Here are the Cheapest Car Parks in York in 2023

If you are interested in finding cheap parking in York, UK, you have come to the right place. But, you may also be interested in finding completely free parking as well. If so take a look at my Free Parking In York, UK article where I have gone to York and Hunted out all the best places for you to park completely free of charge. For the cheapest parking in York, read on.

Cheapest Car Park in York, UK – 2023

Here are the cheapest car parks in York for a 2, 4, 8, and 24-hour stay

  • 2-hours
  • 4-hours
  • 8-hours
  • 24-hours
  • Car Park Free
  • Car Park Free
  • Car Park Free
  • Car Park Free

Read on as we have a whole lot more interesting and helpful bit of information based on our analysis of York car parks and their differences in pricing.

Cheapest 2-hour Car Park in York

Cheapest 2-Hour Car Parking in YorkPrice
Bishopthorpe Road£1.20
Carlisle Street£2.50
Rowntree Park£2.60
Foss Bank£2.80
Wigginton Road£2.80
Priory Street£3.00
Piccadilly Yard£3.00
Haxby Road£3.20
Blossom Street£3.50
Sourced from Parkopedia

Cheapest 4-hour Car Park in York

Cheapest 4-Hour Car Parking in YorkPrice
Carlisle Street£4.00
Wigginton Road£4.00
Priory Street£5.00
York Station – Long Stay£5.00
Haxby Road£5.00
Monks Cross Park & Ride£5.00
Rowntree Park£5.20
Foss Bank£5.60
Piccadilly Yard£7.00
Sourced from Parkopedia
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Cheapest 8-hour Car Park in York

Cheapest 8-Hour Car Parking in YorkPrice
Monks Cross Park & Ride£5.00
Haxby Road£5.50
Wigginton Road£5.50
Wigginton Road£5.50
Carlisle Street£6.00
Priory Street£7.00
Piccadilly Yard£7.00
Blossom Street£8.50
Rowntree’s Wharf£10.00
Sourced from Parkopedia

Cheapest 24-hour Car Park in York

Cheapest 24-Hour Car Parking in YorkPrice
Bishopthorpe Road£3.00
for first free hours, then free
St George’s Field£18.30
Novotel York Centre£30.00
Nunnery Lane£18.30
Priory Street£12.00
Peel Street£13.00
Piccadilly Yard£12.00
Blossom Street£10.00
Sourced from Parkopedia

Cheapest Car Parks inside the York Walls & Yorks Most Cental Car Parks

If location is more important to you than price, this section gives you the best of both worlds as we have looked into which the cheapest car parks are in the centre of York city, this being within the York walls.

See the chart below:

Cheapest Car Parks inside the York Walls(Yorks’s Most Cental Car Parks)Price
Based on a 6-hour stay
Priory Street£7.00
Piccadilly Yard£7.00
Rowntree’s Wharf£10.00
Peel Street£12.00
Coppergate Centre£16.20
Nunnery Lane
Next to the old York walls
Tanner Row£21.00

JustPark – A Great Alternative to the Usual Car Parks in York

If you haven’t heard of them Just Park is a great alternative to car parks and hunting out free on-street parking. Just Park is n app where properties with spare parking space rent those spaces out by advertising them on the Just Park app.

You can go to the green button above, type in York as your destination and it shows you all the vacant private parking bays you can use. You then reserve them and pay more than likely less than you would in a car park. Click on the button above and give it a try.

FREE – Park and Ride Car Parks in York

The park and rides service in York is a great option for long day-trippers or even longer stays, to ditch the car for a few hours or days and enjoy the cobbled streets of old York, as it should be enjoyed. This being on foot.

Where are the park and rides in York? There are 6 parks and ride car parks surrounding York on the North, East, South and West side of greater York, they are:

  • Rawcliffe Bar
  • Poppleton Bar
  • Askham Bar 
  • Designer Outlet 
  • Grimston Bar 
  • Monks Cross

All of these park and rides run buses to and from York city centre.

How much is the park and ride in York? The park-and-ride car parks in York are free to park on, but there are charges to use the bus in York. You can see prices for the York Park and Ride bus fares into town on the chart below.

Car ParkingBus Ride into York
Adult One-Day SingleFREE£2.50
Adult One-Day SingleFREE£3.30
Single ConcessionFREE£1.20
Group Ticket
(Up to 5 people)
Adult (week)
Adult (Month)
Day Return
17 -18 years old
Day Return
Park & Ride Ticket
FREE5 days – £14.75
10 days – £29.00
2- days – £58.00
Sourced from Free Parking in York, UK

Cheap Disabled Parking in York

All disabled parking in York is free with a valid blue badge, clearly displayed. Here are roads with Disabled parking in York

  • Union Terrace Car Park
  • Monk Bar Car Park
  • Marygate Car Park
  • Tower St – Bay 1 & bay 2
  • Bootham Row Car Park – Free to blue badge holders
  • Esplanade Car Park
  • Nunnery Lane Car Park
  • Coppergate Centre Car Park
  • Foss Bank Car Park
  • Castle Car Park – Free to blue badge holders

Whether you found parking using our cheap or Free articles or parking in York, I hope you have a safe drive and an enjoyable trip in the stunning historical city of York.

nearby free car parking in York

A Very Brief History of York

Some two thousand years ago, a Roman legion marched north through England and made a fort where two rivers met. Vikings invaded eight centuries after. (I said it was going to be brief)

In fact, every period in history has left its trace on York in one way or another. Today the city is brimming with cutting-edge art galleries, interactive ride-through, revamped chocolate factories, and Victorian tearooms aline the cobbled alleys. (and expensive car parks. lol) As well as an unmissable Medieval Minister, haunted pubs, and many fascinating museums. 

There are multiple reasons to visit York. Some of them are: 

York minister: if you think you have the stamina, you can test yourself to walk up the 275-step spiral stairs to the city’s top. This is at the top of York Minster’s Central Tower. It is so tall and large that it is said it can easily swallow the Leaning Tower of Pisa whole. 

The contemporary art scene: Many artists work in York today, and many Art Galleries display their art. But there is no better way to explore creativity in York than by going to the annual Open Studios. Not only do you get to see the artist’s latest works, but you can also meet the artists themselves, and get to have noise around their studios too. (Sometimes with tea and cake)

Wonder Down the Shambles: with its overhanging half-timbered houses, these photogenic medieval streets inspired the building of Diagon Alley for the famous Harry Potter series. 

At one time, the Shambles were full of 15th-century butchers. But today, these narrow streets and cobbled lanes are filled with vintage cafes, artisanal chocolatiers, and more consumer delights.

 (Do try the freshly baked scones and Flax and Twine above the little antique store). It is easier to imagine the Ollivander’s wand shop tucked between them. 

A shiver-inducing ghost walk: York is said to be England’s most haunted city, and the Golden Fleece is Yorks’s most phantom-infested pub and so is a must if you fancy an eerie pint. 

The Original Ghost Walk of York company is the first to offer ghost walks in York, but I felt you knew that! Spooky! They will thrill you with wonderful tales, like when a police officer heard funeral music late at night coming from St Crux Church when there was no one there. Or the murdered orphans that still haunt Bedren Hall. 

Whatever experience you are looking for, you are bound to find it in the beautiful city of York.

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