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Free Parking in Albany, NY

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Albany is the capital of NY and home to many tourist attractions like the Tulip Festival, New York State Museum, New York State Library, New York State Archives, and more. It’s the reason why so many people come to Albany and why finding parking can be quite a challenge. Trips can become expensive between ticket prices, fuel, hotel stays, and food, so free parking can be quite helpful in keeping unnecessary costs down.

In the following paragraphs, we will give you free and cheap parking options in Albany, NY, so you feel prepared and confident in finding an inexpensive and affordable parking spot without breaking the bank.

Free Parking in Albany, NY

Free parking in Albany, NY, is pretty limited and challenging to find. While the city is quite large, it seems like if you don’t want to waste time circling the block several times, you’re better off giving up on free parking. However, we’ve compiled a list of street parking that’s free to make the search easy and efficient.

All parking is measured in walking distance from a reference point. In Albany, NY, the reference point is the Palace Theatre.

Is there free parking in Albany, NY? You can park for free in Albany, NY, at the following addresses:

  • 76 Sheridan Ave.
  • 21 Lodge St.
  • 1 Lancaster St.
  • 88 Chestnut St.
  • 30 Irving St.
  • 128 Dove St.
  • 169 Elk St.
  • Washington Park Rd.
  • 433 State St.
  • 173 Morris St.
Free Parking on 21 Lodge St, Albany, NY 12207, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance in min from
the Palace Theatre
76 Sheridan Ave.8 min.
21 Lodge St.10 min.
1 Lancaster St.15 min.
88 Chestnut St.20 min.
30 Irving St.27 min.
128 Dove St.29 min.
169 Elk St.19 min.
Washington Park Rd.7 min. Drive
(Uber or Lyft recommended)
433 State St.28 min.
173 Morris St.9 min. Drive

What you to Know about Parking for Free in Albany, NY

If you’re using free parking spots in Albany, NY, there are a few rules to be aware of since a good amount of free and cheap parking is in residential areas:

  • Respect residents and their space – they deserve it, especially since your car will be in their area
  • Don’t block someone’s driveway by parking in front of it – it isn’t polite!
  • Don’t park in front of entrances or doorways
  • Park close to the curb
  • Don’t double park
  • Lock your car before leaving it – it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!
  • Check for parking signs before you leave your vehicle (some will explain the details of parking)

Cheap Street Parking in Albany, NY

Albany, NY, also offers metered street parking if free street parking is occupied. It’s always helpful to have a backup plan, and the benefit of street parking that is metered is that it’s often extremely inexpensive but lets you park for more extended periods than with the free parking. You put in as much money as you need when you want to park or use your debit/credit card – it all depends on the meter!

Most meters in Albany, NY, are often $1 per hour and paid for via the ParkMobile app.

Is there cheap street parking in Albany, NY? You can park for cheap in Albany, NY, at the following places:

  • 105 State St.
  • 21 Lodge St.
  • 10 N. Hawk St.
  • 113 Sheridan Ave.
  • 188 N. Pearl St.
  • 5 Wilson St.
  • 683 Broadway St.
  • 29 Clinton Ave.
  • 56 Orange St.
  • 38 Sheridan Ave.
Free Parking on 10 N Hawk St, Albany, NY 12210, USA
Steet Name/AddressWalking Distance in min
from the Palace Theatre
105 State St.11 min.
21 Lodge St.10 min.
10 N. Hawk St.7 min.
113 Sheridan Ave.10 min.
188 N. Pearl St.3 min.
5 Wilson St.4 min.
683 Broadway St.4 min.
29 Clinton Ave.26 min.
56 Orange St.6 min.
38 Sheridan Ave.7 min.

Cheap Lot Parking in Albany, NY

Last but not least, if both free parking and metered parking are unavailable or you prefer parking garages, there are a cheap lot or garage parking options available in Albany, NY. Cheap lot parking is advantageous if you don’t want to rush while shopping as there are often more extended parking options available when parking in a lot or garage. Additionally, lot parking offers security for your vehicle and yourself through additional safety measures.

Is there cheap lot parking available in Albany, NY? You can find cheap lot parking in Albany, NY, at the following locations:

  • 144 State St.
  • 15 Sheridan Ave.
  • 470 Broadway
  • 45 Grand St.
  • 45 Hudson Ave.
  • 2 Columbia St.
  • 99 Washington Ave.
  • 289 Madison Ave.
  • 28 Division St.
  • 25 Orange St.
Cheap lot parking on 144 State St, Albany, NY 12207, USA
Street Name/AddressWalking distance from
the Palace Theatre in mins
144 State St.12 min.$11 for 2 hrs
15 Sheridan Ave.6 min.N/A
470 Broadway10 min.$5 for 2 hrs
45 Grand St.18 min.Free
45 Hudson Ave.12 min. DriveFree
2 Columbia St.6 min.Free
99 Washington Ave.16 min.N/A
289 Madison Ave.23 min.Free
28 Division St.16 min.$5 for 2 hrs
25 Orange St.6 min.$5 for 2 hrs

Hopefully, this article has helped give you the tools and information needed to quickly find free or at least the cheapest parking spots the next time you visit Albany, NY!

Related Questions:

Is parking free on Sundays in Albany, NY?

Yes, on Sundays, street parking is entirely free. Metered parking doesn’t have to be paid for, and you will be able to park anywhere downtown.

How do you use the parking app for metered parking in Albany, NY?

First, download the ParkMobile App. Set up an account and add your preferred payment method to the account. Check for the location that is on the meter of your parking spot. Put it into the app, then select your desired time allotment. Confirm and enjoy your day! If you need to add more money or time to your parking, you can do so later.

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