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Free Parking in Whitby UK

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Fancy a day trip or overnight stay in the stunning North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby? You’re not the only one and parking in this little medieval town can be challenging at the best of times. But it is possible and I have visited, researched, and hunted out the hidden places where you can park for free in Whitby.

Free Parking in Whitby, UK

Keep an eye out for restricted parking areas marked only at the entrances of the road
& Not at the curbside

If you are planning to visit Whitby for the day and wish to save on paying expensive car park fees, Here are the roads in Whitby where you can park for free:

  • Falcon Terrace
  • Gledhill Drive
  • Saint Andrews Road
  • Saint Mary’s Crescent
  • Station Avenue
  • Kirkham Road
  • Mulgrave Crescent
  • Mulgrave Road
  • Valley Road

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What to Know Before Parking for Free in Whitby

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when parking for free in Whitby as well as many other places, especially if these are on residential roads. I list them below

  1. Do not park in front of anyone’s driveway
  2. Do not block anyone’s garage or entrance
  3. Avoid Double parking your vehicle
  4. Make sure your vehicle is locked
  5. Always park straight and within 30 centimetres of the curb
  6. Check the signage before leaving your vehicle

There are other things to take into consideration, see my How to Park like a Pro post for more great tips.

Free Car Parking in Whitby, UK – 2022

Whitby is a tranquil little town with golden sand beaches that is easily accessible via the A174 and A171 when travelling from the North or West of the UK, and via the A169 when arriving from the south. Parking, once you get here, is where the challenge starts. But I share below my discoveries of the best parking spots in Whitby.

Where to Find Free Parking in Whitby

No matter whether you are looking for free parking near the West Cliff, Sandsend, High Stakesby area, or even, just the harbour side of Saltwick Bay. I have found unrestricted parking places for you.

Here are roads in Whitby that offer free parking:

  • Sandsend Road
  • Meadowfield
  • Captain Cook Crescent
  • Saint Mary’s Crescent
  • Pembroke Way
  • White Point Avenue
  • Saint Andrews Road
  • Lyndhurst Close

Be careful not to park on any of the restricted parking roads or zones in Whitby. Be sure to check for parking signs before leaving your vehicle. Or, I have done the hard work for you and not only searched out all the best roads where you don’t have to pay.

But I have put them on a map, so, you can let our maps navigate you directly to your unrestricted parking spot in Whitby. Buy Here

Free Parking near Whitby Abbey

There are fewer roads on the Saltwick Bayside of Whitby, and it is to the north of Saltwick Bay, by the edge of the cliff that you can find the medieval ruins of Whitby Abbey, where they have stood for over 1360 years.

Free Parking near Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach is a 2-mile sand beach located north of Whitby town, to the left of Whitby harbour. The best free parking options are mainly for the Eastern half of the beach. This is because there is little access to the west side of Whitby Beach down the sandstone cliffs.

The streets with unrestricted parking nearest to Whitby Beach are:

  • Well Close Terrace
  • Spring Vale
  • Newton Street
  • Walker Street
  • Lyndhurst Close
  • Marlborough Avenue
  • Windsor Terrace – South End

There is a couple more option on the very West side of Whitby Beach, by the dog-friendly Sandsend Beach. These roads are:

  • Meadowfield
  • Sandsend Road

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking in Whitby? Click Here

Free Parking nearest to Whitby Town Center

Free Parking nearest to Whitby Town Center

Whitby is a beautiful but quite small place at just under 2 miles from north to south. This means that The Whitby town centre, station, hospital Abbey and even the Captain Cook memorial museum, are within a 20-minute walk from each other.

This is good news when it comes to finding nice spots where you can park for free as now a lot of the free parking suggestions have multiple destinations they can be used for. But finally, to answer your question.

The best FREE parking spots nearest to Whitby town centre are:

  • Spring Vale
  • Newton Street
  • Walker Street
  • Gray Street
  • Falcon Terrace
  • Kirkham Road
  • Kirkham Close
  • George Street

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking in Whitby? Click Here

Free Parking near Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour can be reached from 2 sides, the West Cliff on the Westside and Saltwick Bay on the Eat side. The majority of Parking paid and unpaid is found on the West Cliffside. The best FREE parking nearest to Whitby harbour can be found on:

  • Newton Street – Westside
  • Spring Vale – Westside
  • Station Avenue – Westside
  • Lyndhurst Close – Westside
  • Cleveland Terrace – Westside
  • Gledhill Drive – Westside
  • The Ropery – Eastside
  • Saint Mary’s Crescent – Eastside
  • Captain Cook Crescent – Eastside

Download our map to be navigated straight to your chosen free parking spot

Free Overnight Parking in Whitby

All the roads given above for unrestricted free parking in Whitby by the Beach, town centre or Harbour are also available for overnight parking. But just to recap. The best overnight free parking in Whitby can be found on the following roads:

  • Newton Street
  • Walker Street
  • Marlborough Avenue
  • Windsor Terrace – South End
  • Spring Vale – Westside
  • Station Avenue – Westside
  • Lyndhurst Close – Westside
  • Cleveland Terrace – Westside

Download our map to be navigated straight to your chosen free parking spot

Free Parking in Whitby After 6 pm

As well as all the above-mentioned free residential roads. There are also many car parks in Whitby that are free to park in the evening after 6 pm, these are:

  • Pavilion Drive
  • West Cliff
  • Pavilion Top
  • St Hilda’s Terrance
  • Endeavour Wharf
  • Marina Front
  • Church Street
  • Abbey Headland
  • Whitby Community Hospital
Name of Car ParkAddressNo SpacesFree from
Pavilion DriveNorth Terrace, Whitby, YO21 3EN636 pm to 9 am
West CliffRoyal Crescent, Whitby, YO21 3EG4246 pm to 9 am
Pavilion TopNorth Terrace, Whitby, YO21 3EN626 pm to 9 am
St Hilda’s TerraceBack St Hilda’s Terrace, Whitby, YO21 3AE206 pm to 9 am
Whitby Community Hospital
Visitors Only
Spring Hill, Whitby, YO21 1EE4224 hours a day
7 days a week
Endeavour WharfLangbourne Road, Whitby, YO21 1YN2506 pm to 9 am
Marina FrontLangbourne Road, Whitby, YO21 1YN936 pm to 9 am
Church StreetChurch Street, Whitby, YO22 4AS856 pm to 9 am
Abbey HeadlandAbbey Lane, Whitby, YO22 4JT4156 pm to 9 am

Free Motorcycle Bays in Whitby

Here are the designated motorcycle bays in Whitby:

  • Cliff Street Car Park
  • West Cliff Car Park
  • Marina Front Car Park
  • Marina Back Car Park
  • Pavilion Drive

Cheapest Car Parks in Whitby

A lot of the council car parks in Whitby only are pay and display from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Sunday. So the below 24-hour prices include the maximum daily parking fee plus the free outside of these hours. Please check the parking signs before leaving your vehicle.

Here are the cheapest 4, 8 and 24-hour car parks in Whitby for you to choose from

Cheapest Car Park in Whitby, UKUp to 4 hoursUp to 8 Hours Up to 24 Hours
The Co-operative Food£5.00N/AN/A
ZZPS Ltd.£5.50£8.50£8.50
Marina Harbour£5.00 £7.00£7.00
Marina Front£5.50 £9.00£9.00
Endeavour Wharf£5.50 £9.00 £9.00
Marina Back£5.50 £9.00 £9.00
Church Street£7.00 £9.00£9.00
Abbey Headland£7.00 £9.00 £9.00
West Cliff£7.00 £9.00 £9.00
Download our map for all the above locations and free roads navigated on a map for you.

Free Parking Permits to Visitors to Whitby

As of writing this article, the North Yorkshire county council are giving away free parking permits to visitors, and they can be picked up from the Tourist information centre on Langbourne Road.

Whitby Tourist Information Centre

Langborne Road,


YO21 1DN

tel:  01723 383636

Whitby Park & Ride – Ditch the Car

Whitby Park and Ride
Whitby Park and Ride

Whitby has the Low Stakesby Park and Ride to the southwest of town and it is just a 12-minute bus ride on the P1 bus into town to the North terminal by Whitby beach. Click here for a live timetable of the P1 bus from the park and ride into Whitby.

Do you just want a Map of the Best Parking in Whitby? Click Here

Great Things to Do in Whitby, UK

I hope this article has helped you find the FREE parking solution you were looking for. That just leaves me to wish you a safe drive and an enjoyable break in the beautiful and very friendly town of Whitby in North Yorkshire.

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