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Oxford Parkway Park and Ride formally called Water Eaton is Oxford’s most northernly Park and Ride location, just 2.2 miles above Pear tree. It can accommodate just under 800 vehicles with secure parking and like all the park and rides in Oxford, offer some of the cheapest parking in the city.

Parking at Oxford Parkway Park and Ride

If you are coming from Scotland or the midlands, Oxford Parkway will be the first park and ride you will come to. There are Oxford Parkway and Pear Tree as the two Park and Rides at the north end of Oxford to choose from.

Oxford Parkway Park & Ride Car Park Details
Opening Times24 hours a day
7 days a week
AddressOX2 8HA
PostcodeOX2 8HA
PriceUp to 1 hour
Up to 11 hours
11-24 hours
24-48 hours
48-72 hours
Over 72 hours
Disabled Badge
£100 charge
Pay bycash or card at the machineYou can also pay by calling 01865-989-000 or by SMS on 81025 using Location ID 3925 if you are a RingGo user
Distance14.4 miles
Disable BaysYesParking is free with a clearly displayed disabled blue badge
Electric Car ChargerYes
Safer Parking AwardedYes
Oxford Parkway Park & Ride RingGo code is: ID 3925

Journeying to and from Oxford by Bus (500 bus)

In 2020 Oxford bus company spent 4.5 million pounds on twenty new, state-of-the-art buses to replace all the park-and-ride buses, this being the 300, 400 and 500 buses. These new buses not only have the latest euro VI engines designed for fuel efficiency and low emissions. But these buses also have USB charging ports, wireless charging for your phone and wireless charging devices, but also a table and a very comfy-looking sofa on the upper deck.

Watch the video:

Oxford Parkway 500 BusMon to FridaySaturdaySunday
First Bus
into Oxford
6:55 am 6:55 am No Buses run from Oxford Parkway on Sunday
Early6:55 am to 2:25 pm
15 mins
6:55 am to 2:25 pm
15 mins
We recommend you use Pear Tree instead
Daytime 2:25 pm to 7:05 pm
15 mins
2:25 pm to 7:05 pm
15 mins
Or Get a train
Last bus in
7:05 pm
last bus back
11:40 pm
Last bus in
7:05 pm
last bus back
11:40 pm

A common issue with the Oxford Parkway park and ride is that some people have mistaken the second car park as part of the park and ride service, and so no doubt returned to an unwelcoming parking ticket. Do take caution when choosing your parking spot, making sure you are within the park-and-ride parking area. See the graphic below where I have highlighted in pink, the southeast side of the car park where you can part with a valid park-and-ride ticket.

Returning to Oxford Parkway Park and Ride, by Bus

Getting back to Parkway park and ride is just as easy as it was when you came. You can get the 500 bus from the very north end of St Giles as it becomes before Banbury Road. The bus stop stands just next to St Giles’ Church, and buses run approximately every 20 minutes.

You can use your return ticket if you have one or purchase a new single from the driver for around £2.30 for a single and £3.80 for a return or Day ticket Oxford DayRider ticket. Click Here to see the latest prices.

sourced from tourinaday

Journeying to and from Oxford by Train

Unlike any of the other Oxford Park and rides, Oxford Parkway has a train station right next to its car park. This gives you the additional option to get a train into the city centre as well as the bus.

Oxford Parkway Train Station to Oxford City CentrePrices
Off-Peak Day Return£3.40
Anytime Day Return£4.00
Open Return £3.40 to £4.00
Click Here for up-to-date pricing

If you want a Map of the Best Free Parking in Oxford, Click Here

A Great Alternative to Oxfords Park & Ride

Map of Free parking in Oxford

A Great Alternative to Using Oxford Parkway Park & Ride

If Parking miles away from your final destination and then getting public transport into Oxford isn’t your thing. Road Trip Heroes are here to help and have visited, searched, researched and created a bespoke google map showing you where the best unrestricted FREE parking spots are in and around Oxford.

This map unveils the unrestricted roads where you can park for free nearest to West Gate shopping centre, Clarendon Oxford shopping centre and the John Radcliffe hospital and Churchill hospital and near to Oxford International Airport.

Also showing free parking opportunities nearest to Banbury Road, Botly Road, Abingdon Road, Iffley Road and more. To get parked up is easy, just:

  1. Buy the Map – & the map Instant download
  2. Choose your Free Parking Spot on the map
  3. Let Google navigate you straight there
  4. Park up safely & enjoy your day

So, that is all you need to know about Oxford Parkway park and ride and share with you a way to locate the free parking options in Oxford. But do see the links below for an overview of 6 Park and rides that service Oxford.

Whichever you choose, drive safe and enjoy your visit.

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