  • Do not obstruct entrances
  • Be polite to the locals, you are after all leaving your vehicle with them.
  • Feel safe before leaving your vehicle? If not! find another spot
  • Check for signage before leaving your vehicle
  • Double-check your vehicle is locked


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Best Free Parking Spots Near Stansted Airport

Closest Free Parking to Stansted Airport via Elsenham Train Station

Elsenham railway station lies See Buy your tickets here)

  • Spencer Close
  • New Road
  • Elm Close
  • De Mandeville Road
  • Alsa Gardens
Free Parking for Gatwick Airport
via Elsenham Train Station
Total Walk,
Plus 10 min
Train Time
Alsa Gardens4 min9 mins
Alsa Leys5 mins10 mins
Spencer Close6 mins11 mins
New Rd5 mins13 mins
Elm Close4 mins13 mins
De Mandeville Rd6 mins17 mins
The above times are estimations only

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Cheapest Car Parks near London Stansted Airport

If you prefer to have a bit more security and peace of mind when leaving your car for a long period, we have listed below Stansted’s five cheapest long stay car parks starting with the cheapest.

Cheap Car Parks near
London Stansted Airport
Per Day
Welcome Break Birchanger
Green Service Station
M 11
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 5QZ
+44 330 555 4444
Novotel London Stansted Airport
Round Coppice Road
CM24 1SF
+44 1279 680800
Stansted Mountfitchet Station
Stansted Road
Stansted Mountfitchet
CM24 8BE
+44 345 050 7080
£4.00 per day
£26.00 per week
London Stansted Airport – Mid Stay
Thremhall Avenue
CM24 1PZ
+44 844 335 1803
London Stansted Airport – Short Stay Orange
Terminal Road South
CM24 1RW
+44 808 169 7031

Buy the map & let Google navigate you directly to the above, & more best free parking spots near Gatwick airport

Free Parking to Stansted Airport via Stansted Mountfitchet Railway Station

Taken 28th March 2022 Watson Way, Stanstead

You may be wondering why I have placed Stansted Mountfitchet Railway station last when it is the closest train station to Stansted Airport. I have decided to remove the following public roads due to residents complaining of the overpopulation of parked cars on the public roads they reside on.

I have received more than one email regarding Watson Way in Standsted and how it now has double yellow lines. I am grateful for these emails but do need to get them checked out. The above image of Watson Way was taken after I received emails stating it now has double yellow lines. As you can see it doesn’t.

So, this just means the residents are frustrated at people parking near their homes and Road Trip heroes is its target for their anguish.

I have also received emails in not to finer words, threatening to vandalise parked cars they don’t recognise. So if you have friends in Mountfitchet Estate, please do put a note saying you are visiting friends, so to avoid having your window wiper ripped off.

I have received many polite emails also asking What right I have recommending public roads in residential areas? The answer is a legal right.

Sourced from the RAC Legal page

A road taxpayer is allowed to park on any public road, even if this road resides in a residential area.

So, to keep the peace, I do not recommend the nearby free public roads anywhere on Mountfitchet Estate. This includes Longcroft, Maitland Road, Saint John’s Road, Saint Mary’s Drive, Priory Drive, and Mountfitchet Road.

I hope this article has helped you find free are at least the cheapest possible parking opportunities by London Stansted airport. That only leaves us to wish you a safe drive and enjoyable trip.

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I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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