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Tourists visit Shrewsbury, UK, often because of the famous medieval market in the heart of town. However, there is much more to see in the area than just the market. Shrewsbury is a buzzing town that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year due to its rich cultural heritage. But finding free or even reasonably priced parking here can be very challenging.

In this post, we will share tips we have found on where to park in Shrewsbury, cheaply and even for free.

Free Car Parks in Shrewsbury Town Centre, Shropshire

Parking is free in the Shrewsbury council-owned car parks after 6 pm and before 8 am. See the chart below and remember to leave or pay if your

  • Abbey Foregate car park
  • Bridge Street car park
  • Frankwell Quay car park
  • Frankwell Riverside car park
  • St Julian Friars car park
  • St Austin’s Street car park
  • Mill Street car park
Car ParkPostcode
Abbey ForegateSY2 6AH
Bridge StreetSY1 1QU
Frankwell QuaySY3 8HQ
Frankwell RiversideSY3 8JR
St Julian FriarsSY1 1XN
St Austin’s StreetSY1 1SA
Quarry Swimming
and Fitness Centre
Mill StreetSY4 5DD
Frankwell Quay Car Park to Shrewsbury town centre – 9 mins

On Sundays and Bank Holidays, free parking is offered in the car parks listed below in Shrewsbury:

Car parkingPostcode
Abbey ForegateSY2 6AH
Mill StreetSY4 5DD
Frankwell QuaySY3 8HQ
Frankwell RiversideSY3 8JR

Free On-Street Parking near Shrewsbury Town Centre

Where can I park for free in Shrewsbury, UK? The following streets offer un-restricted FREE parking spots nearest to Shrewsbury town centre:

  • Tankerville Street
  • Wilfred Owen Close
  • Whitehall Street
  • King Streets
  • Bishop Street
  • Canon Street
  • Crowmere Rd
  • Betton Street
  • Dark Lane

See below for more, along with postcodes

Free Street Parking
near Shrewsbury
Canon StreetSY2 5HQ
Clifford StreetSY2 5EU
Bishop StreetSY2 5HD
Dark LaneSY2 5LP
Belvidere WalkSY2 5LT
Belvidere AvenueSY2 5PA
Newpark RoadSY1 2SW
Hotspur StreetSY1 2PZ
Percy StreetSY1 2QF

Free Parking near Shrewsbury Train Station

Potentially Benyon St, Burton St, and North Street, however not been able to tell from our research on Google maps,, Google, or Parkopedia if these are free to park on. If you have another way to check or find out, they are free to include them.

Cheapest Car Parks in Shrewsbury

Please see below the cheapest car parks in Shrewsbury that Road Trip Heroes could find for you!

Car ParkPost
 Parking ChargesFree Parking
Abbey Foregate Car ParkSY2 6AH50p per hour  
Max £4 a day
6 pm – 8 am and Sundays/Bank Holidays
Bridge Street Car ParkSY1 1QU£1.80 per hour6 pm – 8 am
Frankwell Quay Car ParkSY3 8HQ70p per hour  Max £5.60 a day6 pm – 8 am and Sundays/Bank Holidays
Frankwell Riverside Car ParkSY3 8JR70p per hour  Max £2.10 3 hrs6 pm – 8 am and Sundays/Bank Holidays
St Julian’s FriarsSY1 1XN £1 per hour6 pm – 8 am and Sundays. 50p p/h Bank Holidays

Park and Ride in Shrewsbury  

There are three parks and ride locations in the Shrewsbury area that allow you to take advantage of free parking and low-cost bus trips into the town centre. All of the buses are handicapped accessible and can accommodate pushchairs. From 7:20 am to 6:30 pm, buses operate every 20 minutes (Saturdays at 8 am).

Park and Ride SiteAddress      Ticket Type  Price
 Oxen Park & RideSY3 5ADAdult Day Return£2.00
Meole Brace Park & RideYO26 6QFStudents of
Shrewsbury College
Harelscott Park & RideSY1 4HAWeekly Ticket£8.00
  Monthly Ticket£30.00

Just Park

Alternatively, try Just Park, it’s an app where people hire out their driveways and more at a very reasonable price. It is one of the more convenient methods to finding a cheeky parking spot, often closer to the town centre of Shrewsbury than most parking options.

Rated five stars with an average satisfaction rating of 96%, JustPark is the UK’s favourite parking service, bar Road Trip Heroes, of course, lol.

Here are our top 2 picks from Just Park:

  • Shrewsbury Station – 35 reservable spaces 
  • Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology – 19 reservable spaces

Free Motorcycle Parking in Shrewsbury

You may park your motorcycle for free in designated motorcycle bays at any council-run car park. 

If this is not the case and a conventional parking bay must be utilised, daily fees will be charged through MiPermit.

Free Disabled Parking in Shrewsbury

As of 23rd November 2021, more parking places have been allotted to blue badge holders. As part of new traffic arrangements on Saturdays and Sundays, when the heart of Shrewsbury is restricted to through traffic from 10 am to 4 pm. According to Shropshire Council, blue badge holders who park in handicapped bays before 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays will not be charged if they are still there when the road closure goes into effect.

There are free disabled bays at the following locations:

Street ParkingPostcodeAvailable
Princess StreetSY1 1LPSeven days a week
Claremont StreetSY1 1QGSeven days a week
Castle StreetSY1 2BQSeven days a week
St Mary’s StreetSY1 1DSSeven days a week
DogpoleSY1 1ENSeven days a week
RoushillSY1 1PNSeven days a week
Beeches LaneSY1 1TZSeven days a week
ShoplatchSY1 1HF    Seven days a week
St Mary’s PlaceSY1 1DZSeven days a week

Parking is free at the above locations if a Blue Badge is displayed. Please note that blue badge holders are not permitted to park for free in Shropshire Council-run car parks, also normal car parking charges apply for the designated disabled parking spaces in Raven Meadows multi-storey and in Abbey Foregate car park.

Hotels in Shrewsbury with Free Parking

If you are visiting Shrewsbury and looking to stay overnight, a few hotels in the area provide free parking.

Our top picks are:

Best Motorhome Parking in Shrewsbury

If you are visiting Shrewsbury in your motorhome, All council parking parks in Shrewsbury that do not have height limitations are open to motorhomes, although there are no designated motorhome bays:

  • Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, (SY1 1QU)
  • Bridge Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, (SY3 8HQ)

If your motorhome’s wheels cannot fit into a single marked vehicle parking space, you must acquire a pay-and-display ticket for each bay used for the duration of your stay.

If you cannot park your motorhome in Shrewsbury town centre or are worried about parking, think about using the Park and Ride service listed above.

About Shrewsbury

On your visit to one of Shropshire’s most popular towns, Shrewsbury is jam-packed with nature, history, and shopping to keep you engaged.

The Quarry, which is nestled on 29 acres near the River Severn, is ideal for people searching for some green space. It’s a great place to go for a walk, have a picnic, or simply relax with a nice book. If you appreciate discovering new flowers, the Quarry, which also hosts the Shrewsbury Flower Show, will provide a colourful display.

There are a variety of independent cafés as well as well-known high-street businesses where you may eat. Take a stroll around Shrewsbury’s cobblestone streets to experience what this charming town has to offer.

 I hope you found this a helpful article, and I hope it helps you find free parking in and around Shrewsbury. If you’re travelling around the UK, why don’t you check out our other article on free parking nearby Shrewsbury?

Enjoy your visit, and happy parking!

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