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Swansea, Wales


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Swansea in South Wales is one of the most historic cities in the United Kingdom, filled with a combination of ancient sites such as castles and ruins, as well as buzzing contemporary restaurants, galleries, and nightlife. So it’s not surprising that car parking in Swansea can be difficult and expensive. We aim to make your life easier when it comes to finding great parking spots.

Free Parking near Swansea City Centre

Where is there free parking in Swansea City? Free parking is available on the following streets in Swansea without restrictions:

FREE Street Parking in SwanseaPostcode
St Helen’s AvenueSA1 4NF
Wheatfield TerraceSA1 6FS
Baptist Well PlaceSA1 6FD
Watkin StreetSA1 6YD
Harcourt StreetSA1 6JF
free parking at Wheatfield Terrance to Swansea city centre

In this Guide, you’ll Find:

  • Free parking near Swansea City centre
  • Cheapest Car Parks in Swansea
  • Park & Ride Swansea
  • Just Park
  • Free Motorcycle Parking in Swansea
  • Free Disabled Parking in Swansea
  • Hotels with Free Parking in Swansea
  • Motorhome parking in Swansea
  • About Swansea

What to Know about Parking near Swansea

If you look hard enough, as we have done on your behalf, you can find some streets where you can park for free. But when doing so, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Do not park in front of any driveways
  • Do not to block entrances or driveways
  • Park your vehicle straight and close to the curb
  • Be polite to the locals
  • Check for parking signs before leaving your vehicle

In Swansea, you may park for free in the Civic Centre (East Car Park), which provides two hours of free parking every visit.

Is there free parking in Swansea on Sunday? On Sundays, you may also park for free at the following car parks in Swansea:

Street ParkingPostcode
Quadrant MSCPSA1 3QR
St David’s MSCPSA1 3LQ
High Street MSCPSA1 1NS
Pocketts WharfSA1 3XL
Trawler RoadSA1 1XZ
Mariner StreetSA1 5BA
Paxton StreetSA1 3SA

Cheapest Car Parks in Swansea

Swansea’s free car parking might be difficult to come by. Please check the list below for the cheapest Swansea car parks that Road Trip Heroes could locate for you!

Car ParkSpaces Parking ChargesFree Parking
Parc Tawe328 £1 an hour
(max 3 hours)
3 Hours
Civic Centre
East Visitors Car Park
122 £7 a day2 Hours
Ivey Place
Car Park
716  £6 a dayN/A
Oxford Street Car Park116 £3.50 (3hrs)N/A

Park and Ride in Swansea

Free parking is available at two Park and Ride spots in the Swansea region, and low-cost bus rides into the city are available from both locations.

Almost all buses are wheelchair accessible and provide enough space for pushchairs to travel comfortably. On Monday through Saturday, buses run every fifteen minutes between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

A total of 550 parking spots are available on Fabian Way, including 23 disabled parking spaces and cycle racks, whereas Landore has 550 parking spaces available, including 25 handicapped parking places.

Park and Ride SiteAddress      Ticket Type  Price
Fabian Way Park & RideSA1 8LD Family of 4 return  £1  
Landore Park & RideSA1 2JTCurrently, parking a car all-day
and returning bus transportation
for up to four passenger’s costs
£2.50 (which has been decreased
to £1 at the time of this article
(December 2021).

Just Park

The Just Park app offers a very low-cost parking alternative, allowing users to rent out their driveways and other parking places to other vehicles. A cheeky parking place is generally easier to get because it is closer to Swansea city centre than most other parking alternatives.

JustPark, with five stars and a 96 per cent satisfaction rating, is the most popular parking service in the United Kingdom, barring Road Trip Heroes, of course.

Just Park’s top three selections are as follows:

  • Swansea Station – 215 reservable spaces
  • Swansea Market – 143 reservable spaces
  • Swansea Enterprise Park – 38 reservable space

Free Motorcycle Parking in Swansea

Those arriving in Swansea by motorbike or scooter may wish to consider where they will park before setting off on their journey. The following parking garages provide dedicated motorbike parking spaces that are completely free of charge:

Motorcycle ParkingPostcode
Loughor Foreshore Car ParkSA4 6TW
Singleton Boating Lake Car ParkSA2 8PY
Baths Car ParkSA1 4PQ
360 Car ParkSA2 0AS
Clyne Gardens Car ParkSA3 3BS
The Quarry Car ParkSA3 4BX
The Dairy Car ParkSA3 4BX
Park Street East Car ParkSA1 3DJ
Park Street West Car ParkSA1 3DF

Free Disabled Parking in Swansea

Swansea does not provide free disability parking; however, you may take advantage of discounted parking.

Since all of the car parks in this area have designated disability parking spaces. Reduced parking fees are available at pay-and-display car parks if your vehicle is equipped with a Blue Badge. Select the Blue Badge option when paying at the machine.

Street ParkingPostcodeAvailable
Pocketts Wharf Car ParkSA1 3XLSeven days a week
The Quarry Car ParkSA3 4BXSeven days a week
Northampton Lane Car ParkSA1 3DFSeven days a week
Oxford Street Car ParkSA1 3AZSeven days a week

Hotels in Swansea with Free Parking

If you are visiting Swansea for a weekend, or even just a mini-break, and want to stay overnight, there are a few hotels in the region that offer complimentary parking for their guests.

Our top selections for hotels with free parking are as follows:

  • Mercure Swansea
  • Premier Inn Swansea North Hotel
  • Norton House Hotel
  • Swansea Marriott Hotel

Best Motorhome Parking in Swansea

If you’re taking your motorhome to Swansea, you’ll need a parking space.

If you are unable to park your motorhome in Swansea city centre or are concerned about parking, the above-mentioned park-and-ride services and car parks do accept and accommodate motorhomes.

The city’s car parks are divided into three distinct zones; please view the finest motorhome parking below:


  • Mariner Street SA1 5BA – 116 spaces, no barrier.
  • Paxton Street SA1 3SA – 331 spaces, no barrier.

Beach and Promenade

  • Clyne Gardens SA3 5AS – 138 spaces, no barrier.
  • Caswell Bay SA3 3BS – 150 spaces, no barrier.


  • Morriston – Treharne Road SA6 7AA – 90 spaces.
  • Clydach – Vardre Road SA6 5LP – 35 spaces.

About Swansea

As the second-largest city in Wales after Cardiff, Swansea offers an array of activities, ranging from taking in the five miles of coastline to visiting offbeat pubs and seeing the city’s countless museums.

Swansea boasts a variety of green spaces, parks, and children’s play areas to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it an ideal destination for families. Swansea will not let you down when it comes to shopping opportunities. Among the many high-street names to explore are independent enterprises and boutiques, as well as local firms.

I hope you found this post informative and that it helped you find free parking in Swansea and the surrounding area. If you’re staying in the UK, why not check out our other article on free parking near Swansea?

Enjoy your visit, and happy parking!

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