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Blackpool Fun Fair and nearby hotels with free parking


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If you are reading this blog post, the odds are you are looking for a nice hotel in Blackpool with free parking for your holidays or weekend trip. Well, you are in the right place because we have found you many great hotels in and around Blackpool that offer free parking.

Also, who doesn’t want free and safe parking for their car? Free parking is a must if you go somewhere you don’t know well! Stay with us until the end of the article to find some of the most outstanding Blackpool hotels that offer free car parking.

8 Great Hotels with Free Parking in Blackpool

Below you can find a list of hotels in Blackpool that include free and private parking for your car. The eight hotels below are some of the greatest ones that offer high-quality services and accommodation with free parking.

  1. Lyndon Hotel 
  2. The Adonis Hotel  
  3. Hotel Babylon 
  4. The Savoy Hotel
  5. The Danescourt
  6. The Regal Hotel
  7. Manhattan Hotel
  8. Wilgar Hotel

Maybe you just want a Map of the Best Parking in Blackpool? Click Here, otherwise let’s get started.

1. Lynton Hotel

The Lynton Hotel is almost located in the centre of Blackpool, making it a beautiful place and an excellent reason to stay there for breakfast.

To be more specific, the hotel is close to many attractions and just a six-minute walk from the Central, North and South beaches of Blackpool. Also, the Blackpool Tower and Blackpool winter gardens theatre are just five hundred meters away, a five or six-minute walk from the hotel.

Moreover, what differentiates this hotel from most hotels is the private on-site parking which is entirely free, which means a lot to the privacy and the safety of your car while you are away. In addition, you don’t need to act like James Bond to find out if your car is safe!

2. The Adonis Hotel

The Adonis Hotel is an excellent choice if you want to be in the centre 0f town and prefer to walk around on foot instead of driving your car.

The hotel is just four hundred meters away from Blackpool Central Beach, eight hundred meters away from Blackpool North Beach, and five hundred meters from Blackpool South. Moreover, The Adonis Hotel is near Blackpool Tower, North Pier, and Madame Tussauds Blackpool. 

Overall, suppose you decide to stay at the Adonis Hotel. In that case, you can easily visit almost any landmark and famous spot in Blackpool on foot because there is plenty of free parking near the hotel.

3. Hotel Babylon

Located just opposite North Beach and four hundred meters from Central Beach, Hotel Babylon is the right option for people who want to enjoy the beaches of Blackpool on foot.

Some other exciting places to visit on foot are the popular Blackpool Tower and Winter Garden Theatre, which are just seven or eight minutes of walking.

Moreover, there is no on-site parking at the hotel, but there are three public car parking lots near the hotel and off-road parking. However, if you choose to park at one of the three public parking, you’ll need to pay thirteen pounds per day which would only defeat the object of you coming is not recommended if you are a fan of free parking!

4. The Savoy Hotel

If you are a person who loves the beach and enjoys views of sunsets, then you want to have a look at this hotel.

Located just opposite Bispham Beach and two hundred meters away from North Beach, you can easily walk to go there to enjoy the fresh air of the sea and sunsets. In addition, the hotel is near Gynn Square so you can also visit there on foot.

However, it is not advisable to visit other places like Blackpool Tower, Coral Island and Pleasure Beach on foot because there is about a 10-minute drive to get there except you love being tired of walking too much! (Just kidding)

Moreover, you can find free parking near the hotel without reservation or charge.

5. The Danescourt

The Danescourt Hotel is another excellent value-for-money option for people who want to enjoy the view of the Irish Sea from the hotel and its ideal location.

This hotel is an excellent choice for people who like walking and visiting places as they can visit the South Pier, Sandcastle Waterpark and Pleasure Beach in just two or three minutes of walking.

You can also feel comfortable with your car because there is plenty of free unlimited parking outside the hotel and nearby as well.

However, the hotel’s private parking costs eight pounds per day, and you need to reserve before arriving there, so if you love free parking instead of paying like me, you can park outside the hotel.

6. The Regal Hotel

Our last pick, the Regal Hotel, is an excellent deal for people who want to visit Blackpool on a budget and have a great time enjoying the town and its places by driving.

This hotel’s location is near Cleveleys, which is north of Blackpool. That makes it difficult for people who want to visit famous attractions on foot because most are about four or five kilometres from the hotel. However, don’t try that unless you are a marathon runner! (Just kidding)

As a result, you’ll surely need a car to visit these places.

In addition, the parking lot of the hotel is free but not very large, because it usually is complete and you will not find a parking spot available. Also, you can find the parking lot at the back of the hotel.   

7. Manhattan Hotel

manhatton hotel blackpool to pleasure beach Blackpool

Located just opposite the Pleasure Beach of Blackpool, the three-star hotel of Manhattan offers an excellent view of the beach.

The hotel is five minutes from South Beach, Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle Waterpark and South Pier. Also, there is a nearby tram station where you can go to other popular attractions like the Blackpool Tower and North Pier.

The hotel offers paid private parking for their guests at five pounds per day. However, for the lovers of free parking, there is free 24-hour parking outside the hotel road and two other free public parking lots 5 minutes from the hotel.

8. Wilgar Hotel

The Wilgar Hotel is a great option and place to stay as it is near the most popular attractions to visit in Blackpool.

The hotel is close to Blackpool South and Centre Beach, just four or five minutes away from these beaches. It is also close to the famous places of Madame Tussauds, Central Pier, Blackpool Tower, Coral Island and illuminations.

However, the only problem is that you need a car to visit all these places because it will be exhausting and time-consuming if you decide to go on foot.

Apart from its location, a significant advantage of this hotel is the free private on-site parking; you don’t even need to make a reservation!

Hotels in Blackpool with Parking – Paid

If our above options for hotels in Blackpool with free parking aren’t right for you, for one reason or another. It will be Blackpool hotels with paid parking you may be looking for.

Here are eight stunning hotels in Blackpool with paid car parking

  1. Comfort Inn Blackpool Gresham
  2. OYO The Shores Hotel
  3. Village Hotel Blackpool
  4. Hampton – Blackpool
  5. The Grand Hotel Blackpool
  6. Norbreck Castle Hotel
  7. The Arncliffe
  8. The Winchester Chalet
  9. Village Hotel

If cost is not an issue and you just want to make sure the hotel you choose has parking, go ahead with the above list. Otherwise, please note that you could have to pay as much as £25 a day to park in these paid hotel car parks

We hope this has helped you towards having a great Blackpool trip by saving you money on parking. Please remember that if you want to use your car around town, we also have a post where we share the best free parking all over Blackpool and not just the hotels. Either way, drive safely and park like a pro.

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