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If you’ve ever been to New York City or are planning a trip there, then you’re guaranteed to hear about Central Park. Central Park is a must-see, however, parking proves to be quite a challenge!

New York City is notoriously difficult to drive in, and even more for its sky-high parking prices. New York City is expensive enough in and of itself with high food prices and hotel stays – the last thing you want to spend large amounts of money on is parking!

Keep reading on for tips on where to find free parking near Central Park, New York to prepare yourself for your next trip!

What to Know about Free Parking near Central Park, New York City

There are certain things to remember when parking for free near Central Park, New York, NY, United States, and they are:

  • Be polite to the residents, as you are kinda leaving your car with them
  • Do not block any driveways with your vehicle
  • Park near the curb to not be an obstruction to the traffic
  • Do not block any doors or entrances
  • Do not double park
  • Remember to check the parking signs before leaving your vehicle

Note: For the following streets and distances to Central Park, keep in mind that Central Park is a very large park, so the distance from the park to your parking may differ, depending on where you’re looking to enter the park.

Is there Free Parking in Central Park, NYC

Yes, there is free parking in Central Park, NYC. It may seem unlikely and even impossible, but free parking DOES exist in Central Park! You may have to get up early to park there or circle the block quite a few times, but for example, there is quite a bit of free street parking in Central Park, NYC.

Best Free Street Parking Near Central Park, NYC

Free Parking at W 76th St near to central park nyc to Central Park NYC

If you’re looking for free street parking near Central Park, NYC then this list will be a lifesaver for you!

Is there free parking near Central Park, NYC? You can park for free on the following streets near Central Park, NYC:

  • Central Park W
  • W 77th St.
  • W 76th St.
  • W 81st St.
  • W 82nd St.
  • W 83rd St.
  • W 84th St.
  • W 86th St.

To get a better idea of the walking involved from Central Park to your free street parking, check out the table below.

Street NameDistance to Central Park in min
Central Park W2 min
W 77th St.8 min
W 76th St.7 min
W 81st St.7 min
W 82nd St.8 min
W 83rd St.10 min
W 84th St.7 min
W 86th St.8 min

Self Parking near Central Park

Outside of free street parking, there are plenty of inexpensive self-parking options near Central Park. For example, there is metered parking near Central Park, and the prices aren’t terrible.

Note: Most of the metered parking near Central Park is free for the first two hours. Afterward, it’s best to either re-park or fill the meter.

You can park inexpensively using meters on the following streets near Central Park, NYC:

  • Columbus Ave.
  • W 72nd St.
  • W 48th St.
  • W 86th St.
  • Broadway
  • W 72nd St.
  • W 61st St.

Even with small children, walking from metered parking to Central Park is doable. Look at the following table to see what walking time you can expect in order to get to inexpensive self-parking near Central Park

Street NameWalking Distance in min.
Columbus Ave.6 min.
W 72nd St.11 min.
W 48th St.26 min.
W 86th St.8 min.
Broadway15 min.
W 72nd St.11 min.
W 61st St.12 min.

Cheap Parking near Central Park, New York

If you’re looking for other options outside of metered or free street parking, there are plenty of garages offering parking near Central Park, New York.

You can park in garages for safe and secure parking on the below streets near Central Park, New York:

  • 251 W 62nd St.
  • 305 E 80th St.
  • 101 W 56th St.
  • Savoy Garage
  • 800 5th Ave.
  • 135 E 71st St.
  • 222 E 69th St.
  • 200 East Parking Corp (Valet)

Keep in mind that cheap in New York City looks different from cheap in other cities and that if you choose to use valet parking to add a tip.

Cheap parking in garages near Central Park, New York:

Street NameWalking Distance from Central
Park in min.
Price per hour or day
251 W 62nd St.10 min.$12.67/ 12 hrs
305 E 80th St.15 min.$17/hr $42/day
101 W 56th St.5 min.$28.72/hr $67.60/day
Savoy Garage11 min.$22/hr $52/day
800 5th Ave.1 min.$30/hr $63/day
135 E 71st St.9 min.$30/hr $61/day
222 E 69th St.11 min.$25/hr $47/day
200 East Parking Corp11 min.$20.75/hr $40/day

Best Parking for Central Park, New York

The Best Parking for a trip to Central Park, New York is at 115 E 87th St. which is a 10-minute walk from Central Park, which offers a great 2 hour deal for $29.

Another way to keep pricing low for parking near Central Park, New York is to take advantage of early-bird specials which occur if you park before 10 am. This can add to significant cost savings.

Related Questions

What is there to do in Central Park for Free? Central Park is considered a free tourist attraction. Stroll around the park, scale the Bedrock, visit the Belvedere Castle or check out the Strawberry Fields Forever Memorial dedicated to the Beatles. There are also several low-cost things to do in Central Park, as well.

Can you drive through Central Park? There are several options to drive through Central Park, however, some are restricted. If you would like to drive through Central Park, you can use the Center, West, and 72nd Cross Street Drives. Driving is only allowed during weekdays and is closed on weekends.

Can you drive through Central Park at night? Driving through Central Park is only allowed until 7 pm using the Center Drive entrance. Otherwise, driving is limited until 10 am. No driving past 7 pm is allowed in Central Park at night.

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