7 Great Hotels with Free Parking in Leicester

Hotels in Leicester with free parking

Visiting Leicester and looking for the best Hotels with Free Parking in Leicester to stay in, and more importantly, to park your vehicle at no extra cost? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ve decided to make a list for you in case you want to visit Leicester city by presenting you with the combination of the greatest hotels with free parking in Leicester. In addition, whoever in the world likes paying for parking? 

Don’t worry; stay tuned until the end because I’ve got your back!

7 Great Hotels with Free Parking in Leicester in 2022

Here are seven hotels with free parking in Leicester are:

  1. St Martins Lodge
  2. Holiday Inn Leicester City
  3. Belmont Hotel Leicester
  4. Holiday Inn – Leicester – Wigston
  5. Days Inn Hotel Leicester
  6. Grafton House
  7. Regency Hotel
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Map of Hotels with Free Parking in Leicester

St Martins Lodge

St Martins Lodge is a high-quality and fabulous four-star hotel with an excellent location right in the centre of Leicester to enjoy your stay in the city to the maximum.

This hotel is close to several cafes, bars and restaurants that you can visit in just two or three minutes on foot. In addition, St Martins Lodge is one minute away from Leicester Guildhall Museum, Leicester Cathedral and the statue of Richard III. Some other places like Leicester Castle and High Cross shopping centre are about three or four minutes on foot.

Regarding parking, the hotel offers free onsite private parking for all of its guests. Also, there is no need to make a reservation for parking.

Holiday Inn Leicester City

This hotel Inn Leicester has one of the best possible locations to stay in Leicester while your holidays

like St Martins Lodge we mentioned above.

Holiday Inn is a four-star hotel that offers all the comforts like spacious and relaxing rooms, a restaurant, a bar and a lobby. Located in the heart of Leicester, Holiday Inn is just two and three minutes from top attractions like guildhall, cathedral, Leicester castle and the statue and centre of King Richard III.

Moreover, free parking is included based on your room choice. For example, you need to book a room for which the price includes complimentary breakfast to get free parking for the hotel.

Belmont Hotel Leicester

Located almost in the city centre of Leicester but in a quiet place, Belmont Hotel is another decent four-star hotel that offers all the comforts, including complimentary breakfast.

The nearest place to the hotel is the Leicester Railway Station which is approximately a three-minute walk, so if you are one of those lazy people who hate walking too much, you can get the train to explore the city of Leicester. Yet, some other places nearby like New Walk Museum & Art Gallery and Victoria Park that you can visit on foot.

Belmont hotel also offers free private parking during your stay. However, whether the parking is onsite or outside the hotel is not mentioned.

Holiday Inn – Leicester – Wigston

Yet another modern and attractive four-star hotel makes it to our list, but the only difference from the others is outside of Leicester city, you need to drive or get the train to move around the city. 

Holiday Inn – Wigston is located in the south part of Leicester, making it difficult for someone to walk around and see places as it is far from most attractions. If you decide to stay at this hotel, the city centre is about 27 minutes by train and 11 minutes by car. However, the nearest place that you can visit is the University of Leicester Botanic Garden if you are a good student (I’m joking).

Moreover, the hotel offers guests free onsite and private parking without reservation. Also, there is street parking which makes it more convenient for people who want to have more choices of free parking for several reasons.

Days Inn Hotel Leicester

Days Inn Hotel in Leicester is probably the most affordable option for people who want to visit Leicester on a budget and don’t want to spend too much on accommodation. 

Located in the South-West just outside Leicester, Days Inn hotel is a 15-minute drive away from Leicester city centre. So, you’ll need a car to visit most places like museums, galleries and universities as they are about four and five kilometres from the hotel.

In addition, a benefit that the hotel offers is the free private parking available for its guests. Free parking is available onsite, and there is no need to reserve a parking spot for your car.

Grafton House

Located in a perfect place near the city centre of Leicester, the Grafton house is a three-star hotel that offers several comforts for a satisfying stay, so it’s not surprising we have Grafton House as number 5 on our list of best Hotels with Free Parking in Leicester.

Grafton house is close to Leicester railway station, just a five-minute walk from the hotel. Other great places near Grafton house are Victoria Park, Walk museum/art gallery and the University of Leicester, which are all below 1 kilometre of distance.

Also, free private onsite parking is included by the hotel. Still, you need to communicate with a hotel receptionist to make a reservation to close a parking spot to ensure your car is safe from thieves and drunk drivers! (Just kidding)

Regency Hotel

Regency hotel, the last hotel on our list, is located near the university of Leicester and Victoria Park. This three-star hotel features almost any comfort that most hotels offer, like free Wi-Fi, TV, bar and comfortable beds. 

Regency hotel is just a five-minute drive from the city centre and the railway station. Also, the Highcross shopping centre is approximately a 10-minute drive, and Victoria Park is just a 5-minute walk. 

Moreover, free and private parking is available onsite without a reservation to keep your car safe and secured.


In this blog post, I’ve mentioned some great hotels with free parking in Leicester that combines quality, comfort and free parking for their guests. For even more tips, look at our Best free parking spots in Leicester City.

We hope you found this article on hotels in Leicester with free parking helpful and time-saving. Have a great trip and drive safely


I do this because I love helping save you time and money, by searching for free, or at least the cheap places to park.

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