Pear Tree Park and Ride, Oxford – All You Need to Know – 2022

So you are visiting Oxford for the day and arriving from the Northside of the United Kingdom? Which of the five Park and Ride services that Oxford offer is best for you to use? The answer is that Pear Tree Park and Ride is slightly better than the two other Park and Rides on the northside of Oxford.

This is simply because the other is the Oxford Parkway park and ride and Pear Tree is better just because it is 2.2 miles closer to Oxford city centre, and Pear Tree is the park and ride I will be talking about in this post.

Pear Tree Park and Ride, Oxford – 2022

The main cause for confusion with a lot of the Oxfords park and rides is that Although it is named as one service, PARK n RRIDE, you have to pay twice, first to PARK, then again to RIDE the bus into Oxford. But with that in mind, your experience will be a smoother one.

Pear Tree Park and Ride – Directions

Coming southbound down to Oxford on the A34 motorway, keep an eye out for Peartree interchange, come off at that junction and take the second turning onto the A44. The Peartree park and ride is the first turning after you come onto the A44.

If you are coming from the northwest south on the A44 past Chipping Norton and Woodstock, Keep on the A44 Oxford Street, over the Bladon Roundabout onto Woodstock Road, still the A44 and follow till you get to Pear tree roundabout.

At Pear tree roundabout take the second turning onto the A44, (just past the Peartree services)

Once on A44, Pear tree park and ride car park is the first exit on the left. Remember to pay for your parking ticket.

Parking at Pear Tree Park and Ride

Pear Tree Park & Ride Car Park Details
Opening Times24 hours a day
7 days a week
AddressPear Tree Park & Ride
21 Lakeside
PostcodeOX2 8JZ
PriceUp to 1 hour
Up to 11 hours
11-24 hours
24-48 hours
48-72 hours
Over 72 hours
Disabled Badge
£100 charge
Pay bycash or card at the machineYou can also pay by calling 01865-989-000 or by SMS on 81025 using Location ID 3919 if you are a RingGo users
Distance14.4 miles
Disable BaysYesParking is free with a clearly displayed disabled blue badge
Electric Car ChargerYes
Safer Parking AwardedYes

You can pay for parking at the machine with cash or card, or by phone at 01865-989-000 or text on 81025 by contacting RingGo and using location ID 3919. Or by downloading the app by clicking the image below.

Pear Tree Park & Ride RingGo code is: ID 3919

Journeying too and from Oxford by Bus

The Oxford Bus company runs the 300 bus service from Pear Tree park and ride into the centre of Oxford, ending on George Street. Buses run approximately every 20 minutes, see the table below for the complete weekly timetable for the 300 bus.

300 Bus Time Table

Pear Tree 300 BusMon to FridaySaturdaySunday
First Bus
into Oxford
6:00 am 6:00 am 8:30 am
Earlybefore 7:00 am
15 to 30 mins
before 8:00 am
30 mins
before 10:30 am
15 mins
Daytime7:30 am TO 6:30 am
8 to 10 mins
8:00 am TO 6:30 am
8 to 10 mins
10:30 to 4:30 pm
12 mins
Early Evening18:30 am to 7:17 pm
15 mins
18:30 to 7:17 pm
15 mins
Eveningsafter 7:15 pm
30 mins
after 7:15 pm
30 mins
after 4:30 pm
15 mins
Last bus in
11:15 pm
last bus back
11:28 pm
Last bus in
11:15 pm
last bus back
11:28 pm
Last bus in
11:45 pm
last bus back
11:57 pm

Tourinaday has created a very helpful graphic of where the bus stops are in Oxford for the 300 bus. Showing where you need to get off from Pear tree park and ride as well as the locations of the bus stop you need to come back. See it below.

Sourced from tourinaday

A Great Alternative to Using Pear Tree Park & Ride

If Parking miles away from your final destination and then getting public transport into Oxford isn’t your thing. Road Trip Heroes are here to help and have visited, searched, researched and created a bespoke google map showing you where the best unrestricted FREE parking spots are in and around Oxford.

This map unveils the un-restricted roads where you can park for free nearest to West Gate shopping centre, Clarendon Oxford shopping centre and the John Radcliffe hospital and Churchill hospital and near to Oxford International Airport.

Also showing free parking opportunities nearest to Banbury Road, Botly Road, Abingdon Road, Iffley Road and more. To get parked up is easy, just:

  1. Buy the Map – & the map Instand download
  2. Choose your Free Parking Spot on the map
  3. Let Google navigate you straight there
  4. Park up safely & enjoy your day

A Great Alternative to Pear Tree Park & Ride

Download Our Helpful Map of the

Best Free Parking Spots in Oxford

I hope you found this article about Pear Tree park and ride in Oxford helpful, and that it is definitely the one for you. remember, if you are not arriving from the north of England there may be a better Park and ride for you to use. See the Other park and ride posts below to help you more.

That just leaves me to wish you a safe and enjoyable visit to the splendid city of Oxford

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I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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