Free Parking near San Diego Airport, CA




Free Parking near San Diego Airport, CA


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San Diego Airport is a popular choice in terms of where to catch a flight from for obvious reasons, but parking can be challenging and expensive to find especially when looking on a budget. Everyone knows that travelling by plane can be stressful, especially when you have no idea what to do with your car in the meantime!

What to Know about Free Parking near San Diego Airport, CA

When parking for free near San Diego Airport, California, United States, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Be polite to residents – you are after all leaving your vehicle with them
  • Do not park in front of anyone’s driveway
  • Avoid parking in front of entrances or doorways
  • Park close to the curb at all times
  • Do not double park
  • Make sure your car is locked before leaving it
  • Check the parking signage before leaving your vehicle

Where to Park for Free near San Diego Airport

If you’re looking for free parking near San Diego Airport it is challenging, but there are quite a few options available.

Many people use San Diego Airport to fly to other states to visit family, friends, or work. Since it’s a popular airport to use for continental flights, their own parking can get quite full. And while California is known for being expensive, there are a surprising number of inexpensive and even free parking options close by.

While free parking is close, you will most likely still have to get a Uber or Lift to drive to the airport, which will still cost you much less than if you parked there directly or got a rideshare to pick you up from home.

Note: Most street parking has a 72-hour limit. If you’re gone for longer, you may want to have a friend, family member, or neighbour pick up your car in the meantime.

Is there free parking near San Diego Airport? You can park for free on the following streets near San Diego Airport:

  • W. Washington St.
  • Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Robinson Ave.
  • Off 6th Ave.
  • W. Lewis St.
  • Westpark Dr.
  • Olive St.
  • Pacific Highway
  • W. Juniper St.
free parking near San Diego Airport, CA
Street NameDistance in min from San Diego Airport (drive time)
102 W Grape St.7 min.
235 Hawthorn St.8 min.
711 Robinson Ave.12 min.
134 Juniper St.8 min.
2330 Albatross St.7 min.
144 Ivy St.7 min.
420 Olive St.10 min.
2330 Pacific Highway5 min.
1002 W. Juniper St.5 min.

Cheap Lot Parking near San Diego Airport

Since free parking can occasionally fill up fast, having cheap parking as a second option can be helpful. Especially when you’re in a time crunch and can’t afford to drive in circles for half an hour waiting for a free parking spot to become available.

Cheap lot parking works similarly to free parking. Parking is available mostly for 3 days maximum, with some parking lots offering week or month-long parking options. This offers flexibility for those who may be on an extended vacation or business trip.

Is there cheap parking near San Diego Airport? You can find cheap lot parking near San Diego Airport at the following locations

  • 2454 State St.
  • 1345 5th Ave.
  • 4642 Cass St.
  • 3829 29th St.
  • 1202 Sigsbee St.
  • 3846 Grim Ave.
  • 2747 University Ave.
  • 2104 El Cajon Boulevard

Find more details including distance from the airport, as well as pricing, check out the table below:

Street AddressDistance from San Diego Airport in min. (driving time)Price per 24 hrs (unless noted otherwise)
2454 State St.6 min.$13
1345 5th Ave.9 min.$19
3829 29th St.13 min.$5
1255 5th Ave.10 min.$29
1202 Sigsbee St.11 min.$2
3846 Grim Ave.14 min.$13
2747 University Ave.13 min.$7 for 9 hours
2104 El Cajon Boulevard*13 min.$15

*El Cajon Boulevard Parking Lot also offers week-long parking as an option for $25, which may be worth it if you are staying longer than 3 days or can’t have someone pick up your car.

Cheap Street Parking near the San Diego Airport

If parking lots aren’t your thing, because you know you just have to park your car for a short period of time until someone can pick it up, then street parking may be best. There are some cheap street parking options available.

free parking near San Diego Airport, CA

Is there cheap street parking available near San Diego Airport? You can find cheap street parking near San Diego Airport on the following streets:

  • 2236 India St.
  • 2119 India St.
  • 976 W Ivy St.
  • 720 W. Juniper St.
  • 2045 Kettner Blvd.
  • 750 W. Fir St.
  • 701 W. Date St.
  • 333 W. Beech St.

All of the above-mentioned street parking costs $1.25/hr and has a 2-hour limit.

Street AddressDistance from San Diego Airport in min. (driving time)
2236 India St.6 min.
2119 India St.6 min.
976 W. Ivy St.5 min.
720 W. Juniper St.6 min.
2045 Kettner Blvd.8 min.
750 W. Fir St.9 min.
701 W. Date St.7 min.
333 W. Beech St.8 min.

As you can see from the article, there is no need to despair if you are going to be travelling by plane in San Diego and are looking for affordable parking options in the meantime. We hope that this article will be helpful to you!

Related questions:

  • Is parking free in downtown San Diego? While you can find free parking in downtown San Diego, it’s not like in other cities where you can get free parking anywhere downtown on weekends. Free parking is limited to 2 hours and after costs.
  • Can you park overnight near San Diego Airport? Yes, you can park overnight in certain parking garages in downtown San Diego.

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