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York Park and Rides

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With the price of petrol today, travelling free with a car isn’t possible, but parking is. No matter when you visit York or from where you travel, there is a well-located York Park and Ride to serve you. York has 6 Park and Ride locations, all located within 4 miles of York city centre, and have a frequent bus service into the centre. Let’s get started.

Best Park & Rides in York for You

Transportation systems about Yorks’s six parks & rides service allow you to drive to York in a car park free or take the bus. Park & Ride buses are frequently accessible, with no elevators. There will be no charge for children under 16 travelling without paid adults. Park & Ride return prices are just £3.00 a day. Regular Park & Ride users will receive discounted rates. All parks and rides, as well as the bus, feature open WiFi access, low floor, cheap fares,

Apart from the beautiful architecture and history, another great reason to visit York is that:

Here are the Six Park & Ride sites near York City:

  1. Rawcliffe
  2. Monks Cross
  3. Grimston Bar
  4. Designer Outlet
  5. Askham Bar
  6. Poppleton Bar

FREE Parking in York City Center is Possible

And, We Know Where;

Download our Map of York’s Best Free Parking Spots.

free parking in york map

All you have to do is decide which park & ride service is best for you, based on where you are coming from. This article will help you decide, and once you have decided, click the green button to see more details on how to get to and from your chosen York-serving Park & Ride scheme

1. Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride on the Northwest Side of York

A19 Road starting From Seaton Burn and running south to Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride, York, UK

Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride is ideal if you come from Middlesbrough, Durham, Hartland, Pool, Newcastle, or Sunderland. Sitting just on the south side of the A1237 York ring road, just from Shipton Road and the roundabout. Shipton Road is known as the A19, a dual carriageway that runs 88 miles north along the south side of the UK. The A19 Ends at the A1 just north of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Address: Shipton Rd, Rawcliffe, YO30 5XZ

For details on sites, routes, tickets, and timetables, visit the iTravel York website.

Download the First Bus app:

2. Monks Cross Park & Ride at the Northeast Side of York

A64 Road Runs from Scarborough to Monks cross Park and Ride, York, uk

This Park & Ride is ideal if You’re coming from Scarborough, Whitby, Malton, Weaverthorpe, Kirby Misperton, Scampston, and the south side of the North York Moors National Park area.

Monk Cross is located a 20-minute bus ride from York city center. Located just off Marello Way, connecting it to Malton Road (A1036) leads in from the A64 motorway.

The A64 road Starts at Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, and runs 39 miles southwest, where it becomes the bottom right part of the York Ring road.

Address: Huntington, YO32 9JU

For details on sites, routes, and timetables, visit the iTravel York website.

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3. Grimston Bar Park & Ride on the East Side of York

A1079 from Kingston-Upon-Hull-and-A166 both leading to Grimston Bar Park and Ride York UK

Grimston Bar Park & Ride is Ideal if You’re coming from Hull, Flamborough, Pocklington, Fridaythorpe, Driffield, Withernsea, or Stamford Bridge.

The Grimston Bar Park & Ride serves the best visitors arriving from the south coast of the UK. The two main roads are the A1079 and the A166 road.

Address: Hull Rd, YO19 5LA

For details on sites, routes, and timetables, visit iTravel York

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4. Designer Outlet Park & Ride to the South Side of York

A19 Doncaster leading north to Designer Outlet Park and Ride York UK

Designer Outlet Park & Ride is ideal if You’re coming from Selby, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Nottingham, Lincoln, Sheffield, Cambridge, Norwich, or even London

Address: St Nicholas Avenue, YO19 4TB

For details on sites, routes, and timetables, visit iTravel York

Download the First Bus app:

5. Askham Bar Park & Ride on the Southwest Side of York

A64 Road Leeds to Askham Bar Park & Ride York UK

Askham Bar Park & Ride is ideal if You are coming from Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Manchester, Bolton, or even Chester in Cheshire

Address: A64, YO24 1LW

For details on sites, routes, and timetables, visit iTravel York

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6. Poppleton Bar Park & Ride on the West Side of York

A59 Road from Liverpool to Poppleton Bar Park & Ride, York, UK

Poppleton Bar Park & Ride is ideal if You’re coming from Liverpool, Preston, Harrogate, Skipton, Blackburn,

Address: Roman Road, Upper Poppleton, YO26 6QF

For more details on Park & Ride site routes, fares, and timetables, click here

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Nearest Park & Ride to the City Centre by bus

  1. Monks Cross – 2.5 miles.
  2. Grimston Bar – 3.2 miles
  3. Rawcliffe – 3.4 miles
  4. Askham Bar – 3.7 miles
  5. Poppleton Bar – 4.4 miles
  6. Designer Outlet – 4.4 miles

First York app and Park and Ride Bus Service

After you have parked your car at one of the many sites provided. The First York bus service allows you to

  • Reasonable bus ride fares
  • Wifi on the bus
  • wheelchair accessible with low floors
  • Up to 3 kids travelling with an accompanied paying adult do not need to pay
  • Helpful First Bus app

Is the Park & Ride in York Free?

Yes, all six park & ride services are free to park in. However, some can only be used with the bus service into the city centre, where you must buy bus tickets to complete your journey.

How much is York Park and Ride Service?

All six services are free to use in conjunction with a First bus ticket that starts from £2.50 for a single and £3.30 for an adult day return. You can also use your valid ‘FirstBus’ ticket on these bus services.

How should you pay for your trip?

Find a parking space for your vehicle, jump on the next bus, and pay the driver for your journey with a credit card or cash. Plus, when accompanied by a paying adult, up to three children (under 16) will not need to pay.

How long can I stay in York Park & Ride?

You can park all day in all 6 Park and Ride car parks, but not overnight.

Where can I Park Up overnight in York?

The following car parks allow overnight parking for free:

  • Monk Bar
  • Bootham Row
  • Castle
  • Nunnery Lane
  • Esplanade
  • Moor Lane
  • Marygate

Are the Park and Ride in York Secure Car Parks?

All six York Park and Rides are Secure car parks and easy bus rides to visit York. The buses have free wifi, and up to three children, accompanied by an adult, can ride free of charge. Where else do you get to ride buses for free? They have a low floor and are excellent value.

If you are new to our website, look around to see where you can car park for free, like Free Parking in York, Cheap Car Parks in York, or how to visit York and park without paying in Leeds, Doncaster, or Scarborough.

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