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Syracuse is home to a dozen convention sites making it a primary choice for large companies to hold their annual conventions. This popularity also means that unfortunately, parking is difficult to find – and let’s not even talk about free parking! New York is well known for its skyscrapers and sky-high prices, which means that finding inexpensive and free parking is a goldmine. This article will help you feel confident in finding parking that won’t break the bank.

Free Parking in Syracuse, NY

Suppose you’ve ever been to a city while a convention is going on. In that case, you’ll know that restaurants are packed, there are large crowds everywhere, and getting a reservation ANYWHERE is nearly impossible. And that’s the case if there’s only one convention in town! Syracuse has several convention centers, meaning that the probability of several conventions co-occurring is very likely.

A large number of conventions means a vast number of people, which translates to very little parking. So, this is why it’s so important to know where free parking can be found. And free parking is scarce in Syracuse.

Each parking location is measured in walking distance from a central location. In this case, that location is the Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center.

Is there free parking in Syracuse, NY? You can park for free in Syracuse, NY, at the following locations:

  • 137 W. Washington St.
  • 222 Walton St.
  • 320 W. Jefferson St.
  • 430 E. Washington St. (free for customers)
Free Parking on 430 E Washington St, Syracuse, NY 13202, USA
Street Address/NameWalking Distance in mins from
Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
137 W. Washington St.14 min
222 Walton St.21 min
320 W. Jefferson St.22 min
430 E. Washington St.14 min

When using free parking, keep in mind that most parking is free only for a limited time. Most parking is free for 2 hours. It pays (literally) to double-check.

What you need to know about parking in Syracuse, NY

When you park for free in Syracuse, NY, you’ll want to keep a few guidelines in mind due to a good amount of free and cheap parking being in residential areas:

  • Respect residents, especially since you’re leaving your car with them
  • Try not to park in front of someone’s driveway – it’s proper parking etiquette
  • Try not to park in front of entrances or doorways
  • Park close to the curb so other cars can pass
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your vehicle before leaving it – peace of mind is priceless
  • Look for parking signs before leaving your vehicle (some will explain the details of parking)

Cheap Street Parking in Syracuse, NY

While free street parking may be challenging to find, cheap street parking is more abundantly available. Most of the street parking in Syracuse is metered parking, which can be paid for by credit card or change. Many often also allow drivers to use their phones to pay via mobile app. Metered parking is usually much cheaper than garage parking, making it quite popular. It’s also often more conveniently located.

Is there cheap street parking in Syracuse, NY? You can find cheap street parking at the following addresses:

  • 254 Montgomery St.
  • 221 S. Warren St.
  • 220 S. Salina St.
  • 100 E. Washington St.
  • 327 E. Water St.
  • 101 Market St.
  • 198 E. Genesee St.
  • 110 W. Fayette St.
  • 300 S. Clinton St.
  • 298 W. Jefferson St.
Cheap street parking at 101 Market St, Syracuse, NY 13202, USA
Street Address/NameWalking Distance in mins from
Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
254 Montgomery St.14 min
221 S. Warren St.14 min
220 S. Salina St.15 min
100 E. Washington St.14 min
327 E. Water St.11 min
101 Market St.13 min
198 E. Genesee St.12 min
110 W. Fayette St.16 min
300 S. Clinton St.17 min
298 W. Jefferson St.21 min

Cheap Lot Parking in Syracuse, NY

A third option is always lot or garage parking. This option is often the most expensive of all options, however, there are also inexpensive lot or garage parking options available in Syracuse, NY.

There are benefits associated with parking in a garage. For example, you’re more likely to find a parking spot even if you’re under time pressure since there is a larger number of parking spots available. Additionally, there’s added security both for the driver as well as the vehicle. Parking garages often have someone at the entrance keeping an eye out, or they may have several security cameras keeping an eye on the place. It also shields cars from any kind of hazardous weather. Last but not least, there are also often longer parking periods available.

Is there cheap lot parking in Syracuse, NY? You can find cheap lot parking in Syracuse, NY at the following addresses:

  • 516 E. Water St.
  • 401 E. Washington St.
  • 300 E. Fayette St.
  • 600 E. Genessee St.
  • 216 E. Washington St.
  • 100 Clinton Square
  • 316 S. Clinton St.
  • 401 S. Clinton St.
  • 256 W. Fayette St.
  • 231 Harrison St.
Cheap Lot Parking in 516 E Water St, Syracuse, NY 13202, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking Distance in min from
Saint Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
Price per 2 hrs
516 E. Water St.13 min$5
401 E. Washington St.13 min$8
300 E. Fayette St.15 min$4
600 E. Genessee St.19 min$3.75
216 E. Washington St.14 min$6
100 Clinton Square15 min$6
316 S. Clinton St.18 min$10
401 S. Clinton St.18 min$5
256 W. Fayette St.18 min$6
231 Harrison St.22 min$4

We hope this article helps you feel more comfortable and confident for the next trip you have to Syracuse, NY!

Related Questions:

What side do you park on in Syracuse? Syracuse uses a specific parking system. The city uses odd-even street parking, meaning that as a driver you should park on the side of the street with the addresses.

Is there free parking at Syracuse Airport? There is limited free parking at Syracuse Airport. The only place where there is free parking is in the cell phone lot in the Observation Area. However, you can’t leave your vehicle unattended at that lot.

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