Guide to the NEW Ultra-Low Emission Zone – ULEZ – What Is It All About?

Ultra Low Emission Zone – ULEZ – What Is It?

The ultra-low emission zone is a new charge operating in the same area as the congestion charge. By 2021, it will encapsulate

all of London within the North and South Circular.

What are the Charges?

The charge is 12 pounds 50 per day for vehicles which do not meet stricter new emission standards and will be in place 24/7. you can pay online via an app or sign up for a schema called Autopay which gives you a small discount.

What Vehicles are Going to be Affected?

  • Motorbikes registered before 2007.
  • Petrol cars and vans were registered before 2006.
  • Diesel cars and vans were registered before 2015.
  • Buses, coaches and lorries don’t meet the EURO VI standards.

Transport For London (TFL) is implementing a new Ultra Low Emission Zone in Central London.

  • What is Ultra Low Emission Zone?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it even a good idea?

Is It a Good Idea?

London has filthy air which worsens chronic illnesses, stunts children’s development, and shortens life expectancy. 9000 people die every year due to pollution in the capital.

London’s nitrogen dioxide levels in particular have been off the charts for years. Diesel vehicles contribute the most to this. That’s why regulations are so much stricter for them.

Black cabs which output 16% of all of London’s nitrous oxides are barely touched by this new law. Though all new taxis have to be zero emissions, existing taxis can be on the road for another 15 years before they actually have to pay the charge.

Also, this scheme will hit the poorest hardest, especially when the zone expands in 2022. Those least able to pay the charge are also least able to replace their vehicle.

This is a radical policy, fit to take on our climate crisis. Any chance to take more vehicles off the road and make our air quality cleaner is one we should take.

For more reference, click the link below to watch our explained video.

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