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If you are like me, finding parking in a new city without paying a small fortune is very hard and can be very frustrating. This is a terrible way to start a visit or trip, so I have gone to Yorkshire and hunted out the best roads where you can park for free in York, and I share that valuable information with you below.

Free Parking in York, UK – 2023

So, Where can you park for free in York, UK? Here are roads in York where you can park for free.

  • Albemarle Road
  • Barstow Avenue
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Railway Terrace
  • Milson Grove
  • Aldreth Grove
  • Adelaide Street
  • Sutherland Street
  • Garth Terrace

Read on as I share in much greater detail different areas and amenities you may wish to park near for absolutely no charge.

What to Know about Free Parking in York, UK

We have visited and researched all four corners of York for the best free parking spots to recommend. Most of our suggestions are free public residential roads, where there are a few things to remember to park safely and legally. These are:

  • Park near the curb
  • Do not block anyone’s driveway
  • Do not park in front of entrances or block doorways.
  • Be polite to the locals. You are, after all, leaving your vehicle with them.
  • Make sure you feel safe to leave your vehicle where you have chosen, if not, move!
  • Check the signage before leaving your car

Free Parking Near York Minster

Free parking in York, at scarborough terrace near to York minster

York Minster is located on the north side, within the old city walls of York, where there is no free parking. The nearest roads to York Minister with free parking are:

  • Grosvenor Road
  • Scarborough Terrace
  • Huntington Mews
  • Ratcliffe Street
  • Greenfields
  • Surtees Street
  • Cromer Street
  • Garth Terrace
  • Burton Stone Lane
  • Ashville Street

Free Parking near York University

There are residential roads to the north side of York University Campus, and all are within a 5 to 10-minute stroll from the uni.

Is there free parking near York University? There are many residential roads with free parking on the north side of York University, and they are:

  • Barstow Avenue
  • Garrow Hill Avenue
  • Siward Street
  • Lamel Street
  • Norman Street
  • Milson Grove
  • Lilac Avenue
  • Hadrian Avenue
  • Wycliffe Avenue

Free Parking near York Hospital

The York district hospital is located on the north side of the old city walls just between Filey Terrace and Wigginton Road, York YO31 8HE. I have found 15 great roads with free parking and within a 5-minute walk of the north entrance to York Hospital.

Is there free parking near York Hospital? Here are roads to the north of York Hospital, that are free to park on.

  • Scarborough Terrace
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Filey Terrace
  • Lumley Road
  • Ratcliffe Street
  • Garth Terrace
  • Surtees Street
  • Cromer Street

Free Parking near York Station

Is there free parking near the York train station? I have found 8 roads with free parking just a 5-minute walk to York station. These roads are:

  • Railway Terrace
  • Saint Paul’s Terrace
  • Wilton Rise
  • Windmill Rise
  • Holly Bank Road
  • Collingwood Avenue
  • Hamilton Drive
  • Albemarle Road

FREE Parking in York City Center is Possible

And, We Know Where;

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free parking in york map

Free Parking near York Crown Court,

York Crown Court is located just on the south side of the inner York walls. Although, at first, it seems like you will have to put your hand in your wallet for this one. But, with just a 15 to 20-minute walk, you don’t have to.

You have two options, depending on which side of the river you are coming from. The first six roads I found with free parking near the court are approximately a 10-minute walk over Skeldergate Bridge on the west side of the Ouse River.

If you are coming from the Southeast up the A19, I found nine excellent little residential roads near the Sainsbury local on Fulford Road.

Is there free parking near York Crown Court? I have found roads with free parking approximately a 15-minute walk south of York crown court. These roads are:

  • Saint Clement’s Grove
  • Aldreth Grove
  • Cameron Grove
  • Finsbury Street
  • Butcher Terrace
  • Terry Street
  • Brunswick Street
  • Queen Victoria Street
  • Sutherland Street

Free Motorcycle & Moped Parking in York

Here are motorcycle and moped bays and roads that I found in York where you can park your motorbike or moped for free:

  • Cumberland Street – approx. 8-space M/C bay
  • Denis Street – approx. 10-space M/C bay
  • Piccadilly – approx. 10-space M/C bay
  • Railway Terrace – On-street
  • Albemarle Road – On-street
  • Grosvenor Road – On-street
  • Barstow Avenue – On-street
  • Adelaide Street – On-street
  • Scarborough Terrace – On-street

Free Disabled Parking in York

You can park for free within the city walls of York and the following car parks with a clearly displayed blue badge in the following locations:

  • Tower St – Bay 1 & Bay 2
  • Castle Car Park – Free to blue badge holders
  • Bootham Row Car Park – Free to blue badge holders
  • Esplanade Car Park
  • Marygate Car Park
  • Foss Bank Car Park
  • Coppergate Centre Car Park
  • Nunnery Lane Car Park
  • Monk Bar Car Park
  • Union Terrace Car Park

When Can I NOT Pay to Park in York City Centre

Free Parking at Railway Terrace york near to York city centre
Free Parking at Railway Terrace, York, UK. Near to York City centre

Do you have to pay for Parking in York? Unless you have a motorcycle, moped, or disabled badge, you must pay to park within the city walls of York. There are roads where you can park for free on the outskirts of the York City walls; these roads are:

  • Saint Clement’s Grove
  • Railway Terrace
  • Saint Paul’s Terrace
  • Windsor Street
  • Holly Bank Road
  • Wenlock Terrace
  • Windsor Street
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Wilton Rise

How Much is the Park and Ride in York?

Where are the park and rides in York? There are six parks and ride car parks surrounding York on the North, East, South, and West side of greater York; they are:

  • Rawcliffe Bar
  • Poppleton Bar
  • Askham Bar 
  • Designer Outlet 
  • Grimston Bar 
  • Monks Cross

These park and rides run a bus service to and from York city centre.

How much is the park and ride in York? The park-and-ride car parks in York are free to park on, but there are charges to use the bus in York. You can see prices for the York Park and Ride bus fares into town on the chart below.

Car ParkingBus & Ride
into York
Adult One-Day SingleFREE£2.50
Adult One-Day SingleFREE£3.30
Single ConcessionFREE£1.20
Group Ticket
(Up to 5 people)
Adult (week)
Adult (Month)
Day Return
17 -18 years old
Day Return
Park & Ride Ticket
FREEFive days – £14.75
Ten days – £29.00
2- days – £58.00
Sourced from

Although there are only three motorcycle bays within the York Walls, they are all very large bays that can fit between 8 to 10 bikes each. You can also park your motorcycle on any road without restricted parking zones.

If you would like even more parking options, take a look at my article on the Cheapest Car Parks in York, UK. Or if you are in York for a few days and feel like visiting other parts of Yorkshire while you are there. We have also gone to and found the best free parking in Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster, Scarborough and the stunning little town of Whitby for you to check out.

I hope this article has helped you find some excellent places to park while saving you a few pounds in the process. That leaves me to wish you an enjoyable time in the picturesque city of York.

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