Best FREE Parking near Hampton Court Palace – 2023

Hampton Court Palace is a stunning Tudor palace located 12 miles southwest of London and worth a day’s visit. But with just under 5 million visitors a year, parking at the palace or even nearby can be a challenge to the first-time visitor. But, that’s what we are here for, we have visited and sourced some great tips for parking absolutely free and near to the palace, that may surprise you.

Free Parking near Hampton Court Palace, UK 2023

Sounds like a tall order, but we have to sound some beautiful, in fact, id have to say the most beautiful free parking solutions I’ve ever come across in the UK so far, that being in Henry IIV’s old hunting grounds, just next door.

Where is there free parking near Hampton Court Palace? The easiest free parking option for Hampton court palace is to park in one of the FREE four-car parks in neighbouring Bushy Park and walk 9 minutes to the Palace grounds.

Please note: that the Bushy park vehicle gates open and close at various times throughout the year. But as long as you leave before 7 pm and arrive after 8 pm you will be fine all year round.

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What to Know about Parking near Hampton Court Palace

If you choose to use one of the on-street unrestricted parking streets that we recommend, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are:

  • Do not park in front of anyone’s driveway
  • Try not to block driveways or enterances
  • Park close to the kerb
  • Be polite to the residents and locals.
  • Before leaving your vehicle, check for parking signs

Free On-Street Parking near Hampton Court Palace

You would think a location like Hampton Court Palace would not have many free parking options nearby, and you would be right, But we look harder than that and have found some Here is a list of the streets where you can park for free near Hampton Court Palace.

Free Parking on Hurst Road

Apart from the four free car parks within Bushy Park, the only other nearby and FREE parking options are on the south side of the Thames in East Mosley.

Is there free on-street parking near Hampton Court Palace? There nearest on-street unrestricted FREE parking is a 20-minute walk from Hampton Court Palace over the Bridge in East Mosley. See the following streets we recommend:

  • Palace Road
  • Hurst Road
  • Kent Road
  • Arnison Road

The easiest and most stress-free and cost-effective way to park for Hampton Court Palace is to purchase this map of the Best Parking spots for Hampton Court Palace. For less than the price of 2 cheap hours of parking, Google will lead the way. Saving you cash, stress, time & let’s face it, anxiety.

Cheapest Car Parks near Hampton Court Palace

If you are thinking that the free on-street parking and free car park parking at Bushy Park may be less safe than paid car parks. I have enclosed the two cheapest paid car parks below. These are Hampton Court Station and Hampton Court Green car parks. See the chart below with prices for a 4-hour stay. I also just had to add two free car parks as well, as there is a very good option, even if you had to pay for them.

Hampton Court Railway Station Car Park
Cheapest Car Parks to
Hampton Court Palace
4 Hour StaySpaces
Bushy ParkFree280
Hurst Meadow Car Park
Graburn Way, East Molesey, KT8 9BF
Hampton Court Station£3.50204
Hampton Court Green£6.00127

Hampton Court Palace Car Park

If walking is an issue for you, parking within the palace ground is possible, (if needed, electric buggies and wheelchairs are available once you arrive) See the chart below with all the details and information you need to get safely parked within the Hampton Court palace grounds Car Park.

Is parking free at Hampton Court Palace? Parking within the car park on the Hampton Court Palace grounds is not free and is charged at £1.60 per hour. Free Parking is available nearby in the neighbouring Bushy Park car parks.

Car Parking at Hampton Court Palace DirectionsPrice
Hampton Court Palace
East Molesey
The palace car park is located
on the immediate left as you
enter the main gates.
per Hour

Related Questions

  • What is the Best Free Parking near Hampton Court Palace? If you are visiting Hampton Court Palace for the day, we recommend using the FREE car parks at Bushy Park strictly between 8 am and 7 pm. If you wish to leave your vehicle overnight, we recommend parking on Palace Road, Hurst Road, Kent Road, or Arnison Road.
  • What time does Bushy Park Close its gates to Cars – Bushy Park closes its vehicle gates at various times throughout the year. To be safe and not get locked in and fined, Remember the earliest closing time is 7 pm. See here for the full details of Bushy Park vehicle gates’ opening and closing times.
  • How long does it take to visit Hampton Court Palace? The palace itinerary recommends spending 3 hours to visit Hampton Court palace. We recommend more if you can, so you can also enjoy Henry IIIV’s old hunting ground, todays Bushy Park before returning to your vehicle.

Well, whether you choose to use one of my free parking options or go with the cheap option, I wish you an enjoyable trip and have a safe drive, and Happy Parking.

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