Manchester – Buy a Map & Save Time, Money & Kerfuffle

Finding Free Parking in Manchester Is Possible!

I have visited, researched, and created comprehensive Google maps jam-packed with tips on where you can park absolutely free.

If you are like me, finding parking in a new city can be daunting, and no one wants to pay over the odds when they don’t have to.

Use our downloadable maps to help plan your trip, then let Google maps navigate you to the best free roads with ease.

How it works

1. Easy & Fast Download

A link to your map is emailed to you instantly, on receipt of payment.

2. Open & Choose

Click on the link to open to the map and see a birds eye view of the best places to park for free.

3. Choose & Click

Choose the road nearest to your destination you want to visit, and click it.

4. Follow & Park

Then press the blue ‘Directions’ button and let Google maps navigate you to your location with FREE Parking.

See a Birds Eye Views of the Best Free Parking Spots

Remove the Stress, for less than a Cuppa

Hi, I’m Charlie, & I created Road Trip Heroes to help you save on time, money, and the stressful faff of having to find free parking.

The easy-to-use Google maps are jam-packed with juicy free parking suggestions that will get you parked up in no time.



  1. Purchase the map & download it
  2. Open it and choose from the options of free parking options
  3. Click on it and press the blue ‘directions’ button
  4. Allow Google to navigate you to your chosen designation

No, Simply because the information can be taken from the download before hand.

Also the admin involved in creating the refund is greater than the amount in question.

Each download is of one town or city, but will have multiple recommendations of roads allowing allowing free parking.

No, All our downloads have a life span of 30 days or 10 clicks.

This is to prevent duplication and resale

We regularly check check our information is up to date and correct. However, Towns and cities evolve as everything else does, so this may happen. Please choose another road.

if you comer across a road that is no longer free parking we would really like to know if you can email us

Road Trip Heroes is not a subscription service, so no need to cancel. Any payment made will be one of and not re-charged

It can vary from being as near as being in the middle of town, to up to a max of 25 minutes walk away, but the google app will show you how close it is to where you want you go, and help you decide.

Parking for a Day in Manchester

can Cost You

as Much as


Making a Saving now by Downloading our map